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The 9 most popular foods, drinks and 'medicines' that cause chronic disease by destroying good gut bacteria

Gut bacteria

(NaturalNews) Would you drive up to a gas station and purposely put diesel fuel in your new car, knowing that it would break down, possibly within days, even though diesel is still "fuel?" If your garden was growing beautiful, organic vegetables, and you woke up one morning and saw hundreds of little bugs crawling on your produce, but they hadn't eaten it yet, would you spray everything with toxic bug killer, try to rinse it off afterwards, and then still eat it and feed it to your kids?

In the first example, once your car burns up the regular gas and starts using the diesel, the engine will shut down. Plus, the longer the wrong fuel stays in your car's system, the more damage it does to the engine, the fuel system and the injectors. In the second example, the toxic bug-killer is going to soak into most of the food, especially anything leafy or of the "dirty dozen," which have porous outer coverings; therefore, washing them off does virtually no good.

Common sense tells us that in either case, the wrong kind of fuel, or worse, food soaked in poison, breaks down your "motor" and weakens your entire system. The human body is not very different to a car's motor. Even though we have cleansing organs made to filter toxins, they can only do so much work, and when they get overloaded, they too work less efficiently, and eventually, break down and stop working altogether. Lines get clogged, like your digestive tract, and fuel injectors inject the wrong fuel, like your heart sending less blood and oxygen to your extremities, and the body simply stops "firing on all cylinders."

Good gut bacteria (flora) should outnumber bad gut bacteria 85 percent to 15 percent

If you don't know it already, genetically engineered or genetically modified (GM) food means that the seeds, stems, leaves and produce all contain bug-killing and weed-killing genes so that corporations can try to increase their profits. You cannot wash these pesticides off. These genes continue doing their "work" in your body, in your gut, in your organs, in your heart, in your brain and in your digestive tract. For example, the BT corn genes are designed to dissolve the rootworm beetle's insides, so that when they eat corn, they either die or cannot reproduce. These bad genes, namely insecticides and herbicides, do not simply disappear or become inactive when humans consume them. These toxic, genetically modified genes dissolve humans' good gut bacteria, diluting immunity in what becomes a highly acidic environment.

Did you know that each of us has roughly 4 pounds of bacteria in our gut? That's why they call it a "gut bomb," when you eat a meal chock full of pesticides, including most gluten, processed sugar and hydrogenated GM oils, and you feel awful for 10 to 20 minutes, or even longer. Your gut and your central nervous system are thrown for a loop, trying to find the pathogens and poisons, all while your immune system is severely compromised, making it more susceptible to colds, viruses, bacteria and other infections – ones you may already have, that then take hold of you.

That's why doctors often tell patients they may feel a "little sick" or "weak" after a flu shot or vaccine – because you (or your children or babies) have been injected with some of the most lethal neurotoxins on earth, including mercury, formaldehyde and weakened versions of the viruses you most want to avoid. At this time, your body scrambles for nutrients, most likely emptying your reserves, just to fight off these foreign bacteria and GM-derived chemicals and pathogens. Not one MD on the planet will be honest and tell the patient that vaccines severely compromise immunity, sometimes for life (as with many autism cases). Did you know that some autism cases recede when good gut bacteria is replenished and sustained?

STOP putting the wrong 'fuel' in your 'gas tank' – it's breaking down and ruining your one and ONLY 'engine'

So, without further ado, here are the nine most popular foods, drinks and "medicines" that fuel chronic diseases and disorders, by completely destroying good gut bacteria.

#1. Vaccines and flu shots – This subject is the hardest one to digest (pun intended). The flu shot (influenza) contains up to 51 parts per million of mercury, not to mention embalming fluid, heavy metal toxins like aluminum, and monosodium glutamate. Vaccines often contain blood from monkeys, cows (bovine) and humans (aborted fetal serum and human albumin). All of this causes severe gastrointestinal chaos, thus severely compromising immunity – not strengthening it, as pediatricians would have us all believe.

#2. Soda (phosphoric acid)Watch out! Nothing destroys more good flora than the phosphoric acid in soda, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your teeth. And it makes no difference if it's diet soda.

#3. GMOs are loaded with pesticides (including HFCS) – Do you have a GMO ocean in your gut? Are there a bunch of genetically modified "sharks" (pathogens) swimming around, eating all the healthy "fish" (flora)?

#4. Glyphosate – The most lethal, cancer-causing herbicide (weed-killer) on planet earth is called glyphosate, and the popular "Roundup" is comprised of 50 percent glyphosate. It's sprayed heavily on conventional grains right before they are put in the silos.

#5. Bleached foods (white pasta, white bread, white sugar, white flour, white rice) – Most foods are not naturally white, except for basmati rice, for example. Bleach is even found in tap water. Beware!

#6. Sucralose (Splenda) – Did you know that sucralose shrinks the thymus and inflames the liver? Sucralose is the main ingredient in Splenda and Splenda Essentials (the toxic scam with vitamins on top). All artificial sweeteners create a highly acidic system.

#7. Cheap, corporate-made supplements are usually loaded with heavy metal toxins. Think twice before taking One-A-Day, Centrum, or Equate. You could be eating rocks!

#8. Fluoridated tap water – Your dentist is lying! The kind of fluoride in toothpaste and tap water is an industrial by-product imported from China that doubles as a toxic insecticide.

#9. Prescription medications – Take chemical medications, like antibiotics, and destroy your good gut bacteria almost instantly. The result? Major health problems that the allopathic doctors just can't seem to "solve." Their top-down approach using chemicals only to treat disease, when all you have is a few eating "disorders" (bad choices), is absurd and obtuse. It's as archaic as bloodletting.

Want to foster good gut bacteria, immunity, clear thinking and longevity? Eat mostly raw, organic produce, and drink lots of spring water. End of story!

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