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Plasticizers linked to hormone disruption are found in majority of America's food products - organics included


(NaturalNews) As our fake plastic society progresses into the synthetic future, we are witnessing a perpetual dumbing down of the male leader and his brazen path into the future. Through media messages and herd mentality norms, the strength and character of a man is punished and the traditional family structure is ridiculed, as some tyrannical version of "equality" is thrust upon us. Man's compassionate companion has left his side, in search of collectivism and utter communistic lies.

The messages weakening him not only play through the media, but they are also relayed as chemical messages in his blood. Everywhere he goes, he is inundated with hormone disrupting chemicals, xenoestrogens, BPA, and plasticizers that inhibit his testosterone, drive, and will to lead. The dumbing down and emasculation of the free American male is happening on a biological level, within his own body. Exposure to phthalates, bisphenols, and herbicides are negatively affecting his endocrine system, changing his hormonal structure, sending conflicting messages to his brain.

Man and woman's unique gender anatomy and reproductive abilities are being suppressed

Today's man is literally being engineered to be weak, to be dependent - to be compliant. Plasticizers, pesticides, and heavy metals are pervasive in the foods we eat, in the products lathered on the body, and in the artificial scents filling our lungs. As the chemicals enter man's bloodstream, his hormones are being altered and the natural function of his endocrine system suppressed. His sperm count is falling and his ability to reproduce and provide for a future family is being diminished.

Similarly, a woman's ovaries (part of her endocrine system) are being suppressed. The very purpose of her anatomy and womanhood is being altered by chemicals she absorbs, eats, and breathes. Products such as BPA are considered toxic to the female reproductive system, but they are commonly manufactured as epoxies in can linings and in many different types of plastic containers and food and beverage containers. Some products claim to be BPA-free, but they contain similar bisphenols that disrupt hormones.

Fetal health drastically altered in the presence of hormone-disrupting BPA

From the day fetuses are conceived, they are constant being inundated with chemicals like BPA, which can affect brain development and endocrine system health. In 2010, the FDA admitted that BPA can change the behavior of young children. As the food and beverage industry removes BPA from baby bottles and infant formula containers, the FDA still stands by its overall message that BPA levels are safe at the level they are consumed in foods and beverages.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association plays dumb about BPA too, stating in a press release that "Scientists and regulatory agencies in the U.S. and across the world have concluded that BPA is safe for use in food packaging."

California's Prop 65 calls for BPA labeling

California's prop 65 is now calling for BPA to be labeled, which is a start. By 2017, the state is expected to require individual labels on all product containing BPA. Sam Delson of the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment said, "On the one hand, we applaud companies that are seeking BPA alternatives, but we don't know what they're going to replace it with, and replacement chemicals can also have health concerns that haven't been fully documented."

Environmental Working Group lists many dirty commercial products containing nasty BPA

The Environmental Working Group (the good guys) have provided a searchable database that includes a long list of products containing BPA. According to an analysis they did in 2014, BPA is used in the packaging of a third of the food and beverage brands currently on the market. Whether its Coca-Cola products, Pace chunky salsa, kosher dill pickles, or Chicken of the Sea tuna, BPA is there and it's leeching into the products, getting into people's bodies, and affecting their hormones and reproductive abilities.

"It's in baking decorating sprays, aerosol cans, beer kegs — it's all over the place," said Samara Geller, one of the authors of the Environmental Working Group's BPA report.

"We would prefer if this stuff were labeled on the can or on the package directly, as opposed to having to dig around in a database to find products that contain female reproductive toxins," she said.

BPA is just the beginning of hormone disrupting health woes

BPA is just one of many hormone-disrupting chemicals that are weakening man and suppressing the reproductive abilities of women, leading to wide scale infertility problems among the population.

Atrazine, a popular herbicide, has been shown to change the gender anatomy and mating behaviors of frogs. Phthalates are also dangerous because they mimic hormones; they can be found in all sorts of artificial fragrances and toxic commercial body care products. Learn more about various hormone-disrupting chemicals assaulting your natural hormonal anatomy on this report.

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