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Why American healthcare would be better off without the Food and Drug Administration: it causes more harm than good!

FDA reform

(NaturalNews) The Food and Drug Administration's stated purpose is to protect public health, but it seems that every day it makes yet another move that actually works against us. Even if you are willing to concede that the FDA was established with good intentions, nobody who has been keeping track of its actions can honestly say that it is achieving its goals. Who is it protecting? Big Pharma, of course!

Board-certified family physician Dr. David Brownstein is so fed up with the FDA and its many incompetencies that he recently called for it to be abolished on his blog. The instances of its glaring disregard for the health of Americans are too numerous to list, but Brownstein cites two interesting recent examples of the FDA's failures.

Proposal to ban powdered medical gloves 19 years too late

First of all, Dr. Brownstein points out that the FDA's recent proposal to ban the majority of powdered medical gloves is about 19 years overdue. Doctors and professional organizations, including the American College of Surgeons, have been calling for such a ban for decades, because these gloves cause numerous problems in patients, including peritoneal adhesion formations and granulomas. The gloves have long been banned in Germany and the United Kingdom. When the director of the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, said, "We take bans very seriously and only take this action when we feel it's necessary to protect the public health," Dr. Brownstein's response was to ask what had taken them so long.

In isolation, this slow response might seem like something that could perhaps be overlooked, but this is actually typical behavior for the agency, which has dragged its feet on countless occasions when it comes to pulling drugs from the market after being proven to be dangerous. Case in point: Vioxx.

Natural treatments subject to financially motivated scrutiny

That is not to say that the FDA is incapable of acting quickly, however. When a treatment appears to threaten the livelihood of Big Pharma, the FDA is able to swoop in with remarkable speed to put an end to it. A recent illustration of this that has sparked Dr. Brownstein's ire is the FDA's regulatory assault on cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which comes from marijuana, and boasts many medicinal uses. Dr. Brownstein has personally seen it effectively treat people suffering from autoimmune disorders, seizures, pain and even cancer.

As a natural substance, one might expect CBD oil to be outside of the FDA's purview. However, now that a drug company is researching its benefits, it has been declared by the FDA as a substance "authorized for investigation as a new drug." They have now posted on their website that CBDs cannot be sold as dietary supplements. They are resorting to intimidation in order to destroy the marketplace. CBDs pose a significant threat to Big Pharma, because they work better than medication in treating serious health conditions, including neurological disorders and epilepsy. Of course, Big Pharma will ultimately end up selling it as a medication at ten times the current prices.

As Natural News' Mike Adams points out: "Any time a healing substances is found in nature, the FDA can simply assert that such molecules are now in the process of being studied as drugs and are therefore illegal to sell as dietary supplements even though they were developed by Mother Nature, not drug companies."

These are just the latest in a long list of FDA failures, whether it's bullying natural supplement makers, or ignoring the dangers of the pills it allows Big Pharma to sell. Plenty of people are already rightfully outraged at the FDA for allowing one of the most toxic chemicals, mercury, into vaccines, and the list goes on.

Dr. Brownstein concludes by saying: "These failures are mammoth and criminal. Folks, the FDA is beyond fixing. It needs to be replaced with a true agency that is looking out for our health."

Mike Adams echoes this sentiment. "That this federal agency has now resorted to such tactics of medical totalitarianism and outright tyranny is proof that we need to strip the FDA of regulatory powers over natural dietary supplements and limit its domain to pharmaceutical drugs only."

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