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GMO front group has ties to radical left-wing Marxism group called 'Living Marxism'

GMO front group

(NaturalNews) When one begins to attempt to peek behind the curtain of pro-GMO groups' agendas and methods, the facts revealed are almost as freakish and bizarre as the artificially-mutated products of the industry itself.

Take, for instance, the pro-GM front group known as Sense About Science. On its website, the organization describes itself as "a charitable trust that equips people to make sense of scientific and medical claims in public discussion" and which seeks to "stand up for scientific inquiry, free from stigma, intimidation, hysteria or censorship."

Sense About Science rooted in demise of extremist group Living Marxism

A noble-sounding ethos, perhaps, but one that the organization adheres to only when it suits its own agendas - or those of the various industries which it seemingly represents, including GM companies.

And the disturbing thing about the organization - aside from its apparent aims - is that it is closely linked with a group called Living Marxism.

The history of this group is long and complicated. Strangely, Living Marxism has evolved over the past couple of decades from a group professing a radical left-wing philosophy into one that more represents an extreme right-wing libertarian stance, and one which appears to be closely aligned with various corporate interests.

This more recent manifestation seems increasingly less concerned about political and societal issues than those which are deemed 'anti-scientific.' However, in the past the group has also championed many controversial and unpopular causes, such as defending holocaust deniers, supporting tobacco companies and spreading false propaganda exonerating those who tortured and mistreated Muslim prisoners during the Bosnian conflict.

Extremist group Living Marxism's ever-morphing philosophy consistently backs GMOs

In fact, aside from baffling observers with its support of extremely questionable causes, the LM group's only coherent and consistent agenda - at least lately - appears to be that of aligning itself to certain corporate interests while donning the disguise of a leftist organization.

As crazy as all this seems, there is ample evidence that the group's existence is not only real, but that it also has a powerful influence within mainstream media and over public opinion.

A little history: Living Marxism was originally the name of a journal founded in 1988 by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

From SourceWatch.org:

"Despite its beginnings as a far-left outlet, the politics espoused by the magazine developed a pronounced libertarianism. In February 1997, the publication ditched its old title in favour of the modern-sounding LM."

Living Marxism magazine LM shut down after libel lawsuit

As the newly-renamed magazine (along with its shady founders) moved toward the extreme libertarian right, it immediately ran into big trouble when it published an article claiming that footage showing emaciated Muslims in a detention camp run by Bosnian Serbs was faked.

The British Independent News Television network (ITN), which broadcast the footage, successfully sued LM, which forced it to shut down in the year 2000.

Before the publication ceased operations, its founders had reportedly begun a campaign of entryism into "academic and media circles" to further their agendas. Subsequently, members of the LM group founded several organizations and media outlets, including Sense About Science.

In 2012, Sense About Science engaged itself in a media campaign to discredit those in opposition to GMO's, labeling them as "Nazis" who display a "hatred of science."

Sense About Science seems to be little concerned with either "sense" or "science," but rather with attacking anyone who dares to question not only GMO's, but also such corporate-driven agendas as reproductive cloning and other biotechnologies.

Those within the GM industry appear all too willing to rely on spurious propaganda spread by the creepiest of organizations - maybe that's because no sane person or group possessing an ounce of integrity would ever back such a dangerous and misguided agenda.

Sources for this article include:

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