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Love avocado? Don't miss out on the natural antioxidants and fiber hidden in the seed


(NaturalNews) Lovers of avocadoes know that they are a great addition to any salad or sandwich, and that they also make a wonderful snack on their own. Packed with nutrients, avocados also contain a wealth of monounsaturated fatty acids and almost 20 vitamins and minerals.

This superfood not only boosts heart health, but also helps protect against conditions like osteoporosis and various forms of cancer, while also aiding vision and eye health. It truly is a fantastic addition to your diet.

However, after you slice open an avocado, do you toss away the solid seed in the middle, believing that it has no nutritional value? That's not true, according to a new video that has gone viral, saying that the seed is actually the avocado's most nutrient-dense part, the UK's Daily Mail reports.

'Something that we've all been throwing out is so powerful'

The claim has gotten many people to wonder if the center of the avocado fruit is actually healthier, or if the video is an elaborate hoax. But Amy Shapiro, a New York City nutritionist with Real Nutrition NYC, told the paper's online edition that for sure, avocado seeds are indeed packed with antioxidants and fiber.

She also said that the seeds can be blended into a powder and added to smoothies or yogurt for a massive nutritional boost.

"Something that we've all been throwing out is so powerful," she told the Mail Online.

In the video, which was produced by holistic cooking blog Nourish Me Whole, the viewer is told how to prepare the avocado seed so that it can be added to smoothies and juices. You can see that the seed is removed as normal, but then it is put into an oven to be dehydrated before being sliced into smaller pieces and blended to a fine powder.

Shapiro says that eating an avocado seed is a major boost to person's health. "About 70 per cent of the antioxidants of avocados are in the pit," she said, noting that antioxidants fight free radicals, meaning that they can help sustain and boost your immune system to ward off disease and illness. Also, antioxidants have even been found to help prevent wrinkled skin.

The New York City nutritionist also explained that besides antioxidants, avocado seeds contain lots of fiber, which "creates a really healthy environment for the healthy bacteria in your gut to thrive on and stay alive – it's kind of a prebiotic."

Not the nutritional boogeyman it was once believed to be

In addition, it should be noted that foods high in fiber also help you feel more full, which can lead to an overall reduction in calories and aid in weight loss. And fiber aids in digestion as well, to keep you "regular" in the bathroom, as well as leading to a decrease in harmful cholesterol.

All of this said, and despite the major health benefits of the seeds, Shapiro warns that they have a bitter taste. That's why she says it is better to mix the seed powder with a smoothie or yogurt, to sort of mask most of that bitter taste.

"Avocados are really high in antioxidants, so they're protective to disease and cancers," she said, noting that overall, avocados are terrific superfoods. "It is also a really good source of heart-healthy, heart-protective fat."

As Natural News reported in June 2015, once upon a time it was thought that eating avocados was not a healthy choice, especially during the "low fat diet" phases of recent times.

"Thankfully, those days are behind us, and we can celebrate the delicious, delectable avocado for what it truly is: a super healthy food," we reported, noting as well that the fruits are not at all the diet taboo they were made out to be and, in fact, are useful in helping us to lose weight, while actually offering our cardiovascular systems support.





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