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Stunning new science shows that breast milk interacts with gut bacteria to keep babies healthy (diet + intestinal flora = health)

Breast milk

(NaturalNews) A study recently published in the journal Cell, sheds light on the incredible connection between a mother's breast milk and healthy infant growth, specifically honing in on the role the gut's mircrobiome has in the entire process. Experts involved in the study explain that there's a direct correlation between gut activity and breast milk as it relates to an infant's growth. If it's out-of-balance, a baby's growth may be stunted. However, if it's in balance, breast milk will typically contain the right kinds of sugars – namely sialylated sugars – that make it possible for a baby's growth to flourish.(1)

Don't think intestinal flora matters, or that the whole concept of bacteria-anything just sounds gross?

Well, the truth is that the presence of gut microbiota is critical when it comes to keeping babies healthy, as this study illustrates. In fact, important factors such as an increase in lean body mass and bone volume, in addition to metabolic changes in brain, liver and muscle, all improved when a diverse gut microbiome was a part of the picture. In a nutshell, the study, which was led by Jeffrey Gordon at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, demonstrates that when bacterial communities reside in the gut, they play an essential role in optimizing human health.(1)

A well-balanced gut microbiome essential for overall health

"This is just the beginning of a long journey, an effort to understand how healthy growth is related to normal development of the gut microbiota, and how we can establish whether durable repair of microbiota immaturity may provide better clinical outcomes," says Gordon.(1)

A summary of the published Cell article highlights the importance of gut health as it relates to proper growth. It states, "Sialylated milk sugars promote growth of animals colonized with infant microbiota," and, "Growth promotion does not occur with provision of inulin or in germ-free mice." The need for a well-balanced gut microbiome, therefore, is important.(2)

The study reinforces the fact that intestinal health is vital to overall health; keeping the gut's microbiome in shape matters.

Drugs and bad diets thwart intestinal flora health ... Choose healthier options

However, too many Americans are on drugs that alter gut health, which end up tampering with gut flora and in turn, compromising overall health. Perhaps the biggest offender in this regard are the pills and liquids designed to alleviate GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and heartburn issues.(3)

What many people don't consider is that when they take such acid-blocking drugs, they end up throwing the body's healthy balance of gut bacteria seriously out of whack. Unfortunately, people pop antacids like there's no tomorrow, even taking them in anticipation of heartburn, "just in case." In the meantime, gut health continues to be routinely disrupted, yet people scratch their heads in confusion wondering why they're feeling sick so often.(3)

Furthermore, many people eat a junk food diet that's lab-grown, filled with nitrates, and loaded with refined sugars. This way of eating also disrupts intestinal flora. As this breast milk study indicates, a healthy diet and healthy gut flora are undeniably linked, playing a role in a well-functioning body. Foods that are best for gut health include fermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir, garlic, coconut oil and the fiber obtained from most fruits and vegetables.(3)

As is often the case, the key to improving health – or maintaining the good health you already enjoy – is to eat the right kinds of foods. Avoid junk foods, while enjoying fresh, organic foods as much as possible. Their ability to reverse certain health conditions and keep your health flourishing is too incredible to dismiss.

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