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Slate publishes the dumbest medical article ever: Don't boost your immune system to prevent the flu!


(NaturalNews) Slate lost credibility after publishing an article by the misinformed Dr. Jeremy Samuel Faust. The medical doctor, trained to make a living delivering medical interventions, came right out and stated that he doesn't believe in the power of the human immune system. "Boosting your immunity is actually a pretty bad idea," he railed, stating that any methods of prevention are bogus snake oil.

Instead of giving evidence against specific prevention methods, he bashed the body's innate immune system as a whole, telling readers to rely on the medical system instead for immunity. Of course, he says this because of the way he was trained in medical school, but the heart of the matter shows that the human immune system is built from within, influenced by the elements and the compounds from the food and herbs we put in our bodies. (If MDs reported the truth and empowered patients and readers, they'd lose their license to practice, a license which is controlled by the state.)

Slate's twisted advice is what suppresses human health potential

Still, Slate's "advice" (Dr. Faust's "advice") is for everyone to depend on an annual flu shot. This "advice" comes even after the CDC warned the country that this year's inoculation is a shot in the dark. That's because viruses are always mutating to survive. Stimulating the immune system with injections of dead viral tissue is a gamble because virus strains are constantly evolving.

Under the influence of a flu shot, the body may build antibodies to the foreign virus injected within, but the virus strains mutating in the environment around vaccinated people may already be taking on different forms -- their genetics shifting. In the long run, this leaves the vaccinated human body in a more vulnerable state... Vaccinations may be useful in a short-term, critical, high-risk situation, but vaccination ideology literally suppresses a person's immune system to be one step behind nature's evolving pathogens. This is true for any virus vaccine, from polio to Ebola. Under normal circumstances, the body learns to defend itself from pathogens using its first lines of defense. When viral tissue is injected directly into the blood, the normal barriers are bypassed, confusing the body. In the long run, this can be a conflicting, dangerous way of introducing viruses to the human immune system.

Also, it's important to understand that viruses cannot truly be eradicated 100 percent from the world. They continue to survive by evolving. It's survival of the fittest. Modern medicine attempts to squelch pathogens only increase the voracity of their mutation to survive.

Vaccinations suppress long-term immune system function because viruses are constantly mutating

Look at polio's history, for example. While many thought that the initial polio vaccine eradicated the virus, it only made future vaccinated populations vulnerable to the mutating strains.

The CDC reports that, from 1980 through 1999, there were 152 confirmed cases of paralytic poliomyelitis. Interestingly, "[95% of the] cases were vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) caused by live oral polio vaccine." After tweaking vaccines, health authorities thought they could stay ahead again, but a vaccine-associated case of polio was reported to the CDC in 2009. In 2005, the CDC admits, "several asymptomatic infections with a vaccine-derived poliovirus were detected in unvaccinated children in Minnesota." They confirmed the viruses' constant mutation, stating, "The source of the vaccine virus has not been determined, but it appeared to have been circulating among humans for at least 2 years based on genetic changes in the virus."

On top of that, the CDC confessed that during polio vaccine experimentation (all vaccinations are experiments without any true long-term safety) 98 million Americans were injected with a specific polio vaccine that contained a cancer-causing virus!

Slate and Dr. Faust are misleading many to rely on the medical system's one-mode, herd-immunity approach to manipulating the human immune system. It's apparent that this doctor has no hands-on expertise in building immune systems naturally, using a full-spectrum approach that integrates the elements, vitamins, microorganisms and antiviral compounds that are missing in the Standard American Diet.

Start researching and building your own apothecary at home to learn how to respond to bacterial and viral infections naturally

From experience, I've personally prevented and effectively combated various viral and bacterial infections over the past three years studying plant-based medicine and nutrition. It's important to realize that this isn't prescription medicine. This is an integrated approach for building natural immunity, an approach that takes research, implementation and ultimately intuition for each individual case of sickness. For example, an infection that has reached the lungs requires a different protocol of herbs and nutrition than a stomach bug may require. There are herbs, like feverfew, that work with the body's fever response, to make the fever more beneficial. Being in tune with the body's signals and feeling a sickness coming on early can be useful, allowing for early supplementation with naturals like elderberries and Echinacea to help stop the virus in its tracks.

There are roots, like Eleutherococcus (Siberian ginseng) that can be used as adaptogens. These balance the body when it is weak, stimulating the immune system when it is compromised. Strong doses of vitamin C from amalaki berry encourage the immune system response. By using integrated approaches, viruses and bacteria are attacked from multiple angles. It's these antiviral compounds, (found exclusively in nature) that keep pathogens in check year after year, because these plants are constantly evolving too, intelligently staying ahead of the curve to provide real medicine for mankind.

In a time of emerging superbugs and mutating viruses, I strongly suggest that you scrap Slate's propaganda (which contains no real-life evidence). Start educating yourself on nature's integrated approach for protecting your life. Build a home apothecary and learn the many ways you can extract plant medicine (teas, tinctures, salves, poultices, infusions, essential oils) so you can utilize it when you need it the most.

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