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Whining, sore-loser leftist women now claiming ALL humans with a vagina should have voted for Hillary... just 'cuz

Sexist Democrats

(NaturalNews) For years there have been innumerable examples – for anyone who is being honest, that is – of how the Left in America, not the Right, is the political ideology that is most focused on race, sex, creed, color, religion and everything else you could possibly think of to divide Americans.

The campaign of now-vanquished Democratic presidential nominee, along with her sycophantic supporters, provided many more examples of how the Democratic Party, which out to be disbanded then re-formed into something resembling a party that loves this country, uses race, gender and ethnicity to essentially shame voters into keeping them in power.

You don't support President Obama? You're a racist.

Don't agree with gay marriage because it violates your religious beliefs? Bigot!

Didn't vote for Hillary Clinton? You are the epitome of a sexist pig and, you HATE women!

In fact, if you're a member of the idiot squad over at Slate, the primary reason why you should have voted for Clinton is because she has a vagina (reportedly).

Not even making that up – er, the part about Slate. Not sure about the other claim, and I don't want to know.

White women have committed a 'mortal sin'

Anyway, the goofy 'news' site, in an article title that just drips with sexism – "White women sold out the sisterhood and the world by voting for Trump" - which was written by a white woman, laments the fact that, according to CNN, 53 percent of white women voters cast ballots for Trump.

That's bad, you see, because Trump is a vulgar cretin who once (and actually, probably lots of times) bragged about "committing sexual assault." [Actually, he bragged about sexual contact in the same context as saying that many women he met were willing participants and desirous of his affection.]

The piece (sorry – poor choice of words), which was written by "associate editor" L.V. Anderson, goes on to lament the typical Left-wing causes and issues: Trump will overturn Roe v Wade (and actually save the lives of babies whose body parts are gruesomely sold, against federal law), undo Obamacare (let's hope), continue to dehumanize "non-white people" (much like Clinton 'dehumanized' Trump supporters, Catholics and Sen. Bernie Sanders), yada, yada, yada.

In Anderson's mind these women have committed a mortal sin because, gosh, they refused to vote for "the first viable female candidate for the presidency [and] a wildly competent and overqualified career public servant..."

Wow. Unless you've been a queen or, perhaps, Jesus, how can you be "overqualified" to be president of the most powerful country on the planet? Maybe Anderson meant Clinton was overqualified to be in prison, which is where others who have committed far less serious violations of national security are. Or perhaps she intended to say that Clinton was really only qualified because she would have been the first female president.

Yes, that's what it was. Hillary is a woman and would have been the first woman president...if only more white white women like Anderson would have drunk the insanity kool-aid that blinded them to who Hillary Clinton really is: A wife who enabled her sexually depraved husband and former president by attacking him for getting caught and all of Bill's other women for daring to speak out against him. Can't have bimbos erupting when she's running for office, you see.

Trump is a womanizing lout? Compared to Bill Clinton, Trump is an amateur at best.

If there is any hypocrisy in this election, it has come from Leftist Democrats

But alas, he's not a woman like Hillary, so women should never have supported him to the extent they did, though Anderson doesn't say anything in her column about how all men should have voted for Trump because they have a scrotum.

Either way, Anderson appears incapable of understanding why anyone, let alone a woman, would have voted for Trump. But in justifying her close-minded point of view, she makes the same errors in character judgment that all other Left-wing hacks have [purposely] made:

What leads a woman to vote for a man who has made it very clear that he believes she is subhuman? Self-loathing. Hypocrisy. And, of course, a racist view of the world that privileges white supremacy over every other issue.

If there is any hypocrisy in this election, it has come from Leftist Democrats.

They preach unity and equality and tolerance – but they only mean towards those who agree with them. As Anderson well demonstrates, the Left is only incredulous when it's preconceived notions of righteousness and nobility are shattered by the reality that not everyone agrees with them.

So what happens is, the offended Leftist – rather than attempt to understand or at least accept a differing opinion – resort to impugning those who hold a different viewpoint. 'There must be something wrong with them, not I, the noble Leftist!'

It's pure hypocrisy, and this is laid bare by the theme of Anderson's column: Women voters should have chosen Hillary because she's a woman, but since you didn't, it's okay to bash women.

Now you know how the text message abreviation "WTH" came into being.





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