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Six different times the despicable leftist media has attacked CHILDREN of Republicans

Republican children

(NaturalNews) The children of candidates for political office, and especially presidential candidates, are supposed to be "off limits" in terms of negative coverage. Children, the accepted code in the media goes, are not responsible for the actions, words or deeds of their parents, and therefore are not "fair game" when it comes to lampooning or criticism.

Except when they are, and except when your parent (candidate) is a member of a certain political party.

As noted by Breitbart News, there have been at least half a dozen times when the media ignored its code of conduct and attacked or lampooned children of Republican candidates.

"One of the biggest lies told by our corrupt and rotting DC Media is the one that states that the children of politicians are off-limits. Unwritten or unspoken, there is no such rule," Breitbart's John Nolte noted. "There is, of course, a strictly-enforced DC media rule about the children of Democrat politicians being off-limits. The children of Republican politicians, however, have always been fair game — and I'm not talking about in the left-wing fever swamps, but in mainstream outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and Salon."

(Except they're losing their "mainstream" status, as evidenced by the fact that their readership/viewership/subscriber bases are dying. But we digress.)

"An excellent example of this double standard occurred almost exactly a year ago when Elizabeth Lauten, a no-name Capitol Hill staffer, took to Facebook to criticize the behavior of President Obama's two lovely teenage daughters during the President's annual turkey pardon ceremony," Nolte reported.

As noted by alternative (becoming more "mainstream") media at the time, the DC Media elite lost their minds over that one. Network news vans parked outside the home of Lauten's parents and The Washington Post "assigned one of its foreign affairs correspondents to comb through an archive of columns Lauten wrote for her college newspaper in 2006 and 2007," The Washington Free Beacon reported at the time.

Lauten apologized, but the sin had been committed; therefore, she was sacrificed at the altar of media PC and fired from her job as a staffer for a GOP congressman.

"I am in no way defending her. Children of politicians should be off-limits," Nolte said.

But they aren't – at least, not children of Republicans – and Nolte listed six instances in recent history where the vile Left-wing DC media cretins unleashed venomous hate on them:

-- Just days ago a Washington Post cartoonist lampooned the children of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who is rising in the GOP presidential polls. His daughters are four- and seven-years-old, by the way, making this assault incredibly cowardly and disgusting.

Consequences? None. The various Post editors who had to approve the cartoon, as well as the cartoonist herself, still have jobs.

-- A CNN host, Carol Costello, was absolutely gleeful when playing audio of Bristol Palin, daughter of staunch conservative and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, after the former suffered an assault at a local party. Costello's various comments attempted to paint the Palins with the broad brush of being tacky and trashy – typical liberal narrative – when in fact, the host herself was the tacky, trashy one.

Consequences? None. Costello kept her job and the cowards at CNN didn't even apologize.

-- About two years ago little-watched MSNBC host and renowned serial racist Melissa Harris-Perry and Co. mocked Mitt and Ann Romney's infant grandchild, Keiran Romney, for being black, essentially.

Watch it. You'll never see a greater fusion of cowardice, racism, hypocrisy and hatred in your life.

And of course, no consequences. Harris-Perry still has a show, though little-watched, and one of the other pieces of garbage who piled on, Dean Obeidallah, watched his career take off. He's now a contributor to The Daily Beast and – where else? – CNN.

There are three more instances Nolte names: More jabs at the Palin children here and here, and the mocking of George W. Bush's daughters as drunks.





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