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Leftists ignore root of problem behind mass shootings; call for disarming US citizens to cover up symptoms

Gun control

(NaturalNews) When a drunk driver decides to get into a vehicle and joyride around town, only to crash into another vehicle and kill someone, society recognizes that the driver, not the vehicle, is responsible for the resultant carnage. The same is true for the irresponsible biker who fails to yield at a stoplight and gets hit by an oncoming vehicle – it's not the bicycle's fault that the wreck occurred, of course, but rather the cyclist who was riding the bicycle.

But somehow when it comes to guns and people's misuse of them, certain people in society have chosen to blame firearms for killing people rather than firearm users, some of whom choose to use such weaponry for purposes of violence. It doesn't seem to matter that millions of law-abiding citizens own guns safely and never shoot people in random acts of violence. All guns, claim many of the political left, are inherently evil and need to be removed from society.

This double standard doesn't make any logical sense, of course, as a gun is simply an agglomeration of metal parts assembled into a device that, when engaged, sends other metal and lead parts soaring through the air in a linear direction towards a particular target. Such a device can be used for purposes of evil or for purposes of good, and it's all dependent on the individual firing it what the final outcome of the gun's use will be.

Naturally, the gun itself has no capacity to fire and kill anyone on its own without specific user input. And yet many in the U.S. government structure claim that guns are somehow responsible for all the mass shootings that have reportedly occurred in recent years, at a seemingly accelerated rate, which is why some are now calling for the absolute removal of all guns from society in order to keep people "safe and secure."

When law-abiding citizens own guns, criminals are less likely to attempt gun violence

It's a lot like how the pharmaceutical industry treats disease. Rather than investigate real cures to address the root causes of illness, the drug barons instead come up with various quick fix remedies that address the symptoms of disease by merely covering them up. The disease is still there, of course, but the drugs make it seem as though all is well.

Insert gun control and we have the exact same scenario. Rather than focus on getting to the bottom of why some people choose to go on mass shooting sprees – including the misuse of mind-altering pharmaceuticals like SSRIs that alter users' perceptions of reality – many on the left are focusing on just one perceived symptom of the problem, which is Americans' constitutionally-protected Second Amendment right to own guns.

It might sound cliche, but criminals will always have access to guns, regardless of whether or not they're "banned" or "prohibited" by the government apparatus. It makes no difference to a terrorist whether or not a school or public gathering space is a "gun-free zone" – if a raving lunatic wants to go nuts and shoot up a bunch of people, he or she will do it, regardless of what the law says.

It's not rocket science, folks. Murder is already illegal, but this obviously hasn't stopped mass shooters from murdering innocent people. The same is true for guns – if a mass shooter wants to gain access to a gun, he or she will find a way. The only people who won't have access to guns in a gun-controlled society are law-abiding citizens, who are often responsible for stopping gun violence due to the mere fact that they have an equal dog in the fight.

Gun control advocates love to talk about a Utopian society in which nobody has access to guns. But this will never be the case – criminals will always have access to guns. Our only real defense as law-abiding citizens is to also have guns, which in addition to serving as a deterrent for gun violence, will hopefully never actually have to be used to achieve this end.

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