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Zombie Americans sign petition to feed Soylent Green to schoolchildren as part of Obama initiative

Zombie Americans

(NaturalNews) Personal liberty is dissolving in America because the majority roam mindless, accepting anything they hear. The majority, so intoxicated on television and sodium fluoride or hydrofluorosilicic acid, only respond to political sound bites and nice-sounding advertising. People are losing their drive and ability to ask questions and investigate what they are told.

The democracy has become submissive to whatever they are told, unable to think for themselves. This creates an ignorant, blindly following majority, willing to let an oligarchy tell them what they can and cannot do and what they must believe in. It's happening right before our eyes. The democracy is happily throwing away its own responsibility to be informed, subjecting their very mental and spiritual liberty to abuse by those in control.

Hell, the democracy, (the majority of Americans) is creating this system of control, openly encouraging any government program that sounds nice on paper.

To demonstrate this zombie mentality of the American people, author Mark Dice took to the streets of San Diego, California, to see who would sign and support Michelle Obama's initiative to feed "soylent green" to school children. (Of course, the petition was designed to be an experiment, to see how many people would question the initiative, especially the insidious idea of feeding soylent green meal replacement powder to children.) How many people would blindly accept it? How many people would see through it? How many people really care?

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

It turns out that most Americans are blind followers. It appears that Americans will sign just about any petition these days without asking questions. Are petitions even genuine anymore? What does this zombie behavior say about the American democracy? If its this simple to get support for something so insidious, then enough repeated lies on television or in a school setting can most definitely sway the minds of an entire generation, turning a democracy against the very freedoms of its own people.

How easy might it be for media soundbites and advertisements to persuade the democracy?

How easy would it be to convince the majority to strip the individual rights of all Americans?

How does an uninformed, unquestioning democracy ultimately welcome in the rule by the few, or a rule by an oligarchy?

America is ruled by an oligarchy today (a very powerful, wealthy elite class of bankers and corporations) because a system of zombie, entitlement-minded democracy ultimately welcomed it. Over time, the majority started to use government as a vehicle to take from others, to redistribute what others have earned to those who feel entitled to it. This entitlement mindset, when accepted by the majority, ultimately turns a democracy into an oligarchy, as the government becomes a vehicle of absolute control over the fruits of the people's labor. Government officials are elected based on how they can best take and redistribute. This system of control continues until it has broken the back of its workers, milked dry its own producers, censored its own creators and persecuted its own entrepreneurial spirits. Everyone becomes an indentured servant when a democracy grows complacent, uninformed, entitlement-minded and blindly following.

To bring back any level of sanity, the democracy needs to start questioning what they are fed through the television, the newspaper, the government, the pharmaceutical industry, the food supply and the water.

If people don't start thinking, then a majority may one day force school children to replace their food with soylent green meal replacement powder.

What else is possible if the status quo continues to follow blindly? There are some very sick examples all around us in America today.

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