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Mainstream media covers MillionStudentMarch demanding socialist revolution after censoring global MarchAgainstMonsanto demanding health and safety

Mainstream media

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(NaturalNews) Regular readers of Natural News remember that, back in May, we were instrumental in an all-out effort to educate the masses about the evils of Monsanto. Our efforts, spearheaded by our editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, were a call-to-action that the mainstream media, which is co-opted by, and dependent on, big corporations like Monsanto for their survival, all but ignored.

As Adams predicted at the time:

"Over 350 cities are hosting the event, including every major city in the United States. The mainstream media, however, will once again selectively ignore this event, as they are complete[ly] owned and controlled by the financial interests of their advertisers which consist largely of junk food companies using lots of GMOs. (Even the HFCS used in sodas comes from genetically modified corn.) The March Against Monsanto is truly the 'million mom march' that the mainstream media is desperately trying to pretend isn't taking place."

However, when it comes to supporting every socialist-, communist-, Marxist- and anti-Christian-themed event, the MSM is all over it, reporting every development breathlessly and, of course, always without a critical eye (not "critical" as in "criticizing," but critical as in "critical thinking" – asking the tough, probing questions, even at the risk of drawing ire from participants).

Same demands, same protesters, same movement, same ideology

And the socialist-themed event du juor of late has been the #BlackLivesMatter events, which are now associated with new racially-motivated radical movements sweeping American college campuses, where "demands" by student activists range from the impractical, to the impossible, to the absurd.

As reported by Breitbart News, a "Million Student March" that was scheduled for Nov. 12 went viral, both on social media, and of course, in the mainstream media. Among other demands, student activists are stumping to get someone else to pay for their college educations – a pillar of socialism (Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders has made this a cornerstone of his campaign, but he has yet to explain just how it will be paid for – though we think we already know).

This sample from the San Jose Mercury News is typical of the flattering mainstream coverage by reporters who are ideologically aligned with the socialist student activists:

"The protest, one of more than a hundred organized nationwide as part of the "Million Student March," called for tuition-free public universities, the cancellation of all student debt and a $15 minimum wage for all college employees. ...

"That one thing the crowd clearly agreed on was free tuition for all students at public universities. The average college graduate this year will have over $35,000 in debt and join the 40 million Americans now sharing $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. Tuition at California's public universities has risen sharply in recent years, leading to widespread protests at Berkeley and elsewhere."

A movement only a committed socialist like Barack Obama could love

How can you tell that the MSM media covering these events is aligned lock stock and barrel with the protesters? Because there is no critical thinking associated with these stories – just a repeat of the students' demands, which are the same throughout the "movement."

Throw in the "demand" that white administrators and white students "admit their white privilege" and you've pretty much defined this movement in its entirety (though no one bothers to ask or explain how white students with similar levels of college tuition debt and equally worthless degrees are "privileged").

Another facet that the mainstream media has utterly failed to point out is the ideology associated with the movement – which is 100 percent socialism, which, according to one definition is, "a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole." In Marxist theory, socialism is defined further as "a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism."

If this socioeconomic and political system is superior to the free market capitalism that made the United States the wealthiest nation on earth, offering everyone an equal opportunity to succeed, why not explain it thoroughly and often to your readers?

Barack Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" America as president. This latest campus movement is part of his effort to do so.






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