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Mentally deranged academic Monsanto shill disguises voice to interview himself and sing song duets defending GMOs

Kevin Folta

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(NaturalNews) All that glyphosate must be getting to his brain. This seems to be the only explanation as to why GMO apologist and biotechnology worshiper Dr. Kevin Folta from the University of Florida would stoop so low as to create a fantasy alter ego in his futile quest to present chemicals and genetic engineering as good and safe, when they're anything but.

Folta first began to dig his own grave when he lied about accepting travel money from Monsanto n the form of an unrestricted grant to spin genetically modified organisms as a boon for food production. But now, there's no doubt that this Monsanto shill has gone completely off the rails.

According to an investigation by BuzzFeed, Folta actually created a radio podcast in which he posed as a character named "Vern Blazek." Blazek acted as mouthpiece to push all of Folta's agendas, including the praising of GMOs as "sound science," and the indictment of organic food as "dangerous." Blazek was actually Folta, of course, but Folta never revealed this to his listeners.

It wasn't until Brooke Borel of BuzzFeed received communication from "Blazek" through Twitter – and later from Folta through email – that she uncovered what just might be Folta's final undoing. Folta had apparently asked Borel to be on his show on two different occasions, but he did so using his phony monicker the first time, and his real name the second time.

Borel put two and two together, confronted Folta on the issue, and the rest is history.

"Yes, Folta was Blazek," Borel wrote, recounting her strange interactions with Folta throughout the year and his apparent attempts to hide his gaffe after realizing its existence. "He was using a pseudonym, he said, because it was fun ('I see why Colbert did the Colbert Report'), and so he could 'play in this space' without drawing attention to his role in the project."

Does Kevin Folta have multiple personality disorder?

If you missed our many earlier reports on the Folta saga, you can suffice it to say that Folta has now been caught lying on multiple occasions, not only concerning his financial relationship with the industry that he never stops endorsing, but also about his role in propagating pro-industry lies using fake personalities.

Sure, Folta now claims that the whole thing was a ruse all along, and that he did it as a joke – except for the fact that he never actually disclosed any of this to his listeners. Even some of his former podcast guests, according to Borel, were horrified when they learned that Blazek was actually Folta, believing him at the time to be an independent scientist.

Folta has since scrubbed his interview with himself from the now-resurrected podcast, and we're not really surprised. If you listen to it, you can actually hear Folta singing a duet with himself as Blazek, praising GMOs to the tune of "Close to You" by The Carpenters. In other words, Folta exhibits all the signs of a schizophrenic lunatic who belongs in a padded room, not roaming the halls of an academic institution.

"Dr. Folta is quite the wordsmith and public speaker and has obviously cashed in here to be a puppet for Monsanto while pretending to be a 'public scientist' looking out for the best interest of consumers, the environment, and anything else that makes him sound like a good guy, all while he pockets tens of thousands of dollars (and that's just what he's been caught with already) and goes on all kinds of expense-paid trips by Monsanto (and other Biotech giants) to luxurious places, including Hawaii," reads the TruthWiki entry on Folta.

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