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BAN FORCEPS! If guns cause mass shootings, then forceps cause abortions and organ harvesting

Gun control

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(NaturalNews) In light of the recent scandal involving Planned Parenthood's horrific practice of selling harvested baby parts from aborted infants, we have noticed there haven't been any calls for new bans of medical instruments - like the forceps utilized during the abortion process.

Yes, that's right - forceps.

Long used as a tool of normal delivery - and by normal we mean actually delivering infants alive and intact, this once-useful medical instrument has been hijacked by abortion providers for use in the pre-birth killing of unborn babies and the harvesting of their organs for sale, and at a profit.

The practice is unconscionable to tens of millions of Americans, including those who generally support the overall practice of abortion. That matches trends regarding a majority of Americans being opposed to partial-birth abortion, or a procedure whereby babies are literally partially removed from the womb, only to be killed, usually with a pair of scissors to the base of the skull.

Forceps are used for those procedures, too.

Now, do we really believe that this valuable medical instrument ought to be banned, just because such instruments are used in a procedure with which many Americans disagree? Of course not; that would be as absurd as, say, cutlery and plates because obese people use them to eat with.

And yet, that is precisely the mentality many - especially progressives - employ when the subject turns to Americans' right to keep and bear arms. Mass shootings, or really any murders involving firearms, immediately stirs calls for banning guns on the Left, as if the tool, not the human, is responsible.

The most recent shootings - one carried out by a racist in Charleston and another by an ISIS-inspired jihadist in Chattanooga - have elicited similar, predictable responses, particularly from our president, who has been working to deny Americans' their Second Amendment rights since taking office (using the "Fast and Furious" scandal as his impetus - click here).

Obama's long history of gun control


-- While campaigning for his first term, Obama criticized Americans living in rural and smaller communities for clinging "to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them..."

-- A 2009 talking points memo from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives [generally known as ATF] said, "From October 2009 through October 2010, this organization, through the use of numerous straw buyers, purchased approximately 1.25 million dollars in firearms from FFLs [Federal Firearms License's] in the Phoenix area and trafficked the firearms into Mexico and other locations within the United States." As reported by investigative journalist and author Sharyl Attkisson, such talking points memos indicate ATF's intention to utilize Fast and Furious "to help justify new gun control regulations–without telling the public that ATF was actually facilitating the delivery of weapons to Mexican drug cartels."

-- Obama has often made gun control a cornerstone of his public policy priorities, as summarized by the National Council of State Legislatures.

And yet, in every case of mass murder in the United States since his first inauguration, shootings have taking place in virtual "gun-free zones," where Americans are, by law, forced to be defenseless and vulnerable.

Nonsensical bans are not the solution

So what's the difference between Obama and us? While we don't support mass murder or mass abortion, we can differential between good actors and bad actors and realize that the generalization of issues is neither helpful nor conducive to long-term solutions.

Politicizing issues may work well as a means of consolidating political power and raising money for candidates, but it doesn't do the country much good. Calling for bans on medical devices and guns instead of dealing directly with the people who are responsible for doing bad things is absurd in every case.









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