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BUSTED: PolitiFact refuses to retract false 'fact' story after it was exposed as a total fabrication


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(NaturalNews) Even after being given an opportunity to do the right thing and correct their falsified report, PolitiFact Georgia, which laughably claims to be an "independent fact-checking journalism website," stated that they have "reviewed" their "sourcing" and have decided to stand by their ruling about there being no mercury in any vaccines recommended for children since 1999.

In other words, they're incapable of acknowledging and admitting their mistakes, and are instead adamant on defending their bald-faced lies.

Not that we were holding our breath or anything, but Natural News somewhat expected the publication to correct the journalistic malpractice they committed when author April Hunt printed not just misleading information but blatant lies surrounding the issue of mercury in vaccines.

She also claimed to have reached out to Natural News' Mike Adams about his views on the risks of mercury in vaccines, in which she falsely reported that he declined to comment in an attempt to smear Adam's character by insinuating that he refused to stand next to the scientific proof that flu shots still contain mercury, a known neurotoxin.

To be clear, no contact with Adams was ever made.

Even when presented with REAL facts, PolitiFraud refuses to correct

PolitiFact GA was unable to produce any emails or letters written by Adams, instead referring to a canned response they received from a public support staffer.

They used this cookie cutter response (which was made in part due to the hundreds of emails Natural News receives daily) to lie to their readers by portraying it as a personal response from Adams.

Again, no phone call took place and no emails or written letters were exchanged between PolitiFact GA and Adams.

Responding to our polite, but firm, request for a retraction, Hunt replied:

In regards to your request for a retraction of our February 2015 fact-check on a claim from Mike Adams, we have reviewed our sourcing and stand by the ruling reached at that time. We welcome any difference of opinion on our Facebook site, www.facebook.com/politifact.georgia. You are free to write as much as you like, or suggest alternate rulings.

Even when presented with accurately sourced facts that contradict their story, PolitiFact GA refuses to correct.

What else are they lying about?

Adams weighs in:

After being caught lying about a source, PolitiFact's editorial panel refused to issue a correction or retraction.

Hilariously, this is a wholesale indictment of PolitiFact's supposed editorial process. It reveals their "fact-finding" process to be a sham, nothing more than elaborate theater to dress up bias and opinion to look like credible research. Any intelligent reader now must ask the question: What else are they fabricating or twisting?

To PolitiFact, "facts" are whatever they want them to be. By refusing to correct an obvious factual error in their own story, they are making a mockery of themselves and destroying any dwindling credibility PolitiFact might have once held.

They have now admitted to the world, "We invent falsehoods and call them facts!"

As Natural News has pointed out, even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's own website states that flu vaccines produced in multi-dose vials contain thimerosal (a mercury-containing compound), which is used as a preservative.

Yet, PolitiFactGA maintains their "Truth-O-Meter" ruling while providing absolutely no reason for doing so. Their refusal to retract lacked any supporting evidence, highlighting the fact that they're essentially just acting on a "whim," or an opinion.

The process for their "Truth-O-Meter" rulings occurs when a PolitiFact writer "researches" a claim and then attempts to counter that claim, after which a panel of three editors determines the rating.

Evidently, PolitiFact's "Truth-O-Meter" doesn't work in their own office.

Aside from her denial that mercury exists in vaccines, Hunt also refutes the idea that there is no safe level of mercury exposure.

In response to this, Natural News challenges Hunt to cite any study that has determined what the safe level of mercury exposure is for human infants and unborn babies.

But, per our previous experience with them, it would be foolish to expect anything honorable, as their objective appears to be engaging in deliberately fraudulent journalism.

PolitiFact has a pretty solid history of twisting "facts" into distorted lies, enough so that someone actually founded politifactbias.com, which is dedicated to exposing the publication's blatant "bias, mistakes and flimflammery."

While PolitiFact claims that they will correct a mistake when they make one, we now know from direct experience that they don't. Hilariously, PolitiFact can only be viewed now as a parody website that fabricates hoaxes, hoping someone will believe them.

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