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PolitiFact earns 'F' in fact checking after backing up Obama's ludicrous claim that ISIS is contained

PolitiFact propaganda

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(NaturalNews) The politics of the West under the Obama Administration continue to embolden paid mercenary fighters in the Middle East. The U.S. State department, which controls the flow of American weapons and weapons systems, was headed by Hillary Clinton from 2009 to 2013. In that time, Clinton approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to achieve military goals in the Middle East. The US has literally been funding both sides of a war, paying mercenaries to topple secular dictators in countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria while supporting the Islamic state in the process, indirectly or otherwise.

This is the same Hillary Clinton (after fueling the Middle East with weapons of war) that wants to stop Americans from owning firearms. By the way, did you know that 20 nations that Clinton ran guns to ultimately gave millions of dollars to her Clinton Foundation?

When all is said and done, all this gets written down into Obama's legacy as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. What a cruel joke.

Threat of blowback at an all time high, but Obama declares ISIS is contained

has never been a more threatening reality for the US and its allies; especially as radical Islamist extremists pick up US military equipment, and are prepared to die for their beliefs. Since the Islamic State controls significant resources in the Middle East, including oil, and are able to cheaply sell it to US allies, why would the US go after their economic infrastructure? Meanwhile, as the Islamic State gains economic clout, they are more able to recruit more mercenaries and young people who are left confused and frustrated with US foreign policy. The threat of blowback on the US and its allies is more real than ever before.

Blowback is a term used by the CIA to describe "the unintended consequences of foreign operations that were deliberately kept secret from the American public, so that when the retaliation comes, the American public is unable to put it in context, to put cause and effect together...." — Chalmers Johnson, CIA 1967–1973.

In a recent interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, Obama claimed that ISIS is "contained." When Stephanopoulos questioned Obama with, "But ISIS is gaining strength, aren't they?" Obama replied, "Well, no, I don't think they're gaining strength. What is true is that, from the start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them."

Why would Obama make such erroneous claims about radicals who are willing to commit suicide for their religious beliefs? Why would Obama undermine the threat of stealth blowback, after all the gun-running that his administration has carried out in the Middle East, not to mention domestically?

PolitiFact exposed as a propaganda arm of the Obama Administration

Many free-thinking Americans are starting to see right through the mainstream media narrative and all the official stories that cover up what's really going on both in the Middle East and at home.

When PolitiFact fact-checked Obama's claims that ISIS is contained, they passionately declared that his statements were "TRUE." The stealth terror attacks in Paris just a week later proved wrong both Obama and his media ally PolitiFact.

The mainstream media's phony fact-checking is being exposed for what it truly is: propaganda. It only took two writers, Lauren Carroll and Linda Qiu, (both blind followers of the Obama Administration) to write this "fact check" for PolitiFact.

Instead of explaining how much influence ISIS has gained in the Middle East and how many resources they have attained, PolitiFact opts to protect Obama's claims that they are contained. Instead of exposing the torture that ISIS inflicts on Christians and those who do not follow their religion, PolitiFact opts to downplay the evil that is building in the Middle East. Instead of explaining how blowback is a real threat from stealth ISIS militants who have acquired US weapons, PolitiFact decides to sweep it all under the rug and protect Obama and Clinton's disturbing foreign policy.
The recently attacked Paris populace isn't buying it, and neither are the American people.

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