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Insane academics on the left now claim the U.S. Constitution must be banned because it's racist like the Confederate flag


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(NaturalNews) In the latest attempt by the new totalitarians of the Left, a political scientist and former professor says in a recently published article that the U.S. Constitution ought to be censored in order to conceal original text he finds offensive.

"South Carolina's battle flag may soon come down from the capitol flagpole, but other symbols of the Confederacy's ideology remain in place," writes former University of Maryland professor Henry Bain in an editorial that was placed in a number of publications around the country. "For example, consider the U. S. Constitution."

While he doesn't call for the creation of a new Constitution, he says the current version should be edited to move portions that he personally believes are immoral and outdated to the back, a typical characterization from progressives who often argue the Constitution is a living, breathing thing that should evolve over time.

"All copies of the Constitution promulgate detailed instructions for the recapture of slaves who have run away from their owners," he writes. "They also specify that slaves are to be counted as three-fifths of a person in the Census, giving a boost to the slave-owning states in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College."

Bain is referring to sections of the Constitution acknowledging that the institution of slavery was legal in the United States until after the Civil War; the three-fifths of a person language was intended to satisfy congressional representation demands from states with large populations of slaves.

The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were ratified to end slavery, extend citizenship to former slaves and ensure equal rights for all Americans, regardless of race, creed or ethnicity.

Why change our founding document? Because Charleston

To most Americans, that is the end of the discussion, or should be. While the earlier three-fifths language was reflective of the time of the Constitution's ratification (1787), later generations of Americans remedied the injustice through a war that killed 700,000 and through the constitutional amendment process.

But the issue isn't just about slavery for Bain, as he believes that additional text referencing other "embarrassing" moments in American history, like Prohibition, ought to also be moved.

Online versions of the Constitution, such as this one at Archives.gov, show the document's text as it originally appeared on parchment. But online versions also contain footnotes indicated that certain provisions have been superseded by additional amendments ratified decades after its initial approval by three-fourths of the 13 original states.

And while such notations seem to be reasonable to most people, Bain objects anyway, bizarrely claiming that kind of approach is why nine people were gunned down inside a historically black church in South Carolina recently.

"One might justify this presentation of our national charter by saying that it commemorates an earlier time or instructs students on the nation's political history," says Bain. "That kind of thinking has prevailed for a long time in Charleston, only recently yielding in the face of an atrocity."

'My way or the highway'

An atrocity, sure, but a very rare atrocity, nonetheless. Still, let's erase or rewrite our history, Bain insists, noting the Constitution should be "reorganize[ed]" to suit the modern era (sound familiar?), with text he and other liberal speech police unilaterally deem offensive moved to some separate back section "where it belongs."

Such a move would create "a Constitution that deserves to be read aloud each year when the House of Representatives begins its session," unlike the undeserving current one, which majority Republicans have read out loud at the opening of Congress for the last three congresses, The Daily Caller reported.

In a final act of arrogance, Bain proclaims himself as the one person uniquely qualified to enact these changes, via his book, "The Constitution of the United State of America Modern Edition," which he claims finally makes the founding document "at last readable" to today's American citizen.

To a progressive, if you can't win converts with truth and honesty, win them through deceit or, barring that, simply force them to accept your viewpoint, via court order, legislation, public shaming or ridicule.





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