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Medical-industrial complex sees women as biological factories to churn out babies to be maimed and sold for profit

Planned Parenthood

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(NaturalNews) The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) is shaking up the country with its release of the findings of a shocking, three-year-long investigation unveiling the crimes of abortion promoter Planned Parenthood, which has now officially been exposed for illegally selling the body parts and vital organs of murdered unborn babies for profit.

This taxpayer-funded, profiteering, fraudulent organization, which takes in some half-a-billion dollars in tax money annually, is now under investigation for its role in actively trafficking baby body parts, which appears to have been the impetus behind Planned Parenthood's massive push to legalize partial-birth abortions throughout the nation.

In case you missed it, two undercover videos recently published by CMP show top-level Planned Parenthood executives not only admitting to selling murdered baby body parts for profit but actually negotiating to get top dollar for them. Such activity, besides its utterly inhumane nature, represents a felony crime in the U.S.

The first of the two undercover videos released by CMP shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood's senior director of medical research, discussing with someone she believed to be a buyer from a human biologics company how her organization utilizes the partial-birth abortion procedure to supply intact body parts.

Video footage depicts Nucatola casually explaining, as she sips a glass of wine, how she trains abortion doctors to murder babies at up to 24 weeks into gestation at her Los Angeles-based clinic -- she also admits to performing abortions herself. She then explains, in detail, how she "crushes" the babies' bodies in such a way as to preserve their valuable organs.

"We've been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I'm not gonna crush that part. I'm gonna basically crush below, I'm gonna crush above, and I'm gonna see if I can get it all intact," explains a conscienceless Nucatola.

Watch the full-length undercover video exposing baby-murderer Deboarh Nucatola here:

A second undercover video featuring Dr. Mary Gatter, president of Planned Parenthood's Medical Directors' Council, reveals how Planned Parenthood actively negotiates with biotech companies to sell murdered baby body parts for top dollar, exposing as a lie the organization's claim that it only distributes such "tissue" for life-saving research, and not for profit.

As you'll see in the following video clip, Gatter haggles with an undercover CMP rep to get the maximum amount of money she can from the sale of intact fetal tissue, admitting that the amount "has to be big enough that it's worthwhile for me." This vile criminal goes on to say that she needs to confirm that $100 per specimen (the negotiated amount) is worthwhile, because she "want[s] a Lamborghini."

The disgusting video unveiling all this can be seen here:

Eugenicists profit by destroying human life from birth to death

CMP's valiant work in exposing the secret wheelings-and-dealings of this evil, criminal organization known as Planned Parenthood will presumably trigger a major shift in the way the general population views the abortion industry. Like many other industries that dominate the social landscape today, the abortion racket is just as much as about profiting from the exploitation of human life as it is about destroying human life through eugenics and outright murder.

But this is just one piece of a much larger puzzle in which humans are being used by the medical-industrial complex to advance an agenda of genocide while making the profiteers of this sick scheme filthy rich. From birth to death, everyday human beings -- and in the case of abortion, women -- are being specifically targeted and exploited for the enrichment of the elite.

The medical-industrial complex, in all truth, views women as little more than biological factories that exist solely to churn out babies to be murdered, maimed or otherwise tampered with for profit. If an unborn baby somehow makes it past the gauntlet of abortion, he or she will, in most cases, immediately be injected with a barrage of chemicals and poisons via vaccines upon birth, which will forever alter the immune function -- and in many cases, brain function and development -- of that precious child.

After this, should a child survive being assaulted with said vaccine poisons, he or she will be exposed to all sorts of other toxins through food, including genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides and herbicides, feminizing xenoestrogens, pharmaceutical drugs and fluoride in the water supply, and artificial substances like synthetic sweeteners (aspartame) and trans fats.

Once made systematically ill by a lifetime of chronic exposure to these seeds of death, this child-turned-adult will then be herded into the corrupt medical system of Big Pharma, which will forever "manage" his or her symptoms through expensive drugs and surgeries, until finally that individual reaches the point of death.

"It's a rigged world where an elitist cabal of cheats and thugs mistreat fellow humans as owned commodities and indentured expendables," wrote Joachim Hagopian for the Centre for Research on Globalization. "Money and power mean everything while human life means nothing to them."

"Not until CEO's and top executives of Big Banks, Big Wall Street and Big Pharma start going to jail to serve long term sentences for their crimes, it'll conveniently remain business as usual. And as long as Big Pharma owns Big Gov. Corp., just like the oligarchs own everything there is to earthly own, nothing will ever change for the better unless we as citizens of the world demand accountability and justice that punishment rightly fit the corporate crime."








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