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RFK Jr. speaks out on vaccine mandates & safety at New Jersey state capital in Trenton


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(NaturalNews) Robert Kennedy, Jr. has been very vocal across the U.S. opposing bills to end exemptions. Below is a transcript from Kennedy's press conference in Trenton, New Jersey. He focused on the corruption, collusion and malfeasance at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was a scathing report about the ethics of the agency in charge of vaccine safety. (Story by Anne Dachel, republished from AgeOfAutism.com with additional editing by Natural News)

The second half of his 45-minute talk was a chance for reporters to question Kennedy about his claims. Incredibly, during the question-and-answer session, not a single reporter asked about the scandalous charges Kennedy made about top U.S. health officials. Most of them asked about exemptions and herd immunity. It was like they weren't even in the room.

When members of the press so willingly close their eyes to charges of fraud and the damage done to a generation of children, they become part of the corruption.

I contacted Mr. Kennedy to get his thoughts on what went on during the New Jersey press conference. This was his response:

Dachel: "You made some very serious charges against the agency that runs the vaccine program and assures us that their vaccines are safe, yet members of the media had no follow-up questions about anything you said about the CDC. What, in your opinion, will it take to get the press to finally start covering this controversy in an honest and thorough manner?

Kennedy: "The trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry is now the largest advertiser on television ,radio and newspaper pages, spending from $3 billion to $5.4 billion annually over the past decade. Pharmaceutical companies target network news divisions for their advertising buys partially for message control and partially for the demographic; TV news audiences tend to be older affluent pharmaceutical customers .A network news division president told me two weeks ago he would fire a newscaster or program host whose reporting or programming choice lost his station an advertising pharmaceutical company.

Of course, it's easy for bean counting network executives to sell this censorship to reporters and on-air employees by parroting the industry/government mantra that allowing debate on vaccine safety will inflame the "anti-vac" movement and kill babies these factors account ,to some extent ,for the impenetrable Kafkaesque suppression. Journalists are reporting what the government tells them to think instead of doing basic reportorial investigation. The gatekeepers enforce this orthodoxy by avoiding science and facts and instead focus on vilifying and crucifying the heretics.

In 2005 , Dan Shulman wrote a scathing and somewhat bewildered critique of the airtight censorship among media organs of any debate over vaccine safety or CDC corruption. He said that many reporters considered covering this issue to be a potentially "career ending" hazard. Today that censorship extends not just to the mainstream media but also to the so-called "alternate media" like Salon, Slate, Huff Post and Mother Jones. There is simply no national forum for this debate. We have been forced from the public square."

RFK Jr. Speaks at New Jersey State Capital in Trenton

Robert Kennedy, Jr. focuses on the CDC, which he refers to as "a troubled agency, in fact, a cesspool of corruption." How bad is the corruption? It's "pervasive," according to Kennedy. He cites the the years of studies that have exposed the CDC as "hopelessly corrupt and dysfunctional."

"The way that those vaccines today are added to the schedule are not completely dependent on public health considerations. There is a huge money consideration. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world; it's a trillion dollar industry. . . . It's an extraordinary product for them because it's the only product that I know of [where] a company makes the product and the government orders hundreds of millions of Americans to buy it. The patent never expires, there's no advertising or marketing required, it's often a monopoly, . . . and they're protected from any kind of product liability. . . . . Congress has made it illegal to sue vaccine companies in this country for injuries that were suffered by people from vaccines. . . . So it's a very attractive profit center for these vaccine companies.

"The way vaccines are placed on the schedule is through a vaccine advisory committee. Unfortunately that committee is not stocked by independent scientists or regulators. . . . Ninety-seven percent of the people who sit on those committees have these same conflicts that Paul Offit had. So the problem is, . . .as a parent who's giving my children vaccines, I want to know those vaccines are on the schedule only because my children's health is the objective. And there's no other objective that the people who voted have in mind.

"Today, there are 271 new vaccines in CDC's pipeline . . . awaiting approval to be put on the schedule, and each one of those new vaccines could mean upwards of a billion dollars to the companies that own the patents. And Paul Offit has said that he believes that children can get as many as 10,000 vaccines safely. There's never been a study by the CDC of the cumulative impact of these vaccines.

"I'll tell you what that study would look like, and it is crazy that we aren't demanding that CDC do the study: compare non-vaccinated children to vaccinated children. We have the database. The CDC has the database for the millions of children who've been vaccinated in this country and their health impact. . . . They spend $110 million a year making sure that nobody can look at that database. The one time they looked at it, which was the Verstraeten study in 2000, it showed that thimerosal was causing an autism epidemic in this country. They said at the meeting when they examined it, we should never have done this study, and then they closed the Vaccine Safety Database. And it's the official position, . . .policy of the United States today that the link between autism and vaccines should not be studied. That's the 2004 finding of the IOM, that is the official policy of this country. How can any scientist endorse that? How can any member of the press endorse that? Why are we sending Freedom of Information Requests . . because we could find in a week if the vaccines are safe. . . . Very easily, just get the Vaccine Safety Database. Why are we allowing CDC to hide that from the public?

". . . The division in CDC that determines vaccine safety, the research division, the Immunology Safety Division, it's called--that's where the scientists are. The senior scientist is a man named Dr. Bill Thompson. Dr. Thompson is the lead author of the one study that CDC has that supposedly exculpated thimerosal from a link with all these neurological disorders. And he's also the lead scientist on the study that exculpated the MMR vaccine from [an] autism link. Thompson invoked whistleblower status in August and hired the best whistleblower attorney in our country, and handed 100,000 pages of documents over. . . And none of you in the press is covering that story.

"And what Thompsons says is that for ten years, he and his fellow scientists at CDC's Immunology Safety Division, which the only thing that determines vaccine safety, have been ordered to lie. He's not saying 'they' ordered us to lie, he's naming names. He says Frank DeStefano, the branch chief, Robert Chen, the head of the vaccine division, Julie Gerberding, the former head of CDC, that they're the ones who ordered them to lie. And what he says is that when CDC sees data that show an adverse vaccine reaction, it gathers a bunch of scientists, locks them in a room, and says, don't come out until you figure out a way to massage, bury, manipulate, so that we can say that it didn't exist. And this isn't me saying this. You can go to Ring of Fire, I wrote a blog on it and in that blog, is embedded the tapped confession of Bill Thompson. So you can hear what he says, you don't have to take my word for it.

"His lawyer has issued a statement that says that Bill Thompson apologizes to . . . the parents of autistic children in this country, because he's been part of the problem. And he says that specifically on one of the more recent studies where CDC found in the data a direct link between . . . African American boys who received the MMR vaccine prior to 36 months, that there was a dramatic increase in autism in those boys. CDC ordered him to bury that part of the study and it was never published. And he apologizes for that in the statement made by his lawyer. This is not a disgruntled employee. Bill Thompson is currently working at CDC. He has not been fired. He's still there. He wants to testify in front of Congress, and he's handed over 100,000 pages of documents that are damning documents about the cheating, the manipulation, and the corruption at CDC's Immunology Safety Division.

". . . There's another issue, which is this: All the checks and balances that are intended to protect our children, that would normally protect our children from a dishonest company-- How can I say that for example, that Merck is a dishonest company? Well, I don't know that until the case has been tried, but I do know that there are two Merck employees now who have also filed for whistleblower protection under the Federal False Claims Act, and the Justice Department is now investigating their charges that they were forced by Merck to gin up sham studies to falsely show the efficaciousness of the MMR vaccine--the mumps part of the MMR vaccine. So this vaccine that we're all arguing about, the MMR vaccine which has to have a 95 percent, under the law, 95 percent efficacy in order to maintain their monopoly, they're saying it doesn't have that, and Merck lied about it.

"So how do we protect our children? What are the mechanisms in our society that protect children from a company that's willing to do that? . . . The political leaders have been subverted in many ways through vaccine money. The vaccine industry is the number one lobbying industry in this country. It contributes $2.6 billions a year in lobbying--twice what oil and gas spends. . . . It gives $31 million a year to federal political candidates. . . . The regulatory agency has been undermined. The CDC today, because of these financial conflicts, is a sock puppet for the industry it's supposed to regulate.

"It is the agency that is supposed to be protecting the public from industry abuse, but it has become the subsidiary of the industry that it is supposed to be regulating."

Kennedy went on to specifically talk about the role of the media in this scandal:

"And then of course, you have the press. . . . The pharmaceutical industry, I believe, is the number one advertiser. The pharmaceutical industry spends between 3.4 and 5.4 billion dollars annually on TV, newspaper and radio advertising. It's the number one advertiser. It targets the network news division. It's the number one advertiser on network news. And what I've seen is that time and time again is that these stories do not ever make it into the newspapers and they do not make it onto the national press because of some other considerations.

"The pharmaceutical industry has a very good scare tactic which is, if you say anything bad about the CDC vaccine program or you question the safety of vaccines, people will stop vaccinating and children will die. So. . . journalists, and news divisions and editors often times will listen to that ,and sometimes they're looking at the cash that's coming in, but they will not run these stories. And in the long run, that's a big problem because Americans are reading the science anyway, even if you guys aren't reporting it.

"And people ask, why is it that it's the most affluent and highly educated people who are vaccine resistant. The reason for that is that those are the people who are reading the science on the Internet, and the science is out there--I found it. And it's real. And they're reading about the corruption of CDC, and the fact that the newspapers won't cover it, simply gives CDC a license to go deeper and deeper and deeper into that corruption. There's no incentive for them to clean up. There's no incentive for the vaccine industry to clean up because they can't be sued. The press isn't there reporting against them, so they're giving us the worst kind of outcomes in these vaccines, and the vaccine supply is getting less and less safe because journalists won't call them on it. . . . .

"There are only four reporters in this country that will actually cover this issue: Dan Olmsted from UPI, who lost his job, Alisyn Camerota from Fox who basically is being pushed out, Sharyl Attkisson from CBS, who lost her job, and there's a woman called Karen Garloch, who started covering this issue for the Charlotte Observer.

"I worked for three weeks with the CBS film crew, had the film in the can, and it was going to be played that night, and a half an hour before I got called by the editor saying, we got called by the vaccine industry--- And he said it was the first time in his career--Jake Tapper--first time in his career, that he'd gotten that call to yank the story.

"The same thing happened with CNN, and I've seen this in papers. All the papers that you guys represent . . . even non mainstream media outlets have a hard time covering this issue. But got to cover it. Journalists have to cover this issue, because the more you don't cover it, the more license it gives the CDC and the vaccine industry to continue this kind of corruption.

What followed at 21:44 was a question-and-answer session with the media.

Specifically, Kennedy expressed his concern over parents having their religious objections to vaccination questioned. He said this is something that hasn't happened before in the U.S.

He talked about parents who watched their children regress into autism following vaccinations and who would now be forced to continued to vaccinate that child and any siblings.

Kennedy said that forced vaccination is a violation of the Nuremberg Agreement, which says that "you can only give medical procedures by informed consent. You cannot force somebody to undergo a medical procedure."

Kennedy said that parents don't vaccinate because they don't trust the regulators. The goal should be to "restore the integrity of the regulatory process," not to force parents to vaccinate.

Reporters asked some questions, but they avoided discussing anything to do with the corruption that Kennedy talked about. Other speakers strongly objected to the actions of the New Jersey legislature.

Read more at AgeOfAutism.com

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