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Anti-cannabis presidential candidate Marco Rubio accepts bribes from prison indusrty

Marco Rubio

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(NaturalNews) One of the primary reasons why the cannabis plant is still vilified by many of the corporate fascists occupying D.C. is this: jailing people for pot is a highly profitable endeavor that makes for-profit prisons and the corporations that run them very rich. And on the dole of this corrupt gravy train is none other than Republican presidential hopeful (wishful thinker?) Marco Rubio, whose secret payoffs from the prison lobby explain a lot about his hypocritical, anti-cannabis beliefs.

During a recent interview with talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, Rubio clarified his position on the enforcement of federal drug laws, admitting in the process that he doesn't support individual liberty. Erroneously referring to cannabis as an "intoxicant," Rubio implied that he supports locking people up in prison over a plant that has limitless medicinal potential, and virtually no harmful side effects.

"I don't believe we should be in the business of legalizing additional intoxicants in this country for the primary reason that when you legalize something, what you're sending a message to young people is it can't be that bad, because if it was that bad, it wouldn't be legal," were Rubio's exact words.

Besides the utter hypocrisy of holding such a draconian and nonsensical position while claiming to be a limited-government "conservative," Rubio's twisted belief that the government should somehow be in the business of il-legalizing natural plants that existed on the planet long before prohibitionist control freaks "banned" them says a lot about the nefarious mindset of this not-a-chance-in-hell "neo-con" candidate.

What Rubio failed to disclose during his interview is the fact that he's the U.S. Senate's top career recipient of campaign contributions from the second-largest for-profit prison company in the U.S., GEO. Rubio's been cozy with the for-profit prison system for many years, in fact, siphoning bribes from the incarceration industry even as far back as when he served as speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.

You'd have to be stupid to support any politician who accepts bribes from the evil, for-profit prison system

There's a reason why all these sheriffs' associations, police unions and politicians, including legislators from both sides of the aisle, remain ignorantly stalwart in defense of marijuana prohibition and the unjust war on drugs. It has nothing to do with "keeping communities safe" and other such rubbish, but rather it's about protecting the massive cash cow that is the for-profit prison system in America, which continues to profit from the incarceration of individuals targeted on the basis of largely unjust "laws."

"Private prisons make money by keeping people locked up behind their concrete walls," explains AntiMedia "Politicians assist in passing laws. The more laws that are on the books, the more criminals that are created. The more criminals that exist, the more money a private prison can accumulate. The more money a lobbyist has at his disposal, the more money a politician can receive."

Marco Rubio fits this M.O. perfectly, having been exposed for running a prison racket in Florida and accepting millions of dollars in payoffs from the prison industry. Rubio has a vested interest, in other words, in continuing to lock people up for victimless "crimes" like marijuana possession, hence his feigned concern about children's safety if law enforcement is suddenly no longer allowed to lock innocent people in cages for using a plant made by God.

"Floridians may have been duped into voting for this swarthy charlatan, but an entire nation cannot afford to be seduced by such a two-faced frontman for oppression," concludes AntiMedia.






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