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Nursing student sues school that dismissed her for questioning unethical, immoral and illegal vaccine bullying tactics

Vaccine propaganda

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(NaturalNews) A Michigan woman who says she was wrongfully dismissed from nursing school at Baker College in Flint for raising concerns about the institution's unethical -- and for all intents and purposes, illegal -- vaccine bullying curriculum has filed a lawsuit in circuit court against the private establishment.

Nichole Rolfe, who was getting close to graduating from her program before being ousted, claims that she became a target of several of her teachers after questioning the methods by which they were instructing her and her fellow students to coerce parents into vaccinating their children, in violation of the American Nursing Association's Code of Ethics.

According to Rolfe's official legal filing, which is available here,[PDF] problems arose when some of her instructors began dispensing unethical advice on how to deceive parents into getting their children vaccinated.

Rolfe says that she and her classmates were advised to push the Tdap vaccine for pertussis (whooping cough) on parents walking into the labor and delivery floor, even though the vaccine admittedly doesn't confer antibodies for up to six months, and possibly not at all. When she questioned the rationale behind this, she was immediately silenced.

"I asked how they could promote this when they were giving these families a false sense of security," recalled Rolfe on a posting to the VacTruth Facebook page back in 2013, in which she petitioned for help from the health freedom community. "The instructor ended the conversation."

Rolfe told by Baker College instructors to LIE about vaccine safety and to threaten parents

Rolfe says she and her fellow nursing students were also instructed to push vaccines on sick children, even though doing so is both contraindicated (not advised) and in violation of informed consent protocols. Rolfe was also told to lie to parents about vaccine safety, to which she also vocalized objection.

A couple of weeks later, Rolfe was dismissed from the program on the false grounds that she had "harassed" her instructors, even though she was merely asking critically thought-out questions about the ethicality and legality of what she was being taught. Rolfe was also one of the top students in her program, having earned solid marks.

Specifically named in the suit are Connie Smith, the Assistant Director of Nursing at Baker College, and Alysia Osoff, the pediatrics instructor who allegedly told Rolfe and other nursing students to push vaccines on ill children and lie to parents in order to coerce them into getting Tdap vaccines. In other words, Osoff's advice was legally, morally and ethically wrong.

"Obtaining uninformed or false consent for a medical procedure under false pretenses is assault and battery under both criminal and civil law," notes Rolfe in her complaint.

"Obtaining uninformed or false consent for a medical procedure under false pretenses is a violation of the American Nursing Association Code of Ethics for nurses. Obtaining uninformed or false consent for a medical procedure under false pretenses is contrary to the practice of family center care and gaining and securing the trust of patients."

Nursing students today are being brainwashed into medical fascism propaganda, and dissenters are being punished

The fact that Rolfe actually questioned these and other blatant violations of the Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm" sets her apart from the rest of her fellow students, and actually makes her more qualified to be a nurse. And yet for trying to abide by proper protocol, Rolfe was wrongfully let go from her school, for which she is now seeking damages.

The full details of this important case are available here:








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