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Today's Parent magazine spreading Big Pharma's vaccine propaganda that harms children

Today''s Parent

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(NaturalNews) A popular Canadian parenting magazine has jumped aboard the vaccine death train with a recent garbage piece advising parents to just trust the government when it comes to following the official vaccination schedule. Parents shouldn't try to alter or delay the recommended vaccine protocol, claims the article, because... well, vaccines are safe and effective (and that's all we've got)!

It's one of the most tired mantras of our day -- just get your children vaccinated, they repeatedly say, because if you don't, everyone will die and civilization will completely unravel! Talk about hypocritical fear-mongering, but this is really all the vaccine hawks have when it comes to presenting "science" to support their cause.

Writing for the shill magazine, Dory Cerny claims that the official vaccination schedule, which varies from country to country -- and in the case of Canada, from province to province -- "has been painstakingly developed and proven over decades to be both safe and effective." Cerny doesn't provide any actual evidence to support this claim, of course, but rather references "vaccination experts" as the authority on all things jab-related.

This in and of itself might be enough "evidence" for people who aren't too keen on critical thinking. But for the rest of us, it sure would be nice to have some independent, unbiased, evidence-based data that actually proves vaccines to be safe and effective. As many of our readers well know, this data doesn't exist, hence our skepticism whenever this empty claim is rehashed in the media as "fact."

Dozens of published studies contradict official narrative that vaccines are safe and effective

What we do know is that a cohort of peer-reviewed science suggests that vaccines are not safe and effective as claimed, and that nefarious forces working behind the scenes have done everything in their power to conceal this fact from public purview. One example of this is Dr. Andrew Wakefield's report on children developing gastrointestinal disease in conjunction with the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella.

The mainstream media often mentions Dr. Wakefield's paper in jest, claiming that it was "discredited" and proven to be "fraudulent." But the reality is that Dr. Wakefield's work was maliciously targeted by special interests, and later vindicated (which is something you won't hear about from the corporate press).

Dr. John Walker-Smith, who served as senior clinical investigator for Dr. Wakefield's research, appealed the decision that led to the paper's retraction and won. The General Medical Council's (GMC) allegations against Dr. Wakefield's work, in other words, have been determined to be invalid, which means the paper never should have been retracted in the first place!

This is just one example of the type of establishment fraud that takes place whenever science questions the holy grail of vaccines. There are literally dozens of published studies that question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and whistleblowers have also come forward in recent years with admissions that government-backed data supposedly showing vaccines to be safe and effective is largely fraudulent.

Does Cerny discuss any of this in her puff piece pushing vaccines on unwitting Canadian parents? Of course not. She instead quotes as many government talking-heads as possible in a lame, but predictable, attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of her dumbest readers, scaring them into vaccinating rather than informing them about the real-life risks associated with poison jabs.

"The [vaccine] advisory group at the CDC[(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is a cesspool of conflicts of interest, as corrupt as it gets so says 4 independent studies by the US government," wrote one Today's Parent commenter. "The bottom line [is] there is monetary profit [to be made] recommending every vaccine there is with about 200 more coming."

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