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Get rid of the myths and cure osteoporosis naturally


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(NaturalNews) The numbers are truly staggering. Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures per year - resulting in a fracture every 3 seconds. Conventionally speaking, doctors say that osteoporosis is 'largely genetic'; yet, they admit that risk factors include smoking, obesity and lack of physical activity. This contradiction shows us that Western medicine is confused about the cause of disease.

Eliminate the symptoms of osteoporosis naturally. Toxic drugs will never cure disease. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Daniel Cobb offer a hopeful message (and real solutions) for anyone concerned about bone strength and optimizing health. Join us for a great show.

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What really causes osteoporosis?

The answer is clear and, hopefully, this information will serve as a wake-up call for conventionally-trained physicians by offering a better way to help patients fully recover from life-threatening conditions like, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

This is not meant to judge anyone eating animal foods; but, the typical American diet involves too much animal protein, processed grains (in the form of bread and pasta) plus an overabundance of white sugar and artificial ingredients. This toxic sludge places stress on the immune system, kidney function and the bloodstream. Eventually, as the body becomes more and more acidic, the risk of chronic disease goes way up and premature death almost certainly will occur.

When you think about it, wouldn't it be easier for doctors to just tell people the real cause of their dis-ease? Simply put, eating too many acid-forming foods will trigger a host of serious health problems like fatigue, depression and de-mineralization of the bones. Too many physicians have been brainwashed into believing that drugs 'treat' disease - when, in fact, they merely add to the toxic burden and never solve health problems.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, you'll discover a natural way to restore bones back to their healthy state - without the need for toxic medications. This is a rare opportunity to learn what can be done with the right information. If you're a healthcare provider - do not miss this program!

Visit: http://www.naturalhealth365.com and enter your email address for show details + FREE gifts!

Bone health myths exposed: The deadly dangers of calcium

By now, I'm sure you've heard the phrase 'milk does the body good." Another popular T.V./magazine ad has frequently promoted the question, "Got Milk?" These multi-million dollar marketing campaigns are not based on good science. For example, if osteoporosis could be avoided by simply eating lots of calcium-rich foods - why does the United States population suffer from this disease?

This is a myth of epic proportions: A lack of calcium (in the bones) does not correlate to a lack of calcium in the bloodstream or diet. And, yes, good science does back up this statement.

Myth #2: Does your doctor believe that calcium supplements will help prevent bone fractures? Sadly, there is little scientific data to suggest that calcium supplementation (alone) can reduce the risk of fractures. In fact, bone density does not equal stronger bones. In truth, many other nutrients are necessary to maintain healthy bones like, vitamin D and K2.

If you're taking calcium supplements, to 'improve your bone density score', you may want to read this:

According to Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, taking a calcium supplement is like putting a 'fresh coat of paint on a rotten fence'. You may get a "better score" on a 'bone density test' - but you will not reduce your risk of weakened bones or hip fractures.

In addition, according to Dr. Levy, "you are 30% more likely to have a heart attack and up to 20% more likely to have a stroke if you take an extra 500 mg of calcium or more per day."

If you or someone you know is suffering with osteoporosis - be sure to share this information with them and tune into the next NaturalNews Talk Hour for natural solutions that work.

This week's guest: Dr. Daniel Cobb, natural healing expert and educator

Find out how to eliminate the threat of osteoporosis naturally - Sun. May 3

Dr. Daniel Cobb is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) practicing in New Mexico. He became interested in alternative medicine, in 1993, when he became very ill with chronic fatigue complicated by pesticide poisoning.

For over 20 years, Dr. Cobb - a licensed acupuncturist - has focused his attention on chronic conditions and degenerative diseases. Since studying the work of Mathias Rath, MD and Linus Pauling PhD plus a wealth of professional experience, Dr. Cobb teaches people how to safely and effectively eliminate the symptoms of disease - quickly and safely without the need for toxic drugs.

Strengthen your bones naturally. Western medicine is great at diagnosing disease - but horrible at curing any chronic health problems. If you're looking for a better way to restore your health - do not miss this important show about bone health.

Visit: http://www.naturalhealth365.com and enter your email address for show details + FREE gifts!

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