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Atheist vaccine fanatics invoking Jesus to violate human rights for mandatory vaccine push

Vaccine fanatics

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(NaturalNews) The maniacal push by vaccine fanatics to force everyone on the planet to get injections whether they want them or not has truly entered the desperation phase. And the absurd.

A recent New York Times (NYT) op-ed, for instance, from a pro-vaccine physician who earns millions a year from childhood vaccine royalties was entitled, "What Would Jesus Do About Measles?" -- a reference to the hysteria regarding vaccines and a recent measles outbreak that has reportedly spread to a whopping 100 or so people.

The author, Dr. Paul Offit, a pediatrician at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, wrote that Jesus would want everyone vaccinated for the sake of the "greater good." This Big Pharma insider, then, is utilizing Christianity in a bid to justify removal of religious exemptions to vaccines.

"Use the power of the state to force vaccines"

In reference to a 1991 outbreak of measles in Philly that infected some 1,400 people and in which nine children died, Offit wrote:

Two fundamentalist Christian churches -- Faith Tabernacle Congregation and First Century Gospel Church -- were at the heart of the outbreak. Children had not been vaccinated, and when they became ill, their parents prayed instead of taking them to the hospital to receive the intravenous fluids or oxygen that could have saved the lives of those with the worst cases. "If I go to God and ask him to heal my body," said a church member, Gordon Korn, "I can't go to a doctor for medicine. You either trust God or you trust man."

Public health officials turned to the courts to intervene.

What happened next should concern every American and, especially, every American parent:

[Public health officials] got a court order to examine the churches' children in their homes, then to admit children to the hospital for medical care. Finally, they did something that had never been done before or since: They got a court order to vaccinate children against their parents' will. Children were briefly made wards of the state, vaccinated and returned to their parents.

So Offit, co-inventor of RotaTeq, a rotovirus vaccine, is another vaccine pusher who believes using the power of the federal government against parents and in violation of the First Amendment, to force compliance to their point of view.

"Parents shouldn't be allowed to martyr their children," he concluded.

No -- apparently, only the state, through forced vaccination, should have that power.

The fact is, as noted by Brian Shilhavy at Health Impact News, in commenting on Offit's NYT piece, not all of the children who contracted measles in Philadelphia in 1991 were unvaccinated. In fact, many had been -- though Offit conveniently omitted that from his piece.

"Medical tyranny"

"In reading the accounts of the 1991 measles outbreak in Philadelphia, much is written about how certain church members did not treat their children after they became infected with the measles. There are also reports of pre-existing health conditions among the children who died," Shilhavy wrote.

Offit's piece mentions how the American Civil Liberties Union even refused to get involved in the civil rights issue associated with the "fundamentalist Christian" anti-vaccination case. But again, there is more to that aspect of the story as well.

In 1991, the Times reported that, indeed, a judge did order measles shots to be given to the children of the churches. But the ACLU complained that extra requirements ordered by the judge were clearly unconstitutional; the Pennsylvania ACLU chapter said then it planned to appeal those.

"Apparently, this judge took a request from public health officials to look at a few families from two churches who had children with measles, and used that to issue an order that applied to ALL churches in Philadelphia," Shilhavy wrote, describing the extra instructions as "medical tyranny."





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