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A culture of coercion: How climate change pushers and vaccine fanatics are calling for people to be put to death if they disagree

Climate change

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(NaturalNews) George Orwell once wrote, "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." But vaccine pushers and climate change fanatics see things much differently, embodying exactly what Orwell warned about with their anti-free-speech hatred of anyone who disagrees with them -- hatred that has even sparked calls for "deniers" to be put to death.

The climate change cult has had its share of apologists demand harsh punishment for those who reject the notion that mankind is responsible for heating the planet and melting the glaciers. British author and columnist Mark Lynas, for instance, wrote a piece advocating for the establishment of international tribunals to deal with climate change "deniers," whom he likens to Holocaust deniers.

"I put [their climate change denial] in a similar moral category to Holocaust denial -- except that this time the Holocaust is yet to come, and we still have time to avoid it," he wrote. "Those who try to ensure we don't will one day have to answer for their crimes."

Professor Richard Parncutt from the University of Graz in Austria is even more offended that anyone would believe something different from him on the issue of man-made climate change. Reversing his position of opposition to the death penalty "in all cases," Prof. Parncutt wrote in an article that the death penalty is "an appropriate punishment for influential GW [global warming] deniers."

"Even mass murderers should not be executed," he wrote. "GW deniers fall into a completely different category."

Calls for climate change deniers to be rounded up, imprisoned and put to death would make Hitler proud

These and other climate change crazies have been so indoctrinated into their fairy tale beliefs about the world turning into one giant ocean because humans are engaging in activities like breathing and eating food that they are literally calling for people who don't embrace their lunatic opinions to be murdered.

Adam Weinstein of Gawker, whose similar ideas about rounding up and throwing into labor camps folks who aren't as riled up as he is about catastrophic anthropogenic global warming destroying the planet, appears to have drawn his beliefs straight from "Josef Goebbel's Nazi Propaganda Playbook and Criminal Sentencing Guidelines," to quote the words of esteemed author William Hennessy.

"[Weinstein's] argument mirrors the argument Goebbels used in [the] 1930s to quash dissent from eugenics and to take immediate policy actions for the betterment of humanity," wrote Hennessy in a scathing criticism of Weinstein's outrageous proposals.

Vaccine apologists have become modern-day "Brownshirts" demanding absolute obedience to the state's medical agenda

More recently, the cult of vaccines has come out with similar demands for the incarceration and even murder of parents who don't buy into the prevailing vaccine dogma of our day. Making personal medical choices and exercising one's right not to undergo a medical procedure that comes with the risk of serious, permanent side effects or death is now considered by some to be intolerable and, ironically, worthy of harsh punishment or the death penalty.

USA Today's Alex Berezow made headlines back in January when he called for parents who don't vaccinate their children to be put in prison. Another report declared that anyone who opposes vaccines is a "raging narcissist" who lacks empathy and doesn't care about the health and well-being of others.

Another report published earlier in the year warned the public to be wary of "anti-vaxxers" who, if you should get the flu, are directly responsible for giving it to you. It's an absurd claim that's about as scientific as saying that if you walk into a garage you must be a car, but it's nonetheless what the cult of vaccines clearly believes is the case.

And yet another article went so far as to accuse vaccine skeptics of being anti-American, likening people who don't want to be injected with heavy metals and live viruses to terrorists who need to be obliterated in the interest of public health. Throw in a few extra shots against these "anti-vax activists" who "swallow hype and bull" and you have an ominous recipe for the dragging away of non-vaccinating parents to places like Guantanamo Bay for "reeducation," torture or worse.

"The pro-vaccine lobby has done a phenomenal job of inciting fear among the American public in a way that happens to serve its interests: Fear of little children who may not have been vaccinated; fear of other parents who may make choices different from yours; fear of a disease that in the developed world is far less deadly than lightning strikes," wrote Bretigne Shaffer in a phenomenal piece for LewRockwell.com, dealing specifically with the recent measles "outbreak."

"But they've left out one of the most frightening specters of all, one that has a truly horrifying historical record of death and destruction: An all-powerful state that can literally do whatever it wishes to those living under it. If that prospect frightens you less than the remote possibility that you might contract measles from my five year old, then quite frankly you scare the hell out of me."

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