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CNN now pushing the same conspiracy theory it had derided as pure lunacy: MH370 was hijacked by the Russians


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(NaturalNews) Remember Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the Boeing 777 that took off in March and was never seen again?

Not a scrap of metal from the aircraft has been found, nor a single body among the 239 passengers and crew on board the plane. Nothing. And because of that, lots of conspiracy theories began to circulate, conspiracies that only grew as the massive search for the aircraft continued for months.

It's a been almost a year now, and still nothing's been found.

That fact, in large part, is what led the Malaysian government in January to officially declare that the jet did indeed crash, that was it was an "accident," and that all passengers are crew are "dead."

But the conspiracy theories are still out there and, oddly enough, they're being pushed by the same mainstream media that once derided others who offered alternative explanations for what could have happened.

Sounds wild, but...

First among them is CNN, whose "aviation expert" has repeatedly said he believes the plane was hijacked, and by someone quite notable: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As reported by Britain's Independent newspaper, Jeff Wise - science writer and private pilot - was the face of the network's MH370 coverage last year. Though most news networks have since dropped the plane's disappearance from their coverage, Wise has continued to research the incident.

He has blogged about the subject quite a bit (as noted here) and has even written a book about the plane's disappearance: "The Plane That Wasn't There."

His conclusion: Putin ordered Russian special forces to hijack the plane and have it flown to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where it is now being outfitted and used to....Wise doesn't know.

He doesn't even know why Putin would have stolen the jet:

As I've put together the pieces that make up this scenario over the last eight months, I've discussed my theory with dozens of friends, colleagues, and passersby on the street. Every single one of them has listened patiently and then asked exactly the same question: What's the motive?

The simple answer is, I don't know.

Russia operates the Cosmodrome, its largest space facility. Why Putin would risk stealing a plane and taking it there is probably not as noteworthy as the fact that a major U.S. news network would repeatedly give a platform to an "expert" who believes that's what really happened.

But then again, there is at least a causal relationship between Malaysia Airlines and Russia. Remember that MH-17 was shot down with a missile as it flew over rebel-held territory in Ukraine - rebels that are being supplied with weapons from Russia.

Media picking, choosing pet theories while ignoring others

Also, Wise makes a compelling case, noting the various twists and turns, plots and sub-plots that were revealed as the mystery deepened.

And, even if you don't believe it was possible for the plane to have been hijacked by Russian operatives and flown north, the "mainstream" view - that the plane turned south and eventually crashed in the southern portion of the Indian Ocean - has never been adequately explained, either. As in, why would/did the pilot do that?

Finally, the fact that nothing has been found - no wreckage, no bodies, no black boxes - is just plain odd. Remember when AirAsia Flight 8501 crashed in December, bodies and wreckage were found right away.

This is not an endorsement of Wise's theory, mind you. Rather, this is to point out that when the media says there is no conspiracy involving issues like government hiding facts about the harm caused by vaccines, but fully entertains other conspiracy theories that also don't necessarily match the facts, that's hypocritical.





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