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Cigarette filters take fifteen years to disintegrate - ever wonder why?

Cigarette filters

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(NaturalNews) Look, down on the sidewalk: It's not a sponge, it's not a huge pencil eraser, it's the butt of a cancer stick, and it won't be going away any time soon. You see them everywhere: on the beaches, in parking lots, on the grass at the park, in the gutters and in the smokers' sand-filled ashtrays outside of office buildings. A cigarette filter keeps the smoker's fingers cool, even when just half-an-inch away burns a red-hot cherry at 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit during the inhale. Cigarette filters or "butts" function like your attic insulation in the summer, keeping the house cool from the immense heat. But the heat from a burning cigarette carries with it more than just jacked-up nicotine, ammonia and formaldehyde; the smoke carries heavy metal toxins, bleach from the white paper and... wait for it... glass wool fibers. This is why it takes between 5 and 15 years for a cigarette to break down, break apart and disappear into the earth. No matter how many rain storms come to wash away the filth of litter on this planet, nothing washing away glass, at least, not any time soon. The big question prevails then: How does fiberglass help hook a smoker and keep them from ever quitting the nastiest habit they know?

Glass wool, glass fibers and fiberglass - three names for the same thing!

The filters of common commercial cigarettes incorporate microscopic, needle-shaped shards of glass wool (like fiberglass insulation) which escape into the mouth and throat and then lodge with tobacco tar in the lung tissue, surrounding the alveoli (tiny air sacs) and leading to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), emphysema and ultimately lung cancer. Shocking new research reveals that a specific type of lung cancer which many smokers develop comes from tiny tears in their lung tissue caused by microscopic glass fibers, also known as glass wool, found in many conventional cigarette filters. These rips in the epithelial (soft) tissue fuel the development of tumors and cancerous cells due to the constant overload of toxins, namely pesticides, nicotine and ammonia, contained in commercial cigarette smoke.

A physician's assistant at a high-performing surgical hospital in Virginia reviewed the damaged lung tissue of several cigarette smokers and described the X-rays as looking identical to those of people who suffer from repeat exposure to asbestos. According to the P.A., diagnostic imaging showed what looked like ground glass had settled in the soft tissue near the bottom of the lungs, called GGO, or ground glass opacity. When lung tissue is damaged this way, over and over, it develops lesions, and the cancer plants itself in there like seeds.The P.A. said it looked as if someone breathed in glass fibers and a pile of them were just sitting at the bottom of the lungs, like the glass inside a busted light bulb.

Can this be filtered out of the lungs, ever? Can you get the glass shards out of your lungs? Yes, and time and exercise are on your side. Can you detoxify of the tar from the tobacco that's stuck in your lungs' air sacks and cutting off your full air supply? Yes, you can clean up your system. And lastly, is there a natural way to quit smoking that not only makes sense, but that people are raving about as being the best method around? Yes. The Health Ranger talks about a way to get off the addiction without medication, without gimmicks, without using more nicotine, and without trading one addiction for a new one. This is what natural health enthusiasts are sharing across the web and blogosphere. It's free to watch the preview and check out all the ways the 14AndOut! natural method gets thousands of smokers off cigarettes without a hitch, and they learn about nutrition along the way! What better way to feel good WHILE you quit, instead of feeling stressed, nervous, anxious, depressed or unmotivated? You can find energy, enthusiasm and a life-long friend in yourself when you quit the habit you hate.

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