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Vaccine push following Disneyland measles outbreak is Mickey Mouse science

Measles scare

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(NaturalNews) All aboard the propaganda train with the mainstream media as your conductor. The destination: Fantasyland. Scare reports continue to spill across the web about the Disneyland measles outbreak, urging the public to get vaccinated immediately in order to make it all go away. But this latest psy-op is just another lame attempt to push vaccinations, this time with Mickey Mouse science as backing.

One report by a CBS affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland, for instance, attempts to scare people into getting MMR vaccines by claiming that this current outbreak is "targeting those who haven't been immunized." It also quotes a doctor from Sinai Hospital who blames the outbreak on "parents... not getting their children vaccinated."

Another even more outlandish report by The Guardian speciously blames the outbreak on the ominous bogeyman known as "the anti-vaccination movement," which it says "single-handedly revived an entirely preventable disease" -- this is utter nonsense, of course, as there have been many measles outbreaks over the years, a number of which involved mostly vaccinated people.

These and other flimsy claims being spewed across the media, fueled mostly by an underlying and tenuous hatred of independent thought (and real, independent science, for that matter), are curious in light of the facts that a) at least eight of the 42 infected people identified so far from Disneyland had already been vaccinated for measles, and b) many previous measles outbreaks, including several that occurred in the early 1980s, have involved only vaccinated individuals.

There have been many previous measles outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations

As reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a measles outbreak that occurred at a high school in Sangamon County, Illinois, between December 9, 1983, and January 13, 1984, for example, affected 16 students, all of whom were previously vaccinated, according to the agency.

Just a few years later, a measles outbreak occurred at another high school where, you guessed it, every single affected student was vaccinated. Since both of these outbreaks defy the official vaccine narrative -- they very clearly illustrate that vaccines don't work, in fact -- the media was completely silent about them.

There were no media calls to abolish the entire vaccine program even though vaccinated populations quite obviously spurred these outbreaks. There were no insidious, hyperbolic references to "the pro-vaccination movement" triggering a resurgence of a disease that could have otherwise been eradicated were it not for the vaccines themselves spreading the disease.

No, these outbreak reports were instead buried into the government archives because they inconveniently expose the vaccine program for what it is -- a complete fraud.

But now that an outbreak has occurred where some of those affected just so happened to not be vaccinated, the pro-vaccine brigades have been deployed in full force to take down all those monsters out there who would rather protect their children from potential lifelong harm due to vaccines than inject their children on the chance that it might temporarily protect against a generally mild, non-life-threatening health condition. [Editor's note: The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is actually more life-threatening than the disease, according to CDC data.]

This knee-jerk reaction by the media also fails to help people actually prevent the measles through lifestyle and diet. Making sure you're vaccinated is more important to the establishment than teaching you how to build up your immune system naturally with things like vitamin D, nutrient-dense "superfoods," clean, fluoride-free water, sleep and exercise.

Fortunately, most of our readers are smarter than the media and already know that this Disneyland measles scare is more child's cartoon than sound science.









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