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Decades of scientific data prove that vaccines did not halt measles


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(NaturalNews) Parents, get your children vaccinated is today's public health mantra. Authorities continuously pound this blanket statement into the minds of parents, making them believe that this is the only way to make the immune system work. This blanket statement doesn't even consider what all the individual vaccinations are, how they work, what's in them or what kind of diseases they are for. Parents are supposed to accept all the injections as the only way; all the different kinds of ingredients and injections are just lumped into one category -- vaccinations -- and parents have to accept them blindly.

The mainstream media creates a dichotomy; if you aren't for all vaccinations, you are labeled an "anti-vaxxer." Questioning vaccinations in any way is quickly looked down on. Thankfully, using multiple vaccines to pre-intervene isn't the only way to protect the body.

In fact, one day vaccines will be viewed as outdated, overzealous and profit-driven quack science.
A healthy human immune system can create its own antibodies. It doesn't need a never-ending list of vaccines to do this. Scientists are now coming forward with more evidence on a system of the body that is often omitted from mainstream education on human physiology. This important and forgotten body system is the commensal bacteria system.

Mainstream medicine doesn't even care about this system of the body. It tramples and destroys it using a wide range of carelessly prescribed antibiotics. The food system doesn't care about the commensal bacteria in the body either. Glyphosate herbicide kills the good bacteria in the human gut too, silently destroying a person's gut and personal defense mechanisms. Why are these good bacteria so important?

Friendly Bacillus spores bind with B lymphocytes to accelerate the production of antibodies

The destruction of the commensal bacteria system is at the heart of disease outbreak today, not the lack of vaccines. Humans are not made with a lack of vaccines. Humans are made to co-interact with hundreds of species of friendly bacteria. The good bacteria help digest foods and protect the organs from toxic substances. They are also the brain of the immune system.

At the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, scientists found that rod-shaped bacteria in the gut called Bacillus are a catalyst for the immune system, causing the rapid production of antibodies.

In times of stress, these Bacillus colonies produce spores that bind on the molecular level with B lymphocytes. This binding causes the B cells to rapidly divide and reproduce. In turn, this influx of B cells produces extra antibodies to help the immune system fight against all pathogens.

Public health policy should support the commensal bacteria system and stop calling for endless vaccines

Without these good bacteria colonies, a person is more prone to infection and disease. That's why the focus should be less on vaccines and more on probiotic empowerment. Sadly, it is modern medicine and Big Agriculture that are destroying these good bacteria in the gut, making people more prone to sickness over time.

With this understanding, we realize that vaccines aren't the savior of mankind. In this awakening, these injections now appear limited in their abilities, only activating antibodies against one virus strain at a time. This is why modern medicine has to always find a new vaccine and reinvent previous vaccines to keep up with new and emerging pathogens. This causes the need for vaccines to go up over time, an unsustainable course.

In this reckoning, we understand that it's the natural commensal bacteria system that protects the body more comprehensively over time. Public health policy should now focus on the various bacteria strains that can be given to people with compromised immune systems. By focusing on probiotic supplementation, public health could also be saved from a myriad of toxic vaccine adjuvants, additives and metals like mercury.

Measles deaths were declining steadily 60 years prior to the invention of first measles vaccine

Learning about the importance of the commensal bacteria system helps us understand why the spread of measles was actually declining before vaccines were introduced. The vaccines get the credit for eradicating the disease, but it's the good bacteria living in us that protect us and keep us in balance with nature. A hundred years of scientific data show that vaccines didn't halt measles. The true healer comes from within, in the gut, in the commensal bacteria system that we have forgotten, abandoned and trampled.

Look at this graph of England and Wales measles deaths from 1901 to 1999 and decide for yourself. If the first measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, should it really be credited for eradicating measles, since measles deaths had been steadily declining 60 years prior to the invention of the vaccine?

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