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Six preventable disorders America has manufactured, perpetuated and propagated

Disease mongering

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(NaturalNews) Cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, osteoporosis and heart disease barely even existed in the USA 100 years ago. Doctors were going broke. Natural remedies were in full swing, including those used by herbal healers, the American Indians, midwives and doctors who made house calls. So much for that.

World Wars brought industry to cities along with plants that processed the food. Politicians in America were amazed at how Adolf Hitler used pharmaceuticals and fluoride to weaken the Jews and conquer countries and nations, one by one. It was all about control. Enter the 1950s in the USA and usher in the beginning of health problems that are almost entirely preventable, though they would never be addressed that way again. Enter cell mutation from processed, "chemicalized" food and food stuff. Enter fluoride in the municipal taps -- the same toxin that Hitler is said to have used to make the Jews weak in the concentration camps so they couldn't rebel. Sound familiar? What do you think GMO food is, and what do you think is in the seeds? Herbicide is just a form of pesticide, used to kills weeds. Pesticide kills pests, and Big Pharma makes most of its money from people who consume chemicals (bug- and weedkiller) daily. Is that you?

Examining the definition of disease

Let's look at the definition of disease. Disease is a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms, or that affects a specific location, and is not simply a direct result of physical injury. The key points here not only being about structure and function, but that cancer is NOT SIMPLY a direct result of physical injury. You see, cancer then is an indirect result, and the recurring injury is simply toxic food consumption and stress. So whether or not you call chemical-laden food consumption "physical injury" could redefine the term disease. A disorder of the cells, which may be prevented or CORRECTED by consuming only raw organic foods, in some terms, would not be a disease at all. It's not contagious, in other words, and it's preventable and usually curable via intervention, especially if you don't use chemical concoctions to quell the symptoms while continuing chemical food consumption.

#1. Cancer is a disorder of the cells where cells mutate and multiply out of control and then turn and attack your good cells. The reason Western Medicine wants you to believe that cancer is mainly genetic is so that you will accept its "fate" when you get it, fight it and take their medicine -- very, very expensive, useless medicine. Want to stop mutating your cells? Stop feeding them poison, carcinogens and food agents, and then the free radicals will stop "beating you up." When did cancer really "take off" in the USA? In the 1950s and 60s, 98 million Americans were injected with simian cancer viruses as part of the nationwide polio vaccination programs. Learn the truth about cancer. It may not be a disease, but it can be injected by inoculation or "infused" by consuming genetically modified food. Learn how to alkalize your body for ultimate protection against cancer.

2. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints, where flexible physical points of bone meeting bone through cartilage occur. Of course, there are various forms and causes of arthritis, but the inflammation aspect holds true for ALL! Check out turmeric, white willow bark, bromelain and organic sulfur as natural remedies for arthritis.

3. Alzheimer's is preventable and can be healed through early intervention, but the medical mafia won't let anyone advertise the cure. Remove heavy metal toxins like aluminum and lead from your intake and take four teaspoons of raw, organic coconut oil per day. One doctor in Florida said she reversed her husband's dementia (onset of Alzheimer's) by doing just that. She just happens to be the Medical Director of the neonatal intensive care unit at a regional hospital.

It's time for you to read about ketones -- and the easiest way to get the body to produce ketones is to consume medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), a type of fat. Also check out hemp seed oil!

4. Parkinson's affects a region of the basal ganglia (in the brain) -- a group of structures that utilize dopamine as their primary neurotransmitter. Neuronal loss in these regions is associated with brain cell inflammation. There's that "i" word again! Time to boost those intracellular glutathione levels and permanently cut out the antacids and the heavy metal toxins in water, food and those dreaded flu shots. Yes, glutathione (GSH) is a special peptide molecule that provides the greatest antioxidant protection. Also, chia seeds, cilantro and activated charcoal have been shown to be extremely effective at binding and eliminating such toxins.

5. Osteoporosis is explained perfectly by one of the greatest nutrition experts on the planet, David Wolfe. He dismantles the calcium myth that millions of Americans have "fallen for" over the decades, revealing natural remedies for diseases and disorders, such as osteoporosis, arthritis and brittle bones. How do you get the RIGHT kind of calcium? David Wolfe knows and shares. Watch Superfood Healthy Living right here.

6. Heart disease is NOT cured with chemical drugs. People on statin drugs continue having heart attacks with increased neurological issues, including Alzheimer's disease. Their brains and nervous systems deteriorate (because of statin drugs' efficacy at reducing cholesterol). Did you know that excess blood calcium that isn't taken into bone tissue calcifies inner arterial walls? Increased magnesium, silica and vitamin K2 can remedy that "disease." Remember to also cut back on refined sugar and refined starches and totally avoid HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup).

The actual means to prevent and heal disease is right in front of us, and it's inexpensive! Our food choices can kill us or pull us OUT of the disease process, heal us and put us on longevity's track. That's where you should be.






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