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How many factory-farmed chickens do you kill each year with your 'Appetite for Destruction'?

Factory farms

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(NaturalNews) There are some "vegetarians" out there who still eat chicken. They actually think that, because it's not red meat, it's not meat. Then there are the hundreds of millions who think that white meat is less detrimental to one's health than red meat, and that's just because the mass media has done about a thousand "episodes" playing doctor about that myth. Most chickens in America are tortured, shot up with synthetic hormones, overdosed with antibiotics and then chopped up for the grinder. Oh, yes, the toxic meat is stripped from the bones and processed with ammonia, bleach and anything else that will kill (or quell) the Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, and other contaminants, yet more deaths are STILL attributed to poultry than any other commodity, according to an analysis of outbreaks from 1998 to 2008. Nothing's changed since then, folks.

That study was released by none other than the CDC, your Center for Disease Control and Prevention. That's the HIGH COST of cheap chicken!

Chicken, chicken and more chicken. How much does it really matter if the meat is organic either? The work that one's body must do just to break it down to get to those amino acids (protein) is a complete waste of energy. Consumer Reports analyzed 300 raw chicken breasts bought at stores all across the US and found ominous bacteria lurking in almost all of them, including the organic brands. Still, everybody loves their chicken, one way or another, except for the true vegetarians and vegans. If you stop eating chicken, how many fewer chickens will die in the CAFOs during your lifetime? Here's a thought.

Half a chicken eaten every day by one person who lives 75 years equates to over 13,000 chickens. What if you feed your kids the other half? That's over 25,000 chickens that will be bred in miserable quarters, shot up with drugs and slaughtered. Fast food companies DO NOT CARE about the quality of these chickens. Most franchise (chain store) restaurants could care less too. If you get sick from that chicken within a day or two, you have nobody to blame, but yourself.

Court cases are hard to win when you don't have that direct proof/link to a food manufacturer for E. coli and Salmonella. What's worse, if the hormones give you breast cancer or prostate cancer, you also have NOBODY to sue. Oops. What now? Want that Obamacare for some chemotherapy, after the surgeons try to cut out the cancer, which is a blood disease anyway that will just return after eating more infected chicken? You didn't know?

Raw chicken juice on the countertops of restaurant kitchens

What's going on behind closed doors in the restaurants of America? In case you didn't know, chicken factories will no longer be inspected by the USDA -- they just don't have the time, money or resources, so they're leaving that up to the factories themselves. What a full-blown nightmare!

How slack will inspections of restaurants become, and how many restaurants can hide their "mess" well when those inspectors do arrive? Did you see what Golden Coral does? They hide their bad meat by the dumpster!

Imagine how many times food preparers in restaurants drag the dripping, raw chicken across the veggies and over the countertop, and then prepare other food there. Imagine how many people are eating soups that use chicken stock. And then consider gelatin, the true beast of the whole murderous animal-processing industry. Gelatin contains everything from the animal besides the meat. Add that "chicken" into the total chickens consumed now. You can't, because it's unfathomable. What are we doing to animals that deserve to be happy and healthy? What are we doing to ourselves by letting this happen?

The organ of the earth is responding to all of our actions. Stay organic and natural. You can get all of the protein you need from vegetables, legumes and raw nuts; don't let anyone tell you different.









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