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Four-mile-long 'mudslide' actually a fracking eruption

Fracking eruptions

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(NaturalNews) You could call fracking the earth's combo "vaccine" chock full of 40,000 gallons of toxic chemicals that induce a violent reaction, but instead of a human being going into anaphylactic shock from an unnatural and forced immune response, the earth goes into its own "seizure" -- and it's not pretty.

Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," is best described as drilling and injecting "fluid" into the ground at high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks and force open existing fissures that release natural gas (or oil) contained inside. If you happened to catch some images of a giant 4-mile-long Mesa County, Colorado, mudslide on CNN, guess what?

There was no mud.

This is according to an investigative environmentalist who often goes viral with similar information and videos on YouTube. For proof of a fracking operation taking place there, tanks, apparatus, compressor stations and piping for the operation are quite obvious on Google Earth. Oops. Sorry, CNN. (https://www.youtube.com)

"There is no mud in the whole damn thing, there is not even a puddle", said Dutchsinse, a popular environmental investigative YouTuber, referring to a secretive fracking operation that was recently botched.

Mercury, methane and formaldehyde just 3 of 600 chemicals used to frack

Most "gas wells" require about 400 truck-loads of "supplies" to be carried to the site. It can also require up to 8 million gallons of water to complete a job. So much for cities and counties dealing with droughts. Tough luck -- got to have that water to frack! Plus, up to 600 chemicals are used, including known toxins and carcinogens such as mercury, formaldehyde, lead and methanol. Methane gas is lethal when combined with other gases, and it's polluting Colorado groundwater, but CNN just calls it a mudslide.

Sounds too much like a giant 40,000-gallon vaccine or flu shot gone awry. So much for that water ever being useful again. Currently, the U.S. wastes and pollutes over 70 trillion gallons of water with 350 billion gallons of chemicals to "frack up" the same earth that we need for growing food and providing potable water.

Check out this amazing fracturing visual/graph of these facts: (http://www.dangersoffracking.com).

ExxonMobil and the U.S. Government may have teamed up again and made a mess, then tried to cover it all up with some scripted news. They're lucky that the militia from the Bundy Ranch incident weren't there to protect the animals. The fracking eruption that you saw on the news is the result of pumping 600 chemicals into the ground for an extended period of time. According to sources, there was no rain or snow pack in the area for quite some time.

Other staged CNN events

CNN has resorted to actors to stage news reports on Syria and other topics. Fake news segments with "Syria Danny" were popular -- a supposed activist who begs for military intervention on CNN. This is a primary "witness" scripted out in the mass media for dumb Americans to continue justifying war. Get those "gunfire sounds ready" for the video conference with Anderson Cooper, who has been caught on film staging interviews before.

Another staged CNN interview during Gulf War - a fake attack near reporters

Back in 1990 during the Persian Gulf War, Charles Jaco was a CNN reporter who covered the "action." And just like a cheap sci-fi movie with a bad script and some really bad actors, this clip was filmed at a studio set version of a Saudi Arabian hotel with props like a gas mask and helmet. This is all theater and is obviously staged.

And yet another staged CNN interview

Watch Anderson Cooper's nose "disappear" (green screen incident) at 42 seconds into this Sandy Hook "visit" he made (on TV). If CNN had a legitimate reason for NOT flying Anderson Cooper to Connecticut, then why fake like he was there with grieving parents? There's a lot more to Sandy Hook that you may want to investigate.

This, my friends, is why you can't believe ANYTHING that you hear or see on CNN today. You can safely assume that everything is scripted, so you won't know the whole story, or even the real story, just like when the USA stayed in Vietnam way, way, way too long, and hardly a soul knew what was really going on. Rely on CNN for the very best dirt and staged "mudslide" news.

Sources for this article include:






Sandy Hook - several holes in the "official" story:

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