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Study shows Spirulina fusiformis reduces damaging effects of toxic mercuric chloride on kidneys

Monday, March 24, 2014 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer
Tags: Spirulina, mercuric chloride, kidneys

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(NaturalNews) Mercury is a highly toxic substance, but it is still used openly in the modern world. With its ability to cause permanent brain damage to children, kill babies in the womb and inflict kidney damage in adults, mercury is one of the most overlooked toxic substances today.

Mercury pollution levels concerning

The most dangerous form of mercury, methyl mercury, wreaks havoc on the human immune system, altering enzymes and also damaging the nervous system, manipulating coordination and senses like touch, sight and taste.

Sources of toxic mercury pollution include incineration of coal, broken thermometers, medical waste and metal processing. Mercury pollution is also found in gold mines, where it is used as an extracting agent. These environmental sources of mercury pollution contaminate water sources, building up in the food chain of aquatic life. Some fish species are teeming with mercury now.

Sadly, this toxin is packaged and sold to the public in many different forms.

Mercury amalgams are a time-release poison

One of the most disheartening applications is the insertion of mercury into a person's face via a dental amalgam. These mercury fillings are the dental industry's quick and common answer for cavities. While alternative options exist, many people revert back to the 32-year-old tradition of filling their teeth full of mercury. After inserted, these mercury fillings become a time-release poison that ultimately leak straight into the bloodstream. This leads to harm to the kidneys and the nervous system.

Spirulina protects against permanent mercury damage in kidneys

For some time, mercury has been thought to incite permanent damage to the kidneys, but new research shows hope that the damage can be reversed or protected against.

A study from the University of Rjasthan, India, reports that Spirulina fusiformis can protect kidneys from the toxic effects of mercury and reverse damage done to the organs.

The kidneys, which are the main site of deposition of inorganic mercury, are an easy target for mercury toxicity. Spirulina, the blue-green cyanobacteria, was investigated for its ability to modify mercury-induced kidney damage in Swiss albino mice.

The study consisted of four groups. One group of albino mice was administered a control solution of sodium chloride. The second group was burdened with 5.0 mg/kg of mercury chloride solution. The third group was given mercury chloride and treated with 800 mg/kg of oral spirulina. The fourth group was given Spirulina fusiformis 10 days prior to being poisoned with mercury chloride. The spirulina was then consistently administered up to 30 days after the mercury chloride poisoning took place.

The researchers studied various activities of the mice kidneys on the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 15th and 30th days after treatment. They studied alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity, acid phosphatase (ACP), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and malondialdehyde (MDA) levels.

When the kidneys of the mice were taxed with mercury chloride, MDA content and ACP activity were enhanced while LDH and ALP activity decreased. These actions prove that significant damage is done to the kidneys when dosed with mercury. The damage also included pathological alterations, as the glomerulus, proximal and distal tubules degenerated inside the kidneys.

When spirulina treatments were given, the damage was reversed, as MDA content and ACP activity decreased. Elevation of LDH and ALP activity was also observed during spirulina treatments.
In the pre and post spirulina treatment group, damages to pathological alterations in the kidneys were reduced. The scientists confirmed that Spirulina fusiformis has the power to "significantly modify the renal damages against mercuric chloride induced toxicity."

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