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Diet soda

The missing diet soda case

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: diet soda, artificial sweeteners, cancer

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(NaturalNews) The other day, I was standing in line at the grocery store behind a woman who stacked up three 12-packs of diet soda on the conveyor belt, including Dr. Pepper, Diet Pepsi and one other brand. I bet you money that, if you hid this woman's soda from her after she got home, she would have a panic attack and have to run back out to the store immediately to restock. She could be drinking up to four or five a day, as most people believe this is okay; in fact, some are brainwashed to believe diet drinks are good for them, even soda. People think they are doing their bodies justice, and even their diets justice, when they consume diet drinks and eat "light," "low calorie" or "zero calorie" foods and drinks, even though most artificial sweeteners contain synthetic, lab-concocted toxins and central nervous system disruptors. Several sugar "demons" have been proven to actually make you hungrier and add to weight gain, proving just the opposite of the slogans, the myths and all the hype you see on television advertisements and in "health" magazines.

Can people survive without their diet drinks, or are they slowly ending their survival sooner by consuming them? Let's investigate what happens when a case of diet sodas disappears down your throat and enters the digestive tract, and let's see if you know where it really goes. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

I bet you didn't know artificial sweeteners can remain trapped in the brain tissue and cleansing organs for years. It's true: (http://topdocumentaryfilms.com). In fact, aspartame was found in a girl's brain after not consuming any for over a decade. How could that be? Was aspartame manufactured to purposely do this?

Long-term consumption of aspartame leads to an imbalance in the antioxidant/pro-oxidant status in the brain via the mechanism involving the glutathione-dependent system. This is where aspartame crosses your blood-brain barrier, attacking brain cells and leading to actual cell death.

Aspartame and the three lethal S's of synthetic sweeteners exposed

Aspartame, Sucralose, Sacharin and Sorbitol can remain in cleansing organs and body tissues for years, creating carcinogenic blood and leading to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), central nervous system disorders and eventually cancer.

The danger of these toxic sweeteners confuses consumers, special thanks to the FDA blessing them all as safe. Watchdog groups have shown time and time again the "safety" research is flawed, fabricated and posted by the manufacturers and pushers themselves. Just like the drugs advertised on TV, artificial sugars cause a host of side effects and detrimental health effects, including anxiety, memory loss, abdominal pain, nausea, depression, heart palpitations, IBS, neurological disorders, vision problems, weight gain and, yes, breast cancer. Aspartame has been found to damage the brain at ANY dose.

Research shows measurable amounts of formaldehyde remain in the livers, the kidneys and the brains of test subjects long after ingestion. Acesulfame-K is another fake sugar that is carcinogenic, like the others. Sucralose is not natural, though the manufacturers try to fool the public by saying it comes from sugar, because the chemical structure of the chlorine in sucralose is nearly the same as that in the banned pesticide DDT! This can affect immunity, proper digestion and even the effectiveness of prescription drugs.

Saccharin, the age old rat killer sugar substitute, is infamous. How many cancer cases boil back to this old devil? We'll never know. Saccharin is sulfa-based and primarily contains benzoic sulfimide, which causes bladder cancer in rats. Every human has 96% the same DNA as rats, so don't think for a minute you have better immunity. Let go of that ego immediately and learn more.

Your body tries its best to clear out unrecognizable (synthetic) substances, but research has shown that about 15% remains trapped in the body and possibly in the small intestines. How does the body deal with chlorinated molecules? Shrunken thymus glands, an enlarged liver and kidney disorders would only be the beginning. Sorbitol is listed by the Environmental Defense Fund as a suspected gastrointestinal and liver toxicant and can even be found in vaccines. It can be found here on the "Entire list of carcinogens and other non-edible products" to avoid. This list is excellent and very thorough: (http://www.vaclib.org).

So where do lab-made artificial sweeteners go? Could the woman in line in front of me, with her three cases of diet soda, could that woman's body tissue and organs contain a whole case's worth of sucralose and aspartame, the synthetic carcinogens she has consumed over the last, say 10 to 20 years? Where is that missing "case"? Is her health in major danger? How will she find out about the top most dangerous artificial sweeteners, and how will she solve the case of the missing diet soda? (http://www.fitday.com)

Mystery solved

Some people just "can't live" without their diet soda. Ironically, some people "don't live" very long while "on" diet soda for long periods of time. People are so addicted to junk science that they'll even order fast food with a diet soda, as if somehow 1,000 calories of GMO toxic meat, gluten-laden GMO bread and fried animal fat is all "zeroed out" if consumed with a diet drink. When synthetic and known carcinogens get stuck in the body and brain, they destroy your good cells, warping them and causing them to divide and multiply uncontrollably. That is the true definition of cancer.

The evidence is mounting up and the cancer statistics have been compiled. The DNA evidence has been tested, thoroughly, and this is not a victimless crime. So, where did the "missing diet soda case" go? Where's that dose, after dose, after dose of synthetic sugar disappearing to over the years? It's in your warped cells, choking them, depriving them of oxygen, leading to hormone imbalance and the "c" word.

Listen: don't go searching for the case of missing diet soda. Don't try to replace it. Don't cater to its evil plot. Stop buying it altogether. Find a good detoxification program. End the madness and go buy a juicer and a smoothie-making blender right away. This case has been solved. If you need a sweetener for anything, look into xylitol or stevia, or simply use organic honey. Don't risk your life and health with toxic mystery sweeteners.

Case closed!

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