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10 reasons to ditch the diet soda and artificially sweetened gum

Artificial sweeteners

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(NaturalNews) First of all, artificial sweeteners are linked to diabetes, so let's not even go there. According to a new study, reaching for "fake" sugars means trading calories for type 2 diabetes -- no thanks! A better choice would be to eat organic honey and exercise, but doctors don't tell you that. So we turn to research for validation. In the journal Nature, they've been debating the risks of artificial sweeteners for decades, but the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel figured out that diet sodas ruin your gut microbes, thus ruining immunity. Since artificial sweeteners cannot be digested, and phosphoric acid is brutal on the flora to begin with, the combination is leading to diabetes, and microbes seem to provide the missing link as to "why." Most of the discussions in the past involved confusion about something that wasn't being digested leading to diabetes, but this study conducted with 400 human test subjects is groundbreaking.

Aspartame, sucralose and saccharine put under the "diabetes microscope"

"In a series of experiments in mice and people, the researchers examined the interaction between gut microbes and consumption of the sweeteners aspartame, sucralose and saccharine. Depending on the types of microbes they had in their intestines, some people and mice saw a two- to fourfold increase in blood sugars after consuming the artificial sweeteners for a short time. Over time, high blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes," said Eran Segal, a study co-author who is a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute.

"The magnitude of the differences were not just a few percentages. These were actually very dramatic differences we saw both in the mice and in the human settings."

The study also revealed that those who consumed the most artificial sweeteners were more likely to have problems controlling blood sugar.

Here are the TOP TEN reasons to ditch diet soda today and forever:

1. Increased risk of stroke or heart attack from more than one diet soda per day (even though Diet Coke promotes heart health in their advertising).

2. More likely to suffer from depression

3. One-third higher risk of metabolic syndrome when you drink diet soda regularly (check your excess belly fat). This was proven way back in 2008 by a study done at the University of Minnesota that included 10,000 participants.

4. Two-third higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

5. Kidney decline risk doubles (Harvard study). So much for detoxifying your blood while you try to "control" calorie intake.

6. Who wants dental erosion? The phosphoric acid does a number on your teeth!

7. Diet soda hinders your ability to lose weight (though it is sold boldly on the reverse claim).

8. Chemicals in the body promote obesity by disrupting your hormone balance.

9. Artificial sweeteners initiate sugar cravings and overeating.

10. Synthetic, lab-made sweeteners are heavily linked to cancer. The body interprets the sweet taste of food and tries to ingest it, mutating your cells and causing them to multiply out of control.

Also, aspartame creates an excess of neurotransmitters (chemicals) that pass messages between your neurons. Dr. Russell Blaylock explains this well. This overload disrupts the calcium balance in brain cells, causing a rush of free radicals, killing off brain cells. You can kill two-thirds of your brain in a particular area before any clinical symptoms of lowered brain function even show up in testing by doctors.

Take the "die" out of your diet

Appreciate this metaphor and you will have a clear understanding of the best cancer prevention plan on the planet: If you were a general in the army and you were going to battle with a worthy adversary, your most important strategy for short- and long-term advantage would be to cut off the other army's supplies, including their fuel and ammunition. If you do that, the enemy will be so weak that you are sure to win that battle and probably never have to fight a war. Cut off cancer's fuel. Cancer feeds off an acidic body loaded with pesticides, synthetic "food" stuff, fluoridated water and genetically modified organisms. Once you stop eating cancer, the cells that are mutated inside your body now will die off. It's time to apply common sense ALL the time. Ditch diet soda and the "fake sugar" chewing gum now and forever, and tell your friends and family the same.









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