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Are pharma commercials programming you to desire suffering and death?

Monday, August 05, 2013 by: Mike Bundrant
Tags: Big Pharma, commercials, suffering

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(NaturalNews) There you are, watching your favorite episode of My Life is an Embarrassment so we Thought You'd Want to Know the Details.

You enjoy watching total idiots making fools out of themselves on TV, so you are content for now with your beer and bag of chips.

Suddenly, a colorful commercial comes on full of happy people who have overcome all their problems in life. The music is sweet and the scenery is serene. Slow motion photography enhances the aura of bliss. You feel good...

These people keep on moving joyfully through life as the quick and subtle voice in the background "warns" you that the drug being promoted may cause you to collapse dead while bending over the toilet to puke out your liver.

You pause in a barely noticeable moment of confusion at the incongruence of it all, then go back to watching the shiny, happy people. The voice drones on to deliver its final blow before the commercial ends with assurance from the characters that this is definitely the right medication to take.

I don't know if big pharma is really trying to get you to want to suffer and die, but their commercial programming sends a powerful, hypnotic message that suffering and death are indeed desirable.

Remember Ivan Pavlov and his bell? Pavlov was a Russian experimental psychologist who showed the world that he could program the behaviors he desired. His most noteworthy example was success in getting dogs to salivate at the sound of a ringing bell.

Pavlov took a hungry dog, displayed some fresh meat and watched it salivate. Next, as the dog saw the meat, Pavlov simultaneously rang a bell. Before long, he no longer had to show the meat. He merely rang the bell and the dog salivated on cue. He had conditioned the dog according to his will. The unthinking dogs acted on instinct.

Americans are salivating dogs for happiness. We think happiness is our birthright and suffering is bad. We are drawn toward these television images of happy, successful, together people who have it all. Happiness is the fresh meat we want, so we begin to emotionally drool.

Simultaneously, we are told that by taking the pill, we may suffer all manner of side effects and even die. This death message is Pavlov's ringing bell, rung right at the moment when we are feeling great.

Now, we can see and hear all the bad news from the scientific research and never stray from our happy state into one of great concern or even alarm that these products are freely brought to market. It's all good!

Is it the conscious intention of the pharmaceutical companies to hypnotize us, programming our minds to desire suffering and death? I don't know.

In the least, this is an example of bonehead marketers who thought, "If we just play the warning in the background but keep the groovy images and music going, then people might not pay as much attention to the scary stuff."

Of course, this would indeed be the thought process of a true bonehead who does not understand the totality of the message.

Brilliant sociopaths or bonehead marketers, its all pretty sad and scary.

That's it. Your favorite show is back on...

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About the author:
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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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