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Health insurance premiums rise $1,975 since Obamacare passed

Thursday, July 25, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
Tags: Obamacare, insurance premiums, healthcare

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(NaturalNews) After being signed into law in 2010, the massive Affordable Care Act has set off massive domino effects. As the law gains speed, affordable health insurance is becoming a myth and higher premiums are the reality. Even as politicians like Obama lift the ACA on a pedestal, there is no denying the simple negative consequences this law is bringing. Health insurance premiums are rising for many people. The average health care premium for a family in 2010, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation was $13,770. After two years of Obamacare implementation, the average health insurance premiums have raised $1,975 to a total of $15,745.

That's why they wrote in the individual mandate

Proponents of the Affordable Care Act say that the benefits of the law won't be realized until full implementation, which Obama himself has delayed. What may hold the law together is the survival of the individual mandate.

The bloated costs of insurance that pay for impractical health care practices and pharmaceutical drugs may only be lowered if the government forces healthy, independent people to pay into the insurance cesspool. With mandates in place, the government can protect the insurance companies by offsetting their costs through forcing people to pay for something they don't want or use.

As the costs of the current healthcare system bloat, it's becoming apparent that government meddling in people's personal health care actually harms people collectively. In 2016 government meddling will force a family of four to pay nearly $2100 in fines, also deemed an "assessment" in the Affordable Care Act playbook.

$2,100 fine will make it harder for families to take care of their own health

For those who take care of their own health, for those who struggle to find organic foods in a country of GMOs, the extra burden of a $2100 fine will cut right into their healthy-eating budget.

So when professionals say the $2,100 fine will be cheaper than buying health insurance, it realistically isn't cheaper at all. Before the law, people who didn't want or need health insurance paid no fine. $2100 is not cheaper than $0. With the fine and the inflating value of the dollar, some will find it even more difficult to eat healthy and afford their own natural medicine.

Being forced to pay into this medical system is absolute tyranny. Those who say paying health insurance premiums is an American responsibility are finely misled and herded into a failed philosophy of health care. Health care actually begins in an individual's mind. It starts at the cellular level. Heavy metals and pesticides that build up in the human cells block nutrient utilization. People remain sick under the current system because allopathic doctors rarely ever talk about detoxification at the cellular level. Modern health care rarely talks about alkalizing the body to prevent cancer and disease. It's almost always based on prescription drugging and medical tests. In fact, Obamacare expands upon these ideas, doing nothing to speak about nutrition and the power of juicing organic fruits and vegetables to cure practically any disease.

Obamacare's free services are a trap

Instead, the Affordable Care Act mandates everyone pay for "free" procedures - procedures like:
Free mammograms for women over 40: These mammograms actually subject women to doses of radiation and false positives that make women think they need to remove their breasts to prevent cancer.
Free annual flu shots for everyone: The concoctions are direct injections of formaldehyde and thimerosal, which contribute to cellular toxicity in the human body, welcoming disease.
Depression screening: These tests will give pharmaceutical companies direct access to experimentation on people's brains, as psychotic medications are unleashed on a whole new generation of "depressed" people, who are simply just not absorbing the correct nutrients in their diets to maintain healthy brain function.
Free birth control for women: This is a handy and universal sterilization method, which wreaks havoc on a female's hormones, damaging fertility and natural body functions.

High premiums are not the only consequences

As health insurance premiums rise dramatically, the only thing that may keep them from going through the roof is the individual mandate, but will millions of Americans submit to the mandate or or will people choose their own healthcare over the dying system. The real consequence of the Affordable Care Act may not be the economics, but might actually be the acceptance of tyranny, as people are forced to pay for something against their will. Worse yet, this ACA law will be responsible for expanding current practices that are tying people in red tape instead of giving them empowering knowledge to take care of their own health.

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