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Lymphological birthing

Lymphological birthing

Sunday, July 21, 2013 by: Prof. Karl West
Tags: lymphological birthing, childbirth, deep breathing

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(NaturalNews) We begin life unified with our mother's blood and lymphatic systems through the umbilical cord, the placenta, and a kind of water bed called amniotic fluid until the day we are born. Just as lymph comprises and cleanses cerebral spinal fluid, lymph also comprises and cleanses the amniotic fluid that healthy prenatal development requires. All fluids in the body devoid of red blood cells are essentially lymph. Back in the 80's many were taught that the lymphatic system was merely an ancient remnant of evolution. In reality, the blood stream may only be as effective as the lymphatic system is, yet even today, very few people understand why.

Once we are born and the cord is severed, our circulatory system and our lymphatic (purification) system must continue autonomously to provide all nutrients and "waste management services" for all our tissues, and potential spaces for the rest of our mortal lives. The umbilical cord is severed and we are separated from "her" channels of elimination and "her" vital organs, and for the first time a baby experiences stimuli based on the performance of entirely its own organs, glands, circulatory and filtration (lymph) systems.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. C. Samuel West, who lectured from 1976 to 2004 on lymphology for the lay public, many have learned of the discovery made by Dr. Jack Shields of Santa Barbara, California: that deep diaphragmatic breathing (or yawning), allows the lungs at the peak of inhalation to compress the thoracic duct, thereby forcing what fluid that has accumulated therein to "shoot like a geyser," returning its fluid back to the bloodstream, as is beneficial for all body parts and tissues.

If the lymphatic system can be likened to a tree, then the thoracic duct is the trunk. Once the pressure is relieved here, it thereby releases the pressure off the top of trillions of tiny check valves throughout 240,000 miles of lymphatic vessels which parallel every single blood capillary throughout the entire body. This in essence creates a vacuum within the entire system. Therefore, deep breathing (especially in yawning) produces a vacuum within the entire lymphatic tree and is its primary means of propulsion. In fact, this may be one reason why babies still in the womb are seen yawning surrounded in amniotic fluid.

To put things in a nut shell, all tissues of the body need to be "vacuum packed" into what Dr. Arthur C. Guyton called the "dry-state." This is the condition that allows the bloodstream to act essentially as the primary environmental factor. The exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide takes place in fluids that irrigate across the tissues from the arterial side to the venous side of the bloodstream.

During the birthing process, if a mother is wise, she will be practicing some type of deep-breathing regimen. It is not only helpful for the baby's sake but helps to ensure that the birthing process continues naturally without undue pain or complications, because otherwise, in lack of oxygen, the muscles tighten up due to the build up of excess fluid around the cells and lactic acid (acidity). Since deep breathing helps keep the tissues in a vacuum state, the bloodstream can more easily deliver oxygen to the tissues, thus making it possible for countless mothers to avoid complications, and to experience a more pleasant or natural birthing process.

Sources for this article include:

The Golden Seven Plus One by Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist
Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology 2nd Edition appendix to the 5th Chapter "the Dry State discovery"

About the author:
Prof. Karl West now runs the International Academy of Lymphology founded by his father Dr. C. Samuel West. To learn more about Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology please visit the IAL website at www.ial.org and please subscribe to 7 FREE Introductory Lessons.

More articles written by Prof. West: https://www.naturalnews.com/Author582.html

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