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Invasion of the body snatchers: Big Food wants your soul!

Friday, June 28, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: Big Food, toxic ingredients, diet warning

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(NaturalNews) Put it this way, the phrase "everything in moderation" doesn't work anymore. The cumulative effect of consuming toxins is overwhelming human bodies in no time now, and the short term effects of "everything in moderation" includes cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and more. Bodies are being invaded by mainstream food toxins like never before in the history of mankind, and most doctors will never blame food as the culprit, but consumers are waking up fast, and realizing that toxic food, beverages and skin care account for more than 90 percent of health problems. Big Food wants your body. It's a cold cash machine when its sick and dying, and the invasion of the body snatchers isn't some Hollywood horror film from the 1950s or the 1970s; it's daily life in America and most "first world" countries. (http://en.wikipedia.org

If you turn your head the other way, and say that eating healthy is too much "work," then your body will be snatched up by the food villains, namely that team of co-conspirators of the shockingly cancerous food industry. Let's review: Gluten is toxic food glue which sticks to your insides. GMO is pesticide, herbicide and insecticide inside of food, which cannot be washed off or boiled, broiled or baked away. Artificial sweeteners are the Trojan horse of the sugar industry, and the human body is fooled by the sweet taste into ingesting these synthetic chemical food "agents" which cause a host of diseases. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) disrupts the central nervous system and creates feelings of anxiety and promotes migraine headaches. Fluoridated water means the water contains forms of bleach, insecticide and heavy metals like aluminum, which destroy brain cells and can permanently damage cleansing organs. Bleached food, like white bread, flour, sugar, rice, pasta and even coffee filters overwhelm the liver, the pancreas, the bladder and the prostate glands, sending you straight into unaffordable hospital "care."

Eat and live like most Americans and you will have the ailments of most Americans

Did you know most countries eat fresh fruits and vegetables as their staple, standard diet and do NOT suffer the diseases and disorders that are so prominent in America? Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and arthritis are like the "American Way." People are supposed to accept dying from a disease as being normal. Doctors tell you these are all genetic. "Your genes are predisposed to this." "This runs in your family!" You have been brainwashed to believe that you must accept disease and disorder as normal. Your body has been snatched up by the forces that be! Doctors will say that you are "more prone" to some certain disorder because of your parents or your grandparents. You hear it all the time, but all the while, Big Food is putting bug and weed killer in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Big Food wants your body to break down, so Big Pharma can collect your taxes in your new healthcare plan, and then some. You are for sale if you fall for it, your soul will be snatched up and the 1 percent will spend it on entertainment and more politics. Big Government wants your vote. The two party "system" is fixed to snatch your mind so your body will follow (purchasing and voting habits).

So how do you control your mind and body at all times? You get educated and stay educated about every choice you make, whether it's regarding food, water, medicine, products or voting. You have to detoxify, mentally, physically and spiritually first. That is the key. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNCGkprGW_o)

"We are living among an addicted population of compulsive eaters creating allergic and sickly individuals. Good health is not merely the absence of disease. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae-dlHOmwk4) Never forget, 99 percent of your genes are programmed to keep you healthy, the problem is that we never let them do their job." (http://www.drfuhrman.com/)

Health problems are cured from the inside out, with organic foods, so there is no magic pill or magic doctor who can cure the ills of a bad food regimen. You can't buy a healthy body, you must earn it. We are given only one body in this lifetime, so I encourage you to make healthy eating habits your short term and long term goal. "Over time your health and happiness are inescapably linked."

What's the bottom line? Don't let Big Food snatch your body and soul. Don't become one of the "pod" people. Don't be their walking lab rat. You have control.

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