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Gruesome, brain-frying psychosurgery declared 'safe and effective'

Thursday, June 27, 2013 by: Mike Bundrant
Tags: psychosurgery, mental health, medical fraud

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(NaturalNews) Imagine that you are severely depressed or suffer with chronic, disruptive obsessions or compulsions.

No one knows what to do with you. You've seen ineffective counselors. You've been on medication. Nothing seems to work to pull you out of your grinding misery.

You can't think your own way out of this dilemma and no treatment seems to help.

What's next?

It is likely that one of your health care providers will label your condition intractable.

To your mainstream psychiatrist, this means there may be only one option for you - psychosurgery. Your psychiatrist may suggest that you qualify for a bilateral capsulotomy.

Here's the lowdown

A doctor will take a drill and bore two holes in your skull. Then, he will attach electrodes to your brain, heat them up and fry the tissue, effectively killing brain matter with the goal of disconnecting certain areas of the brain so that they can no longer talk to each other.

You are told that this surgery has been around for a while, so it is not experimental. It has even been declared safe and effective this year, in 2013.

You truly believe you are out of options and know that something has got to change if you are ever going to live a normal life, so, well, why not?

Before you proceed, let's think this one through

Intractable. This means that this thing can never be healed. Of course, this rings true for you because the standard treatments - counseling and medication - have yielded little relief.

But hold on. Standard psychotherapeutic treatment involves cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This therapy can be effective for many things, but often falls short when there are deeper issues involved. CBT is great for changing your conscious thought processes, but when inner conflicts and psychological attachments are deeply rooted, CBT falls short every time.

Standard mental health medication is an antidepressant, which has been proven no more, or only slightly more effective than placebo.

In other words, we are only scratching the surface of what is possible to accomplish in therapy and drugs are a proven flip of a coin. And we are already considering surgery?

In essence, the medical definition of intractable seems to be anything your doctor or a mainstream mental health professional can't fix

If we can't fix it, it must be incurable. This is the message.

Safe and effective. The declaration of bilateral capsulotomy as safe and effective came recently when 19 people had the surgery.

At the end of the study, three people reported having recovered from their symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Two people experienced 'permanent surgical complications.' The rest fell somewhere in between.

This is what the medical establishment calls safe and effective!

Forget nutritional deficiency. Forget deep therapy, trauma work, orthomolecular medicine, exposure therapy, and a host of other therapies and healing modalities that move well beyond drugs and CBT.

Forget brilliant psychotherapists like Peter Michaelson, who are uncovering the root of the human condition and have important things to say about the missing link in OCD.

Forget that anyone who promotes a study with a pool of 19 people, with pathetic results and potential permanent surgical complications, must have some other agenda, or might not be very bright.

As I recall, the ice pick lobotomy was a celebrated procedure at the time. The good doc stuck in ice pick in your eye socket and slashed it back and forth vigorously, effectively scrambling the frontal lobe. Safe and effective!

Of course, psychosurgery is considered a last resort among psychiatrists. It seems that they are arriving at that last resort without considering a world of viable options.

Don't fall for it. Seek alternatives, not last resorts.

About the author:
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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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