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Obama keynote speech deals death blow to mental health, delivers millions into the hands of big pharma

Wednesday, June 05, 2013 by: Mike Bundrant
Tags: mental health, President Obama, Big Pharma

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(NaturalNews) President Obama gave psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies the keys to the kingdom during his keynote speech at the White House Conference on Mental Health this week.

Celebrated as a hero to the shamed and downtrodden, Obama played the part well as he subtly handed over America's families, particularly children, to big pharma.

In his speech, Obama casually dismissed real mental health and catered to the likes of the American Psychiatric Association, which is presently licking its chops over the prospect of adding millions of people to its customer base.

No other act in history could possibly have been more misleading or damaging to mental health than this simple 15-minute speech delivered from the White House.

It's being widely celebrated in mainstream media.

The stage is set to destroy genuine mental health and drug millions more Americans

Here is the evidence, taken right from the published text of Obama's celebrated speech. President Obama's exact words are in italics:

So we know that recovery is possible, we know help is available, and yet, as a society, we often think about mental health differently than other forms of health. You see commercials on TV about a whole array of physical health issues, some of them very personal. (Laughter.) And yet, we whisper about mental health issues and avoid asking too many questions.

The brain is a body part too; we just know less about it. And there should be no shame in discussing or seeking help for treatable illnesses that affect too many people that we love.

Perhaps the most damning blow to mental health ever delivered, this remark, based on ignorance and biased information, classes mental health as a purely physical issue.

On the surface, Obama is attempting to erase the stigma associated with mental illness by making it appear like any physical issue. The problem is, this is a lie. Mental health issues are NOT purely physical brain/organ issues, Mr. President!

Mental health involves making choices. It has to do with how you were raised and what you learned in your family system. It is all about perspective and perception. There is also a physical component. Mental health is not simple. Relationships and self-sabotage are massive influences. Turning mental health into a brain/organ physical issue is a slap in the face to thousands of years of psychology and philosophy.

You have no right to do this, Mr. President

However, it does pave the way for Obama's next betrayal of mental health. He continues (emphasis added):

And one day, a woman came up to Patrick at a senior center and told him she was afraid to tell her friends she was taking medication for a mental illness because she was worried they might treat her differently. She told Patrick, "You're the only one who knows aside from my son." And so Patrick started realizing how much power there could be for people to speak out on these issues. And Patrick carried these stories back with him to Washington, where he worked with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, including his dad, to make sure the mental health services you get through your insurance plan at work are covered the same way that physical health services are -- a huge victory.

Given that mental health is merely a brain/organ issue, then the obvious solution to mental problems is to get on meds - no need to be shy about it. Lawmakers are behind us to force insurance companies to pay for it.

Obama is building his case to expand the medicalization of mental health - come one come all, especially children...

Today, less than 40 percent of people with mental illness receive treatment -- less than 40 percent. Even though three-quarters of mental illnesses emerge by the end of -- by the age of 24, only about half of children with mental health problems receive treatment.

Now think about it: We wouldn't accept it if only 40 percent of Americans with cancers got treatment. We wouldn't accept it if only half of young people with diabetes got help. Why should we accept it when it comes to mental health? It doesn't make any sense.

Got it? It is NOT acceptable that you are avoiding psychiatrists and mental health providers. We need to double the amount of children who get their brains treated! We need more people to enter the government backed mental health system.

The APA is ecstatic about these developments. APA President Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, was chipper. "We look forward to working with the administration to fully implement parity for mental health care nationwide," he said.

Former member of Congress Patrick Kennedy, who also attended the conference and is a senior strategic advisor for APA, highlighted the need for parity to be a major focus of White House efforts. "We need the federal government to take the lead, making sure that insurance companies honor the parity act by covering mental health and substance use disorders on the same footing as any other health problems. Only then will patients throughout the country be assured that they are receiving the coverage they are paying for," he said.

The perfect storm and an army of experts

The President is on board. The larger population, in the wake of Aurora and Sandy Hook, is terrified of mental illness. The psychiatrists, having totally forsaken their rich history of probing into the unconscious for deeper motives, are in line and ready with their prescription pads and 10-minute med check appointments.

The psychiatric bible, the DSM-5, has been fully revised to ensure that virtually anyone under any circumstances qualifies for a bonafide mental disorder.

Big pharma is cranking out the drugs.

Next, Obama plans to pour millions into an army of workers to round people up. He proposed spending $50 million to train 5,000 mental health professionals to work with young people in communities and schools.

He proposed Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education), to reach 750,000 young people with mental illness and refer them to treatment.

He proposes funding for the CDC to research mental illness, violence and guns.

To the applause of millions, President Obama is taking on the mental health challenge in America and simultaneously betraying the process of becoming a healthy person.

How to protect yourself from modern mental health

I feel sad that I am compelled to offer advice about protecting oneself from the field in which I have spent my career. But it has come to this. You need to protect yourself from those who APPARENTLY KNOW NOTHING about what it takes to become a healthy person, but want to drag you into a whirlwind of treatment that involves medicating your brain with substances that they themselves do not understand. You need to protect your children, too. Public schools have become prime hunting grounds for the pharmaceutical companies.

Protect yourself by educating yourself.
It is the only way. Educate yourself about the mind and how it works. Learn how to have healthy relationships. Were you aware that depression follows unhealthy relationships?

Learn about self-sabotage. Learn why you often do the opposite of what is healthy and why you do it. When you understand these things, your burden will be much lighter. Healthy choices will become clear and possible.

You cannot have choice about things which operate outside of your awareness. For most people, their deeper motivation operates outside of awareness. They end up asking themselves, "Why did I do this? It makes no sense!"

I promise you it DOES MAKE SENSE. You just need to educate yourself about how the mind works and why we cling to thoughts, feelings and behaviors that do not appear to serve us. It is NOT because you aren't taking drugs.

This vital education, I am afraid, is the only line of defense against the escalating power and ignorance of the system that - without a doubt - would see your brain on drugs for life.

About the author:
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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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