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There is a total media blackout on real nutrition

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: nutrition, media blackout, natural cures

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(NaturalNews) Did you hear anything at the recent inauguration about nutrition, natural cures or disease prevention? Did anyone hear ANY WORDS at all during the presidential campaign about the importance of organic food? No, that's because there was a complete blackout on nutrition. You should be asking yourself why. The reason is that the systems are, and have been for some time, in place for GMO, Aspartame and MSG, for pharmaceutical drugs with horrific side effects, for chemotherapy, unnecessary surgery and radiation. About 90 percent of Americans are glued to their TV sets and to their morning newspapers and they believe these are their choices for information and decision making. (http://www.drheise.com/chemotherapy.htm)

A false war

"The official declaration of the 'War on Cancer' began in the 1970s, yet today the disease affects more people than ever. We raise millions of dollars for cancer awareness and prevention each year, but cancer rates continue to skyrocket. Maximized Living proposes that a cost-efficient, all-natural path to combat and kill cancer already exists." (http://www.activistpost.com)

The United State's "prestigious" society/agency, the AMA, the guts and glory of old school medicine that's carried it's name and seal right into the 21st century; well, that American "Medieval" Association has been a total farce since the early 1900s, when a crook who barely passed medical college, ducked into the top AMA position and declared all non-pharmaceutical doctors "quacks," and the labeling stuck. Morris Fishbein created the AMA "seal of acceptance," and took bribes from what was "Big Pharma" then, to put the stamp on the drug and advertise it well in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and that was "all she wrote."

Seven decades later and the masses still believe prescription pharmaceuticals work better than nutrition and organic supplements. Cures for cancer have been buried in courts of law, and entire inventions, records and statistics burned by the Feds, the FDA and the CDC over and over and over again. (http://www.getipm.com/personal/cancer-racket.htm)

The war is on nutrition

It is now officially accepted in the United States: no beneficial changes to food or medicine will be discussed, voted on, or implemented, at any point, by the members of congress. No legislation will be put in writing to protect organic food, organic medicine, and organic supplements. Chemistry has fooled millions of people over the past few decades, with the same tricks from the early 1930s, and the same fake wars, with a NEW FAKE CAUSE every dozen years. (http://voices.washingtonpost.com)

There is no "War on Drugs." The drugs that are the most dangerous and have the highest death tolls are the ones the MDs are scribbling out on their prescription pads, and handing them out to patients as if the side effects you hear on the commercials don't even exist. The side effects of prescription drugs are so scary, it sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. The war on drugs is the war to dumb down the masses about the "hard drugs" Western Medicine dishes out like candy. THAT is the real DRUG WAR, the one being waged to destroy your health.

The systems which have been put in place by Big Agriculture, the Meat Industry, the Dairy Industry, huge corporations and lobbyists will stay in place, and will probably grow without regulations or restrictions. The system is stealing money and feeding us toxins. The system is GMO. The food system is Monsanto. It's a new world order for complete control of food, water and medicine, just ask Oprah Winfrey. (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/law/jan-june98/fooddef_1-20.html)

Currently, there is absolutely no agenda for addressing nutritional deficiencies or natural remedies in the United States. The U.S. government is so corrupt in the areas of toxic food and toxic medicine that NOTHING is being done. It's just total silence - a total nutritional blackout. There are no policies to fix the big four diseases that are USA's preventable killers. No talk of educating kids in schools. In fact, it's the complete opposite - more food pollution. The latest USDA fake switch to healthy school lunches is the perfect example; going from HIGH FRUCTOSE corn sugar to ASPARTAME and MSG is like going from alcohol abuse to nerve damage pills, only it tastes really, really sweet. (https://www.naturalnews.com/038920_school_lunches_diet_soda_USDA.html)

Welcome to the 2012 world of chronic care management perpetuated by a corrupt government that fosters sickness and disease. Everyone has heard of the dangers of second hand smoke, but have you ever heard of "second hand chemotherapy?" Warning to all doctors, don't dare touch the fake medicine that you're dishing out.

The nutrition information highway

The ironic part of the whole thing, the three fake wars and the pure contempt for nutritional education is that the solution is simple. It's simple for the kids to learn. It's simple for adults to learn. It's simple to come by. It's simple to live by. The cure is at your fingertips. It's in the computer labs at your child's school, and available by wi-fi just about everywhere. It's in natural cure books and on DVD. It's on the radio (http://radio.naturalnews.com/). But the cure is rarely seen on television, and rarely in the newspaper, so you better look elsewhere. The cure for food, health and soul wealth lives in nature, as it was intended, pure and not mixed with chemicals.

Fight the right nutrition war, the one that protects your body, mind and soul. Educate yourself and escape the madness once and for all. I strongly recommend the following blue print plan for success:

@bull; Read "Health Basics: How do you live to be 110?"

@bull; Buy a juicer and use it every day:

@bull; Learn about the hidden history of Western Medicine so you don't repeat history's mistakes, especially when it comes to organic food and natural healing:
(http://www.naturalnews.com) This is a free download from Natural News.

@bull; Be sure to prepare yourself so you can be self-sufficient:

@bull; Research home remedies and make them your first order of defense.

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