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A Proven Food-Based Cancer Cure the Medical Monopoly Considers Quackery, Part I

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 by: Paul Fassa
Tags: cancer cures, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese for curing cancer? Many have been skeptical of this dietary approach, known as the Budwig Diet. Even Dr. Andrew Weil was quoted as calling it "wishful thinking". Yet over a 50 year period, Johanna Budwig had a 90% plus cancer cure rate in Germany with 4500 patients. Some cancer victims that she cured with her protocol were considered terminal.

Superficially, the Budwig Diet seems more like a South Beach type of diet for losing weight. But there are strict guidelines within the Budwig diet that can make the difference between surviving cancer with renewed health or dying from the cancer. There are other dietary requirements that are part of her protocol. Lots of sunshine and stress management are also part of Johanna Budwig`s approach to healing the whole person.

How Johanna Budwig Derived Her Cancer Cure Diet

As a biochemist and physicist in the early 1950`s, Johanna was a senior scientist in the German Federal Health Office, comparable to the American FDA but perhaps with less corruption. Her task was to help determine what might be appropriate for cancer curing medication from German pharmaceutical companies.

A pharmaceutical company forwarded applications to her for a sulfhydryl group, which are proteins (amino acids) that contain sulfur. That company was considering applying the sulfhydryl group toward cancer medication. The data obtained from that company enabled Budwig to get an overview of the problems involved with oxygenating cancer cells through dietary means. Cancer cells cannot thrive in oxygen.

It was known in medical science circles that sulfur from the sulfhydryl groups was present in all healthy tissues requiring oxygen that were healthy. And it was also known that somehow fats or fatty acids were involved in either enhancing or inhibiting that process of extracting oxygen from those sulfuric proteins and into cancer cells.

This was an area that the 1931 Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg had hoped to resolve. He was the one who discovered that cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic environment, but could not survive in an oxygen rich environment. He was looking for a respiratory enzyme that would help oxygenate cancer cells.

Warburg was aware that fats had something to do with inhibiting or enhancing cellular oxygen absorption, but during his time fats were not classified with their biochemical structures and functions. It was around 1951 that Johanna Budwig discovered methods for determining the different properties of fatty acids.

As a result, she was funded to continue her research categorizing the different properties of fatty acids. Johanna examined the molecular properties of many fats, determining if they were saturated or unsaturated, if they were isolating linoleic acid or linolenic acid and if they inhibited or enhanced cellular oxygen absorption.

In 1952, Dr. Budwig submitted a paper on the results of her research: "It is basically proven that highly unsaturated fatty acids are the heretofore undiscovered decisive factor in respiratory enzyme function, i.e. constitute the second part of the `equation` that Nobelist Otto Warburg had been unable to find. What sounds insignificant to the layman`s ears, is arguably one of the greatest breakthroughs in medicinal science: from that moment onward we have known that the highly unsaturated fatty acid is the decisive factor achieving the desired effect of cellular respiratory stimulation". (Emphasis by author)

Johanna Budwig determined that organic cold pressed flaxseed oil was the most suitable fat to combine with an easy to eat protein-sulfur of quark/cottage cheese for the elusive respiratory enzyme. These two disparate foods were able to combine and create the oxygen within cancer cells for restoring normalcy.

The Budwig Diet was arrived at from extensive research, which was not even possible until her discoveries of how to determine the properties of fatty acids. Cottage cheese/quark with pure cold pressed flax oil for curing cancer is not merely a culinary quirk.

Johanna Budwig

She was born in 1908 and died in 2003 at the age of 95 from complications due to injuries after a fall in her home. As a result of her research from the 1950`s and on, she was nominated for the Alternative Nobel Prize, Europe`s one-up counterpart to the Swedish Nobel Prize, seven times.

Naturally, her successful treatment of many cancer patients, some of whom were terminal, led to professional envy in Germany. She was harassed through the German court system a couple of times, and both times the courts favored her! She proceeded to expand her knowledge and legitimacy by getting a doctorate in Natural Sciences to become a PhD Naturopath.

This broadened her understanding of how connected all living things are with bio-electrical energy and sunlight. She talks of how seeds that absorb the sun`s energy, such as flax seeds, connect with the human organism`s innate intelligence to convert bio-electric energy for its organic needs - thus the sunshine aspect of her therapy to connect with the flax oil consumption.

However, she considered herself blacklisted because she overtly and publicly opposed chemotherapy and radiation on cancer patients. She also didn`t make friends with cooking and salad oil manufacturers when she started exposing the terrible health consequences of using heated, chemically treated processed or hydrogenated oils that were being foisted on the public from the 1950`s on.

(More in Part II)

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About the author

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at http://healthmaven.blogspot.com

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