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David Wolfe

David Wolfe Part III: Raw Food Nutritionist Shares Latest on Revolutionary Potential of Ormus

Friday, June 05, 2009 by: Kevin Gianni
Tags: David Wolfe, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Rawkathon, which can be found at http://www.Rawkathon.com. In this excerpt, David Wolfe shares the latest information on the revolutionary potential of Ormus.

Rawkathon with David Wolfe. David Wolf is an author, raw foodist and super foodist who is now growing his own superfoods.

Kevin: Right. Let's move a little bit into maybe even more cutting-edge than we talked already. What about some of the Ormus products? I love hearing the stuff about it and kind of exploring it, so tell me a little bit about what you've been hearing.

David: I was priming you up earlier about this. This is ridiculous. We really cracked something here. When I look back on it, and I think of the toil and the trouble and the turmoil and the issues to get this Ormus gold product to where it is right now... people wouldn't believe it. They have no idea what it took to actually get that product to where it is right now....

Kevin: OK.

David: What happened is that I got into Ormus. What is Ormus? Ormus elements are elements that are in the soil and come out of the center of the Earth. They come from the Earth. They are probably what makes the Earth living. They are elements like calcium, iron, iodine, like mineral elements or atoms that don't fit into our periodic table of the elements. So, our periodic table of the elements is now, as far as I'm concerned, completely wrong. It's not actually all the minerals that exist. There's a third dimension to it, is what it really looks like. Mendeleev's periodic table of the elements has a third dimension. It's not just a two-dimensional table; there's a third dimension. So, some of these atoms, in particular, the metals, can exist in another form when you break them down out of their clusters.

Like when we have copper, that's familiar, copper electrical wire...one of the things about metals is that they like to bundle up against each other so that they can carry a current. They cling to each other. When you break up that clinginess in a metal and get it broken down to very fine particles or one-atom clusters or four-atom clusters or nine-atom clusters, depending on what the metal is, suddenly, you don't have a metal any more. It spontaneously flips into another form due the coulomb force, which is one of the forces that holds atoms closely to each other or disperses them - it's a very intense force that happens at the atomic level called the coulomb wave. C-o-u-l- o-m-b. Something good to look up, actually. It flips into another wave form so that the atoms are no longer close to each other. They then cluster far apart in the same way silica does.

What happens is that we then misidentify that substance and call it silica. So all of these things that we've called carbon or silica, maybe 99% of it was carbon, but 1% of it isn't actually carbon, but our analysis techniques are not able to differentiate something that looks like carbon but really isn't carbon.

Kevin: Right.

David: But now they are. Now we're at the place where we can differentiate. So, we're starting to see, uh-oh, we missed something. We were calling this iron, calcium, aluminum, silica and carbon; those are the five big mistakes, and it's not that. It's something else. What is this stuff? Well, actually what it is is some type of metal. It could be gold; it could be copper; it could be nickel; it could be silver, that's been flecked off into such fine, little pieces that it actually doesn't look like a metal at all.

This is probably how metals come into existence in the first place. In the belly of the Earth, the Earth has disassociated the metals so finely that as they come up in lava, they're dispersed and they're actually not metals anymore. So, when they're that state, when that coulomb wave form changes and they're dispersed from each other, there's a very intense force put on the nucleus of each atom in that general vicinity. What happens is it bends the space-time fabric. This is the theory at the moment. And it draws in an energy from the vacuum.

So these particles have a very high propensity to be able to draw in energy from nothing, from the vacuum. Therefore they're very much linked to those areas inside our body that are related to that, like nerves, the brain, the way our cardiovascular system works, joints, skin - all of this kind of thing. What I'm saying is that we've got to get minerals in our body, but we're getting the wrong ones. The ones that have been identified by science may not be the ones we need. It may be these Ormus minerals that we actually need. That's been my experience actually.

Kevin: Wow. It makes sense because when I was in school, they taught us about atoms, electrons and all that. You read textbooks now and they talk about quarks, which is a step further. I don't even know about that. It's incredible that we think that we know it now. You know?

David: We don't know anything. As a natural scientist, meaning not someone who's in a lab coat and eating out of a vending machines - that's important because we can't be eating out of vending machines and making the next progress in consciousness. It's not going to happen in a laboratory. But we can get into a natural environment and experiment and begin to see patterns and then follow up on those patterns.

I've been doing that for thirteen-and-a-half years with Ormus and I've seen the patterns. I know that we're getting closer into the truth of these things.

What the truth of these things is this: The Ormus elements, the reason why they evade us is because they're like female elements. Like, a guy walks into a women's bathroom, the women are going to run in the stalls or something. They're going to evade our type of male analysis patterns, which is very aggressive and very overt. These things are subtle; they can't be observed that way. They have to be subtly observed. These elements are antipodes, or they're female, so they're antipodes to the male energy. The way that the great alchemists have always understood the female and male energies of the Earth itself is that the Earth, the soil and dirt and lava, is female. And the sun is male and the atmosphere is male. Where they meet, that's where you have life.

So, if we look at it, we can see that the most male types of elements in the atmosphere are oxygen and ozone. And the most female elements in the biosphere is Ormus. And when they meet, you have hydrogen. That's how hydrogen is produced or a baby is born. Literally that. It's literally the baby's born. I've seen evidence of that in about five different ways that that is exactly what's going on. In fact, I know it's true. I know that the Ormus elements are female elements; the ozone and oxygen are male elements and when they meet each other, you're going to have a baby, and that's hydrogen.

Hydrogen can be so powerful. It's the embryonic energy of the earth, the world, of all life, of all things in the whole cosmos. It's embryonic energy, meaning everything comes from hydrogen. Hydrogen, if you look at the word: "hydro" is water and "gen" is generator. The generator of water, which is the basic form of life, the beginning of life. There's no question in my mind because of evidence I've seen experimentally in my own experiments, that when you produce a pure hydrogen like that out of the vacuum, out of nothing, a baby is born, and there's hydrogen. That hydrogen can absolutely disintegrate aluminum. Disintegrate. I've seen it. Disintegrate aluminum foil. I've had to question, "What in the world is disintegrating my aluminum foil?" They said, "It's hydrogen." So, I'm getting that from chemists who don't know anything of what I'm doing or what I'm up to. I'm like, "Oh, whoa!" Because if you wrap your Ormus gold in aluminum and you expose it to ozone, you're going to have a reaction, even though it's completely sealed.

Kevin: Really?

David: You'll have a reaction, and the reaction will be the formation of hydrogen right on the outside in between of the glass. And it will disintegrate the aluminum foil. It disintegrates it.

Kevin: Wow!

David: Yeah, and there's other evidence like that that I've seen that's like, "OK, there's something happening here." When you start playing around with those forces, by the way, the forces ramp up so fast, meaning that the energies that are released are so great, that there's an intuitive feeling in me that's like, "I'm not ready to deal with this." Because I need a serious preparation to do this kind of experiment or else I could blow up the house, or implode the house. Or there could be a reaction here that could happen that I wouldn't understand and it could be dangerous.

Kevin: Wow. Pretty powerful stuff.

David: Isn't that interesting? So, when people are like, "What's that Ormus stuff? What am I going to eat?" It's, whoa, that's a big question. The best way to get...I studied the Ormus elements as isolated compounds and atoms because I'm into that, and I can deliver Ormus gold to people and I know they can put it right on their skin. It goes right in and does whatever is needed in that area. If you have a problem area, wherever it is, if you put the Ormus gold right on top of that. Let's say somebody has a knee problem. For three or four weeks, you're putting it on like lotion topically - that's the discovery - it goes right in and does its thing because there's very small atom clusters.

They go right in and penetrate your skin which is nowhere near small enough to keep them out. It just goes right in to wherever you need them. And they behave intelligently, which who knows what that is? Maybe it's that vacuum force coming out. But, in general for most people, the way we're going to get this stuff is by eating the right kind of foods that contain that stuff. Different foods contain it more than others. Aloe vera contains tons of it. Noni contains tons of it. Goji berry contains tons of it, as compared to other foods. If we grow goji berries in the right way, if we grow aloe vera in the right way, we can even increase that more. So we're getting this much instead of this much. Most food is nothing.. I don't know about you but that is amazing because what we're discovering is, like, "Whoa, our food could become a huge vehicle of consciousness and intelligence." It's like a delivery system. We've got this stuff that's in the Earth.

Kevin: Why is it gold? Why not Ormus silver or...?

David: Yeah, why not any of the others? Why not Ormus copper, for example? I've played around with Ormus copper, and it's amazing, but the history of Ormus gold keeps me on that one first, because it has a history. It has a history among the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Ayer Vedic - great practitioners going back thousands of years to the Vedic peoples and the alchemical history of Europe. Gold has history, so I'm going to start there.

For more from this excerpt of the Rawkathon, plus 14 other amazing raw food interviews, please visit http://www.Rawkathon.com.

About the author

Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author and speaker. He has helped thousands of people in over 85 countries learn how to take control of their health--and keep it. To view his popular internet TV Show "The Renegade Health Show" (and get a free gift!) with commentary on natural health issues, vegan and raw food diets, holistic nutrition and more click here.

His book, "The Busy Person's Fitness Solution," is a step-by-step guide to optimum health for the time and energy-strapped. To find out more about abundance, optimum health and self motivation click here... or you're interested in the vegan and raw food diet and cutting edge holistic nutrition click here. For access to free interviews, downloads and a complete bodyweight exercise archive visit www.LiveAwesome.com.

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