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Alternative Cures : The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems

by Bill Gottlieb, published by Rodale Books (2002-06-29)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $19.95
Amazon rating of 5.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 6966

Editor's Review:

Pick an ailment--any ailment--and chances are, Bill Gottlieb can succinctly crystallize the problem, propose its root cause, and describe a handful of nonmedical remedies for treatment. Creator and supervising editor of the bestselling Doctors Book of Home Remedies, this 25-year veteran of the health field draws from more than 300 alternative care practitioners (including holistic nutritionists, licensed acupuncturists, massage therapists, and the occasional swami) to present a thick textbook worthy of gracing the reference shelf of any family or health provider. Serious physical ailments like asthma, HIV and AIDS, stroke, and cancer receive equal attention with pesky afflictions like oily hair, acne, nightmares, and wrinkles. Mental health ailments, such as guilt, anxiety, grief, and shyness, also get their due. Gottlieb's stance is not that individuals should shun their primary care physicians to rely solely on herbs, better nutrition, and other alternative paths. Rather, he seeks to educate readers on the biological effects of such practices and tinctures, to share their documented benefits in helpful detail. Each ailment receives a sidebar titled "Guide to Professional Care," in which Gottlieb outlines symptoms that warrant immediate medical attention. Other sidebars highlight especially helpful treatment--from aromatherapy to meditation--for various troubles. Gottlieb provides an section on alternative healing where he elaborates on the process, benefits, and safety of each general treatment referred to in the book (from acupuncture to yoga therapy). Complete information, an engaging writing style, and visually appealing graphics make this encyclopedia-style book very easy to digest. --Liane Thomas As the editor-in-chief of Prevention Magazine Health Books, Bill Gottlieb created the 10-million copy self-care bestseller, The Doctors Book of Home Remedies, and was the author of the 1.5 million copy alternative health bestseller, New Choices in Natural Healing. Now, Bill has once again created a groundbreaking book-a book that can help anyone safely, successfully and naturally self-treat 160 everyday and serious health conditions: Alternative Cures. To write this unique book, Bill interviewed over 300 of America's top natural clinicians-doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and more. You'll discover over 1000 of their most effective, practical and safest natural remedies for an A-to-Z of health problems, from arthritis, back pain and high cholesterol, to repetitive strain injury, weight gain and yeast infections.

Plus, every chapter of Alternative Cures has a guide to the best alternative and conventional professional care for the condition it covers. And, you'll find essential safety information for every remedy featured in the book. Once you look at it, we think you'll agree: There's never been a more useful, reader-friendly, get-better book about alternative health and healing than Alternative Cures.

Reader Reviews:

Great book. Read it and pass it along. Anyone interested in this book, or improving your longevity and health should check out [...] and read about the greatest health enhancing, energy-boosting whole food vitamin I take. It is designed to nutritionally support the entire body, and unlike almost every vitamin company in the world today, it uses only the highest grade Whole Vitamins, Chelated Minerals, Probiotics, and Vegetable Enzymes, all in one amazing vitamin! This vitamin has the exact critical nutrients which are scientifically proven to help nutritionally support the body in all of the following areas: (aging, acne, arthritis/joint pain, blood sugar/diabetes, bone protection, cancer, sleep, stress, heart disease/cholestrol, digestion/indigestion, stroke, immune system, kidney/liver, memory, eyesight, energy, depression, mens/women's health, and more!

Most Americans neglect our bodies, and as a result 50% of all men and 1/3 of all women are projected to get cancer in their lifetime unless we make some changes to the way we live! 6 million people are walking around with Diabetes and don't even know it! 800,000 new cases of Diabetes are discovered each year and yet our diet can play such a critical role in minimizing the damage this terrible disease can do! A few changes could save millions of lives!

Osteoporosis is one of the leading silent killers today because postmenopausal women lose up to 3% or more of their bone mass each year. Millions of women are not taking the right form of absorbable calcium to ensure the blood receives it and is able to utilize it! We want to make sure all women are taking the right calcium that is actually able to be absorbed through the digestive tract and go right into the bloodstream.

Taking Vegetable enzymes are just as critical as taking the right form of minerals! Eating cooked and processed foods, without enzymes present to help the body digest the food, could be taking years and years off your life! When the body isn't able to completely digest the food we eat, it leads to premature death!

Visit the website today - [...], to truly educate yourself about this great vitamin. It is unlike anything out there in the world today! There is also an amazing weight loss pill that actually works.

This is one of two books I bought and used, the other being Balch and Stengler, "Prescription for Natural Cures." The main difference between them is that the latter book is much larger and perhaps more comprehensive, and the other book also includes Acupressure, Bodywork, Stress Reduction, and Bach Flower remedies across all its areas.

While the other books is more recent (2004 versus 2000), and larger, and more detailed, on balance I recommend that both books be purchased. Each has insights and differing layouts that taken together lead to a better feel for a problem (e.g. menopause, hair loss) and to a personalized approach to using natural cures.

Both are excellent books, I am quite happy to have this one.Fantastic guide to alternative cures. Common sense advice that will have everyone using this as a reference year after year. It's easy to read and many of the cures are items that you will have at home in the pantry. It would make a great giftI have had irritable bowel syndrome for years. It seems to have no cure with conventional medicine, so I bought Alternative Cures. The book recommended peppermint tea, which I found in the health food section of my local grocery store. I bought some and tried it, and my problems are greatly relieved! Sure was worth the cost of the book!This is the most comprehensive, intelligent, and user-friendly reference book I've ever found on alternative remedies. And it's from Rodale Press, whom I've learned to trust. Anyone interested in alternative home remedies, especially parents, will want this around. Well done.
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