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How to Prevent and Treat Cancer With Natural Medicine

by Michael T. Murray, published by Riverhead Books (2002-09)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $25.95
Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 284849

Editor's Review:

...provides proven methods of natural healing intended to compliment conventional cancer treatments

Reader Reviews:

Unlike many other books of this type, this book is well-documented and not full of disproven B.S. There is a more famous author who makes claims that various doctors have found "cures" for cancer.
This is not so at all, and few of these have stood up in clinical testing. At the Livingston-Wheeler clinic (now closed), studies shown not only was it less effective than chemotherapy, cancer patients had a much worse quality-of-life. At the La Gloria Clinic in Mexico, based on the research by someone in the 30s, this was also disproven. As far as Laetrile, this has been disproven in so many studies, I cannot believe any alternative health practitioner would actually recommend it and post it here.
Please go and read medical research on the subject. That is why it is not included in in this book. Not only has it shown to be ineffective, it is also highly toxic. There are other herbs that have been shown to be highly effective, but they are too effective for any good alternative health practitioner to recommend. One example is pau'darco. It can be effective against cancer, and there is a lot of research to isolate the effective ingredients.Some argue that you must eliminiate the effects of it taking it all together, but no good alternative health practitioner would recommend it ,as it is far too toxic. There was a similar product that was in vogue in the 70s. It was so toxic that it actually killes the patients. But they all died cancer-free. Medical researchers are working to find eliminate such toxicity.
I was diagnosed with myeloma 2 1/2 years ago. A that time, a stem-cell transplant was recommended to me, but I rejectes it, in time. I have stayed a course of relatively non-toxic drugs--dexamethasone, Biaxin, Zometa, and thalidomide. The latter put me in the mental hospital, which is a very rare side effect. It also put me into remission.

Along with this, I have followed many recommendations from this book. As myeloma is a cancer of the B-cells, we have to be careful not to stimulate the immune system. So there are many things we cannot take. But since the two years that I have read this book, there are some things I have been taking that have now been proven in actual human clinical settings to work, such as beta-glucans, specifically Maitake-D fractions. Curcumin is now also in testing at the M.D. Anderson clinic in Houston. Unfortunately, most people, even in that setting, do not take it correctly. It needs to be taken at least an hour before meals with bioperine, as the body blocks it from being used. I have checked the archives (we have the most active cancer group on the internet, with over 1400 listmembers, even though myeloma is rare0, and curcumin was not effective for almost all of the patients. But few people took it correctly.
Oral Vitamin C, another great love of alternative practitioners, has been disproven to do anything against cancer. The problem with Vitamin C in large doses orally is the body just passes it out.

Intravenously it works differently. Two years ago it was thought to stimulate the immune system, but recent research has shown it actually works in a different way. We have a protocol where it is used in conjunction with Arsenic trioxide (arsenic in low doses has been used for thousands of years in medicine), Vitamin C, and melphalan. Yet, in vitro, with another myeloma drug, Velcade, it actually prevents the Velcade from working correctly.
There have been shown that Chinese herbal medicine, especially as used in Tibet, are relatively effective against breast cancer. But the recent discovery of herceptin is even more effective for those with the proper genetic markers. With myeloma, it is now believed that this cancer is more than 20 different diseases, based on subtypes and different genetic profiles and different treatments will work for each type.
I respond well to every treatment I have ever tried, actually, so I am quite fortunate. And it looks like we have an actual cure on the horizon--a kinase enzyme inhibitor that blocks the CDK-1 and CDK-1 enzymes from letting myeloma come back, which it always does at this point.
At any rate, this book is the one of two that I have ever seen that shows actual research, although these are not in approved clinical settings. But there is a real good reason they do not mention Laetrile. And some of the things they mention I could not find locally, although I never looked online. An example is Polyerga.
What I specifically like about this book, is that is it based on complementary medicine as much as anything else. It does not state that what they say will necessarily cure you at all. They only say it can complement standard medicine, once you are diagnosed with cancer.
Some cancer is most definitely genetic, yet we all live in such a polluted environmenet we all suffer from many, many toxins. There have been current studies that have shown substances in breast milk that were banned 30 years ago. Known links that may cause myeloma are pesticides, petroleum exposure, people who use computers a lot, exposure to Agent Orange (it is also used by fire fighters), and living under airports, and possible exposure to viruses. I have been exposed to everyone of these.

We cannot possily eliminate all of these, but we can reduce our exposure, such as switching to an LCD from a CRT, although no studies have actually shown this to be effective. Studies have shown that lymphoma cells will grow very quickly in the presence of a cell phone, but no such study in this country has shown this. Studies have also shown that stress has nothing to do with getting cancer, but I think these studies do not show how a person handles stress is the key,.
The more famous man who posts at www.naturalcures.com makes some claims that are laughable, in my opinion. For example, he claims that HDTV is known to cause cancer. He does not even seem to understand that HDTV is a format and that HDTVS come in CRT form as well as LCD form. Since LCDS put out far less radiation than a CRT, I find his claims rather ridiculous,.
So that is the way most of these things go. I do try to be open-minded about these things, as I have good friend who claimed a fasting juice diet recommeded by one of those practioners who looks in your eyes to find what is wrong you cured two of his friends. This diet consisted solely of carrot juice for two months. I told a few doctors this and they refused to believe it
But I believe it to be true.
But this is far from recommending a toxic drug. For anyone who is doing this, you are doing your patients great, treat harm. You need to keep up on the latest medical research, see what studies show and keep toxicity to a minimum. That is the whole point of alternative medicine I thought. I am fortunate to see both a local oncologist and a a very famous myeloma specialist who consider toxicity of drugs above anything else. They have rejected several treatments along the way as far too toxic. I would think that any good alternative health practitioner would do exactly the same thing. And never, ever should you recommend Laetrile to anyone. (I know nothing about the other thing you mention.)

And is something is more effective than what you are doing, you are doing a great disservice to your patients by not recomminding itm instead of the usual Chinese herbs. For example, to how many patients have your recommened herceptin, an actual cure for breast cancer? My guess is nary a one, as this is not in your best interest at all.

At any rate, this is the probably the best book on the subject as far I have seen.

This is a great book for practitioners. I do not recommend that people with cancer use it to treat themselves. Also, I was surprised to see that several treatements were not even mentioned such as laetrile and graviola. I was really hoping to see a discussion of both of these. The author provides very detailed protocols for treating cancer
with natural substances. For instance, he recommends 100 mg. of polyerga for treating colon, breast and certain carcinomas.
Citrus pectin is cited for metastasis of breast, lung and melanomas. Protective fibers may be emulated by utilizing
Ip6 and Inositol. At least 6 factors are cited for a successful
diet protocol for cancer; namely, fruits/veggies, detox
formulas, minimizing pesticide exposure, omega 3 -fish oils,reduction of junk food intake and low salts. Various compounds
are helpful in dealing with cancer; namely curcomin at 200-400 mg and proteolytic enzymes. Maitake mushrooms may be used
for colon, lung, stomach, liver/bladder and brain cancers.
These are just a few of the cited protocols. There are many more.
This book provides a wealth of information directed to the
alternative medicinal protocols which supplant or complement
the conventional approaches. Some of the dietary protocols may be useful in post-chemotherapy nutrition plans. The Burzynski Clinic of Houston, Texas is cited as an important
alternative medicine resource for cancer patients.
This book is a worthy addition to any personal library.As a physician striving to keep pace with the rapidly growing science behind natural medicine, I have always found Dr. Murray's writing to be highly trustworthy, practical and just really great reading. This book is an excellent resource for anyone struggling with cancer. I am recommending it to all of my cancer patients and I have begun to incorporate many of the books recommendations into my practice. Thanks Dr. Murray for a fantastic book!We are more than our symptoms. It is a natural progression, demand and supply, that one in three people in this country have experience with some form of alternative medicine. Currently there are four medical schools that off courses on Integrative medicine, and over twenty schools teach spirituality, healing and medicine. We are seeing a new generation of doctors of modern medicine trained and enlightened on holistic healing. Dr. Ian Smith, medical correspond for ABC, is one of the young doctors of this generation. Dr. Smith talks about natural healing, Chi and herbs whenever he is on the Today show. Having come from three generations of TCM - traditional Chinese medicine, and work with Chi energy healing, I see this book provides a timely overview of the available alliterative methods as well as some of the basics on prevention by living a healthy and balanced life. Cancer isn't necessarily an automatic death sentence anymore. Often times it is a manageable disease like arthritis. One can live with cancer and still achieve a good quality of life.
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