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How the Rich Get Thin : Park Avenue's Top Diet Doctor Reveals the Secrets to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

by Jana Klauer, published by 2005-12-27 (St. Martin's Press)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $22.95
Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 2940

Editor's Review:

You+ve seen them in the movies, on television, in magazines...You know the ones: Herms handbag on the arm. Hair just so. Sleek and groomed as greyhounds. The Park Avenue Weight-Loss Plan, from one of New York+s premier weight control doctors, reveals the secrets of how the successful and rich get and stay thin. With a two-week quick-start program that the dieter later builds on to keep losing weight and eventually to maintain their shape, The Park Avenue Weight-Loss Plan includes:¥ Meal plans high in protein, omega-3 fats and complex carbohydrates¥ Calcium, through food rather than supplements, in the maximum amount the body can absorb at a time¥ A morning exercise program as an adjunct to eating¥ The Stop! Watch! method to curb food cravings: any craving can be stopped within just 15 minutes¥ How to eat at fabulous restaurants, for business or pleasure, and keep losing weight.The Park Avenue Weight-Loss Plan features recipes-including the fabulous low-cal dessert le Socialite, tricks of the nutritionist+s trade, and simple strategies to keep dieters on track and focused on their goals. Dr. Klauer has made a study of what makes the rich stick with weight loss. She discloses -the Park Avenue mindset,+ which includes secret weapons such as how to order at a business dinner, what food to carry on a private plane flight, and how the rich reward themselves while dieting.From The Park Avenue Weight-Loss Plan:The Park Avenue Weight-Loss Plan teaches you how to be healthy, vibrant, sexy and slim in an efficient format that is based on science. If you are looking for a quick-fix or magic bullet, you won+t find it here. The plan is for life. Follow it and you will look and feel like you just won a million bucks!Non-negotiables: 1. Daily exercise. You must schedule it into your routine. 2. Protein in a high quality form is vital for the functioning of your body. Include protein at every meal. 3. Calcium is essential for increasing metabolism levels. 4. Food cravings can, and must, be managed. 5. Eliminate all processed food.

Reader Reviews:

This is quite a good book. It's an honest look at a no gimick way of losing weight, which if you are disciplined enough to stick to, then you will get results. It's a high protein and low carb diet (which can be a challenge to stick to) from a trained physician who knows her stuff. She'll teach you how to manage cravings, enforce the need to exercise for 1 full hour a day (also a challenge if you're pushed for time) and how calcium increases your metabolism. There are 2 phases that this goes through. Get It Done (first phase) and Maintenance (slowly adding back a little amount of carbs). She'll also give you recipes as well as a list of stores to buy some of the mentioned foods (this pertains to New Yorkers so the rest of us might hunt a while).

Overall, I don't think she alerts us to anything very new, but she reinforces what we should already know and do, and maybe this time it will sink in with more people and if you are determined enough, I think this method can and will truely work for you.As a health professional, I have seen many, many diets come and go. The information in this book should not be viewed as a quick fix, but rather a blueprint on how to eat for optimal health and wellness. Dr. Klauer has a clear and concise focus on what needs to be done to lose the weight. She truly tells it like it is. Throughout the book, Dr. Klauer not only stresses high quality proteins and colorful fruits and vegetables, but also calcium, which is quite often negected by other "diets". I have used The Stop! Watch! Method to curb my own cravings more than once; it really works! Also, as a New York City resident and health and fitness professional, I have worked with some of Dr. Klauer's patients. The ones that have stuck to her diet and exercise plan have made amazing transformations to their bodies that have changed the quality of their lives. All in all, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to lose weight, and wants advice they can trust.Jana Klauer an MD specializing in weight control with a private practise in the ritzy Park Avenue area of New York has penned a weight loss book describing how she helps her rich patients lose weight. She describes her diet as "the key to how successful, rich and busy modern men and women get it off and keep it off."

The title to the book sounded a bit gimmicky so I was surprised as I read the book to read alot of solid information. She stresses the importance of daily exercise, how protein can help suppress appetite, why calcium can increase your metabolism, how prescription drugs can cause weight gain and more. There is a lot of good information in this book and Dr. Klauer spells it out; weightloss takes effort and determination. She also includes a simple method to help with cravings that can really come in handy. (Set a stopwatch for 15 minutes, drink water, eat protein to normalize your blood sugar and wait it out.)

But despite the excellent information Klauer shares, the bottomline is "How The Rich Get Thin" is a high protein, low carb diet that will be very difficult to stay on. There are two phases. Phase 1 is the "Get It Done Phase". You follow this phase till you are within 5 pounds of your goal weight. Typical day: Breakfast: 2 omega 3 eggs with 1 ounce of low fat cheese and 1/2 cup of berries, coffee or tea. Midmorning: A cup of green tea. Lunch: A large mesclun salad with 4 grilled shrimp and lemon juice, tea, water. Afternoon snack: Caprese Salad, water, green tea. Dinner: Mixed green salad with 2oz Parmesan cheese and lemon juice, 4-5 oz red snapper, steamed asparagus, yogurt with cinnamon for desert. Phase 2 maintenance adds in some carbs but not many.
Not a lot of food. And you are also expected to exercise for 1 hour each day. My guess is anyone who can follow this plan is either already thin or will likely regain any weight they lose from following it. It's simply too restrictive.

Dr. Klauer intersperses her text with little quips and Park Avenue tales..these range from interesting to pretty silly.
For example she tells how embarrased one of her patients, Amber, was when she told her date to order dinner for her and then left to use the restroom when he ordered. When she returned she complimented him on his choice of the salmon only to be told it was not salmon but was a very rare, expensive wild Arctic char fish. "Amber was mortified and for the rest of the evening said very little to avoid making any other faux pas". Seems to me that a grown women who is "mortified" by mistaking one fish for another needs a little head examination..not a weight loss doctor.
Dr.Klauer also suggests you reach for the very fine quality food items and avoid processed foods. I am fine with this but as an example she would have you reach for the "20 gram presentation of Caviar Tsar Imperial Beluga" instead of the lumpfish from a tin. When I took a peek at prices for the Imperial Beluga..well lets just say that at $175 for a 50gram serving, most of us will be sticking with Chicken of the Sea tuna.

Dr. Klauer makes the case for avoiding processed foods and also encourages you to add more calcium to your diet. She says many of her patients enjoy Viactiv calcium chews. Main ingredient in the chews, corn syrup. Second ingredient, high fructose corn syrup. Not a good choice for one avoiding faux foods.

The 268 page book includes recipes such as Lauren's Marinated Tuna, Black Soybean Salsa with Cod, Greek Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt Tahini Salad, Baked Pears with Walnuts and Figs and Yogurt Cheesecake. Her preference would be you use organic eggs, fresh herbs and spices and and whole wheat flour when called for. It should be noted that splenda is used instead of sugar in the recipes.

The back of the book lists resources including mercury levels in fish, also restaurants and shops in New York where you can purchase high quality foods and there is reference section.

Bottomline..good overall information but unreasonably strict diet for the short or long haul no matter how much money you have.
How the Rich Get Thin is a book America needs to read now; a gem amongst today's fad-plagued diet guides. Promoting lifestyle change over a quick-fix, this book was written by an appropriately trained physician in an amiable voice. But readers beware--success only follows hard work, an ethic attributed to her Park Avenue clientele. Klauer's program, which advises daily exercise, the elimination of processed food, and smart decision-making, is honest. And being honest with yourself about your body image, your health history, and all of the "shoulds" that overwhelm you every day...it's no wonder we look for a quick-fix. But Klauer's determination brings you through and makes it stick. Her professional strategies and explanations convince me that this book is at the forefront of today's smarter nutritional guidelines. And her clients' success and longevity is a testament to the benefits of her program. I highly recommend this book.I am very impressed with this book in regards to how simple it is to understand what the doctor is writing about when she is describing the human body and nutrition. Usually, I am so turned off by the medical jargon of how our bodies work and how nutrition plays a part in that...however, I was able to fully comprehend and plow through everything this author wrote (notice I did not say it was an enjoyable task...I wanted to skip forward to the diet part, but I am glad I didn't).

Now, as for the plan. The reason I gave this book only 4 stars is because the author does advocate giving up certain foods such as bread and dried pasta. Yes, this is a high-protein diet and carbs are restricted, even though the author never comes right out and says this.

The author suggests that you put forth a plan of action for losing weight, which includes exercising at least an hour per day and adhering to her minimum amount of calcium per day (note that you have to space out your consumption of calcium during the day due to our bodies natural tendency to only absorb a maximum of 500 mg at any one time...a little tidbit explained in the nutritional section, so please read it!). All processed foods are OUT. The author advises you to purge your fridge and cupboard of anything processed and anything that has ingredients you cannot pronounce. She also advises you to throw out all dried herbs and use only fresh herbs. Costly, yes. However, according to the author, your health is worth the added expense.

All in all, this book was a great read for me and I will be incorporating the plan into my lifestyle. The author's tone is friendly, authoritative and encouraging without being too overbearing. Anyone who has read and enjoyed books on the French lifestyle (i.e. Fat Fallacy, FWDGF, etc) will find that this book fits nicely into their library - it will even put to use those yogurt machines we all purchased after reading French Women Don't Get Fat!
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