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Depression-Free for Life: A Physician's All-Natural, 5-Step Plan

by Gabriel Cousens, published by Harper Paperbacks (2001-04-01)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $14.00
Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 36027

Editor's Review:

A customized, drug-free program that attacks the biochemical roots of depression -- with a 90% success rate

Not all depressions are alike. And despite the attention given to Prozac and other drugs, there quite literally is no magic pill. Instead, writes Dr. Gabriel Cousens, someone who suffers from depression needs a customized, individual program, one that attacks the personal, biochemical roots of the problem.

In Depression-Free for Life, Dr. Cousens shows how to heal depression safely by synergistically rebalancing what he calls "the natural drugs of the brain," using a five-step program of mood-boosting substances, vitamin and mineral supplements, and a mood-enhancing diet and lifestyle. Grounded in cutting-edge science, yet accessible and safe, this book shows how to regain your optimism and energy through balancing your own biochemistry.

Depression-Free for Life
  • Helps you customize your approach through easy self-assessment exercises
  • Outlines a five-step program for harnessing your own body chemistry
  • Incluedes a seven-day menu plan
  • Features thirty savory but simple recipes

Reader Reviews:

If I had my own TV show, this is the guy I would invite on to be my alt med guru.

Fortunately, Dr. Cousen's advice is sound, affordable, and beyond fad-tv material.

I had annoying, and serious, vertigo side effects from prescription antidepressants and turned to this book without expecting much. Detailed analysis of different biochemical deficiencies (what's good for you may not work for me) were interesting, and a program I followed based on what I learned from the book proved surprisingly effective. Yaaayyyy!

I wish I could force this book on anyone I know on prescription AD's, serious side effects and all, but alas some people will not consider anything not blessed with FDA approval & Pfizer (or whoever). But if you are open to a natural method, I think this book must be the most comprehensive and informed specifically on depression.This is the best book I have read on the topic of depression. Gabriel Cousens is brilliant, well-read, well-researched, thorough and easy to read. This book completely changed my level of depression instantly when I found which nutrient I was missing in my diet. This is a must read!Many depression books throughout history have focused on your mindset, thoughts you think, and patterns of behavior. Not this one. Gabriel Cousens touched on something very interesting, which I totally agree with, having suffered from depression myself. The foods you choose to eat have a profound impact on your moods. Certain foods, eaten regularly enough could precipitate panic attacks, sleepiness, withdrawal, etc.

Gabriel breaks it down into two categories... fast and slow oxidizers, when speaking of the proper diet. There's a questionairre, which makes it very easy for you to discover which type you are.

There is also a section on nutrients for the brain, nervous system, and those that may elevated the mood. However, much like the diet, there are certain nutrients that will help certain kind of imbalances, and not others. Might sound complicated, but the information is thorough enough to make anyone understand it.

Last but not least, there are recommendations to help overcome self destructive behavior, negative thinking, and patterns of laziness.

All in all, quite an excellent book, most certainly one of the best I've ever read on depression. Sure, your depression problem may not be an imbalance due to improper food choices, but then again, it could be the ONLY problem, as it was for myself.Reading this book and being treated by Dr. Cousens have been a blessing to me. After suffering from anxiety and depression for almost 10 years, I came upon this book and was intrigued with how natural it all seemed. After being treated by Dr. Cousens via phone consultations the past 8 months, I am convinced. THIS MAN IS A TRUE HEALER. With amino acid supplements, I can now sleep soundly and the anxiety is virtually GONE. This book has truly changed my life for the better and I want to spread the following message to the world: NO ONE SUFFERS FROM A "PROZAC" DEFICIENCY. If you're searching for a natural alternative to drugs, this is the way to go.This book was interesting but did not contain much that I had not already read. At times I felt as though I were reading "Beyond Prozac". It basically recommends taking amino acids and fish oils, getting lots of light and doing some exercise. It also discusses many vitamins and minerals and their relationship to depression.

A good "starter" book on natural treatments for depression but not very helpful if you've already done a little research of your own.
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