Interview with Dr. Lindsey Duncan, founder of Genesis Today (herbal cleansing / detox supplements)

Thursday, May 12, 2005
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Mike: I'm here with Dr. Lindsey Duncan, the founder and CEO of Genesis Today. Thanks for taking a few minutes to sit down and share your thoughts.

Dr. Duncan: Absolutely.

Mike: Can you give people an overview of what's unique about your cleansing products, a little bit about your history and the experience and wisdom you bring to this new line of products?

Dr. Duncan: Sure. I studied with Dr. Bernard Jensen for seven and a half years. He was kind of known as the father of cleansing. He was helping people heal their bodies through cleansing in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. He was really one of the pioneers. I studied with him for seven and a half years, and I learned the deep, deep intricacies of how to cleanse the body. My background is I built up a nutrition clinic called the Home Nutrition Clinics, where I accumulated over 40,000 clinical hours helping people heal their bodies. One of the many things that I used to help them heal was the power of this rudimentary, fundamental technique called internal cleansing. And there are different ways you can cleanse: the right way or the wrong way. A lot of times people cleanse the wrong way.

Mike: So what's the wrong way, and then how do your products approach it from the right way?

Dr. Duncan:Well, the wrong way to cleanse is to cleanse in a harsh way, by overstimulating the bowel, by fasting or depleting the body and not doing it properly. Fasting is good, but if you don't do it properly, and if you don't put the nutrients back in the body, then the body will become depleted. Many people who cleanse become deficient in chi or in heat, and they don't realize what's happening. They overcleanse. A lot of times, cleansing products that are on the market will use things like magnesium hydroxide to cleanse the body. They don't realize that magnesium hydroxide is milk of magnesia. It's the same ingredient that's in Tums, Milk of Magnesia and many laxatives. That's not the right way to cleanse the body.

Mike: So just because you're spending two hours of the day on the toilet doesn't mean you're getting a cleanse.

Dr. Duncan:You're exactly right. And because you're spending two hours a day on the toilet, it may mean that you could be damaging your body. So again, going back, cleansing is critical to healing. It's undoing the past. The Genesis Today method and technique for cleansing is to offer the body 100 percent natural ingredients. Herbal ingredients. No synthetics and no chemicals. Even the capsules are vegetarian. And all 52 ingredients in our cleanser, the 4 Total Cleanse, have one main objective: to give the body the materials that it needs to facilitate its own cleansing.

Mike: This is not declaring war on the body and trying to take over cleansing. This is supporting the cleanse.

Dr. Duncan:What does your liver do?

Mike: It detoxifies.

Dr. Duncan:Bingo. What does your lymphatic system do?

Mike: It circulates old, dead matter.

Dr. Duncan:Bingo. You're exactly right. What does your colon do?

Mike: Elimination and recovery of water.

Dr. Duncan: Our bodies have been designed to naturally cleanse. Genesis Today facilitates that natural cleansing, and it does it quickly. It does it on the first day. It does it within the first 24 to 48 hours, and then you continue and you slowly, gently, methodically, naturally and with ultimate perfection begin to let the body have the materials that it needs from nature to cleanse itself.

Mike: How do people know if they need to cleanse?

Dr. Duncan:If they're alive, they need to cleanse. I know it sounds crazy, and many people say, "Well, you're just a cleansing expert," or "You're cleansing-minded," and the reason why I am is because I've seen what cleansing does. I am cleansing-minded or bowel-minded. I am. I am exaggerated with my belief on cleansing, but I've got 40,000 clinical hours. I've helped hundreds of thousands of people. I've seen what cleansing can do. And I've seen cleansing step in and when nothing else worked, I've seen cleansing work.

Mike:Can you share any stories or experiences of what you've seen it do? Or is that out of bounds?

Dr. Duncan:Probably 100,000 I could share.

Mike:Can you share some examples of what you saw?

Dr. Duncan: I could show you a picture right now of a man who was going to have his leg amputated. He had diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and he had gangrene because he had no blood flow to his leg. He already had it amputated at the knee. I'll show you a picture, and I'll show you what I did by cleansing his body.

Mike:This was based on the cleanse.

Dr. Duncan: The cleanse and our noni. Because the noni helped to get rid of the virus, the bacteria, the fungus, the yeast and the gangrene.

Mike:And then the cleanse helped his body reestablish healthy circulation and nervous system function.

Dr. Duncan: Bingo.


Dr. Duncan: And it got the poisons and the sludge and the toxins out. The toxins inhibit flow. Chinese medicine, Western medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, any medicine all have something in common. They don't inhibit flow and they don't allow stagnation to happen. What does cleansing do?

Mike:It opens the channels.

Dr. Duncan: When people have a problem with their heart, like cholesterol, or congestion, it's a constipated heart. When people have liver disease or liver cancer, it's a constipated liver. If you really look at the body as an open river or a channel that's supposed to flow, then you get it. You understand the beauty, the power and the epiphany behind internal cleansing.

Mike:So how does it work for people? Do they go on a 14-day cycle with your product and how often do they do this in a year?

Dr. Duncan: It depends on the individual. Our products were designed to get a person to start eliminating through their intestinal system, two to three times a day on their own. On their own! They go on the product, they start having bowel movements and they start taking the herbs, which help support cleansing of all the different organs, like the lungs, the kidneys, the spleen, the pancreas, the lymphatic system and the circulatory system. Everything. Then they start having two to three bowel movements a day. And they start feeling incredible. Then the product is helping to facilitate that detoxification. They start cutting back on the product. Eventually they go off the product, then they use the product twice a year. The product did its job. It's not like senna, it's not like magnesium hydroxide and it's not like some laxative that you buy at a drugstore. It gets the body to start eliminating on its own, and it retrains it and helps to support retraining, rebuilding and refurbishing of the intestinal system.

Mike:And that's refreshing, too. Your message is that you, the patient, the person, must take the responsibility for healthy function. This product can help you get there, and you may need to use it again from time to time, but it's your body's healing that needs to kick in.

Dr. Duncan:Yes. People say to me, "Dr. Duncan, your product, it healed my body of this!" Or, "It healed my body of that!" Especially with fibromyalgia, candida and things like that. And I say to them, "No. My product didn't heal your body of this or that. My product didn't heal your body of anything. My product provided you, your body, with the raw materials that it needed to heal itself. Your body did the healing. My product didn't do the healing."

Mike: Well said. I'm happy to hear that.

Dr. Duncan: Well, you're at a trade show where everybody's saying their product does this, their product does that, and they're promising the moon but delivering something far less than the moon. And if you understand healing like I understand it, you come to a realization at some point. We don't heal the body, the body heals the body.

Mike:It's a very naturopathic concept. And you know, a lot of herbal medicine is used in an allopathic mindset.

Dr. Duncan: Yes.

Mike:For example, if someone has inflammation, they shouldn't use Vioxx. Instead, they should use this herb. But that still misses the point, doesn't it?

Dr. Duncan: You are very wise, my friend. Your statements and your knowledge and your understanding are very deep. I say to people when I speak and when I do appearances on CNN and ABC and CBS and NBC news, "Depression is not a deficiency of Prozac". Depression is also not a deficiency of St John's Wort.


Dr. Duncan: A headache is not a deficiency of Tylenol. It's also not a deficiency of feverfew. Go to the core.

Mike: Right.

Dr. Duncan: Go to the root. Go deep and you'll get the answer.

Mike: And I want to cover a touchy subject that you already mentioned. Some people aren't comfortable even talking about bowel movements, but I say, "Look, let's talk about it." And I've found a great misconception over what people think is normal. People will think once a day is perfectly healthy. Some people, as I'm sure you're well aware, go only twice a week.

Dr. Duncan: Right.

Mike: And they don't think there's anything wrong with that. So your message is so important. This is something that people can observe and just have a basic awareness of. If it's not two or three times a day, there's something stagnating.

Dr. Duncan: You're in trouble. You're starting to slowly build up problems. There's no question about it. I mean, if I had to pick one thing to help people over the years, it would be to get the bowels moving. That's it. And every time someone's come into my clinic and said, "Well, I think I'm only supposed to go once a day," 100 percent of the time I've proved them wrong. You know what I do? I say, "Keep eating exactly what you normally eat. Take this product, but don't change your diet, and I'll see you in 2 weeks." 100 percent of the time they come back and say, "You were right! I didn't change my diet but I eliminated 100, 200, 300 percent more on a daily basis." Then you know what I ask them? I say, "What came out of you?" They say, "What do you mean?" I say, "What did it smell like?" And they say, "It was awful. It was toxic."

Mike:Well, amen!

Dr. Duncan: So I say, OK, while it was staying in you, do you think it was polluting your body? And they say yes.

Mike:People don't think about the delicate lining of the intestinal walls. This is an intimate relationship between your foods and your body and your mind.

Dr. Duncan: And your blood.


Dr. Duncan: And habitually, your mind. You're exactly right.

Mike: And to think about what goes in there, sometimes I tell people, "Think of your shopping cart as your intestinal wall. Whatever you put in that shopping cart is going to come into close, intimate contact with your blood and your body. Think about that before you put something in there."

Dr. Duncan: Yes. What's inside your refrigerator and your cupboard is going to make it to your brain, sooner or later.

Mike:So, to make sure that people who are listening, who can't see products I'm holding here, can find these, the product name is 4 Total Cleanse. These are available in distribution where?

Dr. Duncan: In different states, because we're 11 months old. So we're a small, relatively young, new company. We're getting distribution really, really fast all over the country. We've got a couple of whole foods markets, but those are in Texas. We don't have a whole lot of distribution. The best way for people to find us is to call us at our office, and we can direct them to a store or to an online place where they can all get the products.

Mike: And can they also get that kind of information on your website?

Dr. Duncan: Yes they can.

Mike: And that's, correct?

Dr. Duncan: .com or .net, either one. But genesistoday, all one word, and it's .net or .com.

Mike: And even though this company is young, as you mentioned, your experience with this category of products is not new.

Dr. Duncan: No. I was the one who started, formulated and built the company Nature's Secret, which became one of the most well-respected brands in the industry. I don't have anything to do with that company now, and I don't recommend the products. I work 100 percent of the time in my clinic at my Ask Dr. Lindsey website, where I answer people's questions, and at Genesis Today.

Mike: So why get back in the industry? Is the second time a charm, is hindsight 20-20, or what?

Dr. Duncan: No, I want to help people. I'm 42 years old and I've been in the industry for 20 years. I retired for a couple of years, and I couldn't not help people. I needed to continue to do that service. That's why I'm here and I why have a very strong desire and passion for helping human beings get well. And if I didn't put this knowledge and this solution to use, I'm wasting it. It would die. I have too much knowledge and too much experience to just let it sit on a golf course somewhere and rot.

Mike: You deserve tremendous credit for recognizing the responsibility that comes with being in a position such as yours.

Dr. Duncan: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

Mike: If you weren't doing this, your message wouldn't get out and people would suffer needlessly.

Dr. Duncan: Yes, and all we can do is continue to do our little bit to turn as many people as we can off of these dead foods, to get off of these toxic ways of living, to get off of these poisonous habits and to start to turn toward a better way of living, a cleaner inside and a healthier life. A healthier bloodstream, a healthier lifestyle and healthier cells, tissues and organs. Cleaner.

Mike: Well said. Again, we're talking with Dr. Duncan here at Genesis Today, with the 4 Total Cleanse product. And just so listeners know, this is an unsolicited interview. Genesis Today did not pay for this, and there's no financial relationship whatsoever between Genesis Today and Truth Publishing. I wish you the best of success with your company and thank you for taking this time.

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