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Field-proven tips for successfully raising a summer vegetable garden

6/25/2014 11:46:33 AM - Now that you've wisely decided to create your own nutritious, money-saving, organic, summer veggie garden, here are some basic gardening tips for your success. (1) Check for first and last frost dates: Location is a key factor when deciding to plant a garden; it determines when and what you plant....

Rare plant eats toxic heavy metals in phytoremediation miracle

5/26/2014 - Scientists from the University of the Philippines, Los Banos, and the University of Melbourne have discovered a new species of plant that is able to absorb nickel from the soil at concentrations up to 1,000 times higher than most other plants, as reported in the journal PhytoKeys. The researchers hope...

Small-scale gardens provide sustainable food without damaging soil

5/22/2014 - Urban and small-scale farming is a growing trend that's healthy and sustainable for the environment. Luckily, this trend is catching on fast, not just in the U.S. but in Europe too. Today there is a waiting list of more 90,000 people attempting to acquire allotments, or plots of land used for small-scale...

GMOs, chemical agriculture release billions of tons of carbon into atmosphere

5/13/2014 - The next time somebody tries to tell you that cow farts, cars or too many people are the impetus behind disastrous changes in the climatic norms of the planet, you may want to point them to a new analysis paper published in Yale University's Yale Environment 360 that unveils two of the actual causes...

Feeding the soil: An introduction to the no-till gardening method

6/21/2013 - No-till gardening is a natural method of gardening that rejects mechanical means of horticulture, such as compacting, plowing, eroding and degrading the earth using tools and machines, in favor of less aggressive means that encourage soil fertility. Advocates of the no-till method believe that tilling...

Industrial hemp returns to America: Colorado to plant first new major crop on US soil in 60 years

6/2/2013 - The recent passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado, which legalizes the cultivation and recreational use of marijuana throughout the state, is having a major impact on the state's agricultural sector. But the biggest potential for economic growth may actually come from marijuana's non-psychoactive cousin...

Obama still claims power to murder Americans on U.S. soil using drones

3/22/2013 - Recently, when Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., filibustered the nomination of John Brennan, President Obama's choice to head up the CIA, because he and Attorney General Eric Holder both claimed the administration had the right to use drones to strike perceived U.S. enemies anywhere in the world - including inside...

Seven ways GMO toxicity affects animals, plants and soil

1/23/2013 - In the aftermath of the defeat of Proposition 37 in California, many more Americans are now aware of the existence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their unlabeled presence throughout the food supply. But with this awareness has come a lot of confusion, as the processed food and biotechnology...

The environmental benefits of grass-fed, pasture-rotated cattle

9/16/2012 - Ever since the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization blamed livestock for 18% of the world's man-made greenhouse-gas emissions in a 2006 report, the globalists, always looking to use the environmental movement as a power-grabbing scheme, have used the report to further their war against eating meat....

Seven reasons you should eat organic

8/27/2012 - There are plenty of good reasons why, in a world increasingly filled with processed - and over-processed - foods, that eating organic not only makes the most sense for your body, but for the planet as well. Here are seven reasons why you should switch to the organic food lifestyle, if you haven't already: 1....

Tokyo soil so contaminated with radiation it would be considered nuclear waste in US

5/24/2012 - Radioactive fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster continues to show up at dangerously high levels in the city of Tokyo, which is located roughly 200 miles from the actual disaster site. According to an analysis of five random soil samples recently taken by nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen,...

Monsanto's Roundup threatens stability of global food supply

3/12/2012 - Monsanto's reckless disregard for public health and the agricultural stability of the planet may be even more significant than previously thought. A shocking new report reveals how Monsanto's Roundup is actually threatening the crop-yielding potential of the entire biosphere. The report reveals that...

Don't believe the lie: Organic farming CAN feed the world

3/5/2012 - One of the arguments often used to defend genetically-modified (GM) crops purports that biotechnology is necessary to feed the world, as non-GM and organic farming methods by themselves are incapable of producing enough food for everyone. But the truth of the matter is that organic farming by itself...

Approaching the Collapse: Don't Panic, Go Organic

8/29/2011 - So-called "business as usual" is neither sustainable, nor even possible, for much longer. Out-of-control energy corporations, Wall Street, the Pentagon, agribusiness/biotech corporations, and indentured politicians have driven us to the brink. They tell us: don't worry; trust the experts, things will...

Dangerous levels of lead found in many garden hoses

7/25/2011 - Allowing your kids to play with the garden hose, filling the inflatable kiddie pool, nourishing your garden with hose water -- these all seem like harmless activities. However, research is now proving otherwise. Many commercially bought water hoses contain dangerously high levels of lead which leech...

Phytoremediation: You can grow plants that help eliminate radiation in the soil

6/19/2011 - Concerns about radioactive materials accumulating in soil and water since the nuclear accident in Japan this year have led individuals to look at natural ways to clean their property of possible radiation. One method worthy of examination is phytoremediation. Phytoremediation uses plants to detoxify...

Soil microbes are the immune system that protects plants, crops from disease

5/11/2011 - New research conducted by the US Department of Energy (USDE) provides even more proof that synthetic pesticides and herbicides are completely unnecessary when the right balance of natural microbes are present and flourishing in soil. Gary Anderson and his colleagues from both the USDE and Wageningen...

Nanoparticles destroy soil and the environment, study finds

4/20/2011 - Though some might argue that nanotechnology offers benefits not afforded by normal molecules, the environmental and human health consequences of this "breakthrough" technology appear dire, to say the least. New research published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials explains that nanoparticles damage...

USDA team identifies improved bacterial strain that helps control crop, garden pests naturally

4/17/2011 - Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have made an interesting and noteworthy discovery concerning the use of soil bacteria in controlling crop pests. Michael Blackburn, an entomologist at the ARS Invasive Insect Biocontrol and Behavior Laboratory...

Where have all the minerals gone?

3/10/2011 - It seems like only yesterday that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his work outlining the dangers of global warming, the desecration of the environment for capital gains and his motion picture, An Inconvenient Truth. Let's fast forward to now. Not a whole lot has changed over the past five...

Dirt! The Movie explores the vital importance of soil and why we must do everything possible to preserve and protect it

3/5/2011 - Life on earth depends on the health and vitality of a seemingly simple and often overlooked natural element -- dirt. Ignorance, greed, and plain lack of appreciation has led to the widespread decimation of this precious resource throughout at least the last century. A documentary Dirt! The Movie tells...

Local and organic food, farming: Here's the gold standard

2/28/2011 - More and more consumers and corporations are touting the benefits of "local" foods, often described as "sustainable," "healthy," or "natural." According to the trade publication, Sustainable Food News, "local" as a marketing claim, has grown by 15 percent from 2009 to 2010, and it's likely that number...

Why you should get your selenium and zinc from foods, not synthetic vitamins

2/18/2011 - I first met the MegaFood company at a natural products expo two years ago. We sat down and had a conversation about "food-based nutrients" versus isolated or synthetic nutrients, and it turned into a fascinating hour that left me thinking we should be doing something with the MegaFood company at some...

Monsanto's Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health

1/28/2011 - The following article reveals the devastating and unprecedented impact that Monsanto's Roundup herbicide is having on the health of our soil, plants, animals, and human population. On top of this perfect storm, the USDA now wants to approve Roundup Ready alfalfa, which will exacerbate this calamity....

Garden with earthworms for sustainable development

1/1/2011 - The organic and sustainable development movements begin with the production of fertile soils. Sustainable development aims for a drastic reduction in the use of inorganic products. Individuals can all contribute to reducing the use of inorganic products. Using worms to produce compost is one of the...

Organic farms have better soil (thanks to microbes)

12/8/2010 - Organic farms have healthier soil than farms getting regular inputs of synthetic fertilizers, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Center for Ecology and Hydrology in England, and published in the journal Environmental Microbiology. Researchers examined soil at nine English farms...

Forest fires are beneficial to soil health

8/11/2010 - Most people probably assume that forest fires are entirely destructive events that must be prevented at all costs. But recent research shows that forest fires are actually beneficial to soil because they play an important role in helping to maintain the earth's nitrogen cycle. Researchers from the...

Vanishing topsoil will lead to food crisis

7/10/2010 - All the world's topsoil is set to vanish within the next century if current patterns do not change, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Sydney and presented at the Carbon Farming conference. "It could be as little as 60 years and that is a scary figure because it...

Maintain Healthy, Sustainable Garden Soil

5/8/2010 - The first and most important thing a healthy garden needs is strong, nutritious soil to grow in. To grow your superfoods, you'll need to properly maintain your soil so that it will provide you with excellent, tasty, organic produce for years to come. Soil husbandry used to be the foundation of farming....

Sustainable Gardening Starts with Good Soil

5/3/2010 - The foundation of a healthy, bountiful garden is its soil. Most any ground can become a good garden with the right care and maintenance. There`s no need to buy a bunch of potting or garden soil from the store either. The best soil is that which you build yourself, naturally. It`s easier to do than you...

Pastured cows enrich soil, improve the environment, and make better meat

2/17/2010 - Cattle, particularly cows, have been the target of many environmental groups that believe raising animals for food is contributing to climate change and causing environmental harm. While true about the vast majority of American livestock that are raised using feedlots, pastured animals that are rotated...

Fulvic Acid: Nature's Solution for Your Mineral Needs

6/19/2009 - According to U.S. Senate Study Document Number 264, due to agricultural topsoil depletion, 99 percent of Americans are deficient in minerals and trace elements due to food crop topsoil depletion. No big surprise maybe, except this study was reported in 1936! Since then, there have been USA and UK studies...

The Modern Lawn Contributes to Climate Change

5/13/2009 - Americans love to have a healthy and beautiful yard. They have adopted and accepted a concept of beauty known as the "lawn." Many people believe that an expanse of short-trimmed grass-covered land is the most desirable look to have in one`s yard. This may include an occasional shrub or tree to add uniqueness...

Organic Gardening Offers Many Health Benefits and Helps Plants and Animals

2/11/2009 - Many scientific studies have begun to conclude that organic gardening is beneficial for every level of life: soil, plants and animals, insects, water and air quality, as well as our own mental and physical health. Certain conventional farming practices have led to increases of pollutants in our air,...

Solutions to Mineral-Depleted Soils and Our Health

11/6/2008 - Many individuals are experimenting with, and producing, viable solutions to soil depletion. As discussed in a previous article (see, soil depletion is a serious problem for the world's population because of the quality of food. No longer can we rely on food to contain...

Why We Need Action on Soil Depletion

10/23/2008 - Soil scientists have known for many years about the decline in soil fertility. To address the problem, farmers, agricultural companies and governments have advocated a number of solutions which, however, have not ensured that our food is more nutritious. Farming is big business and the aim to is...

Using Sea Minerals in Agriculture – a Tutorial

7/10/2008 - Based on my other two articles on sea minerals here on NaturalNews, ( and ( , I have received a lot of questions from readers on how to make a Sole and how to ocean-farm. In this article I attempt to teach you in plain English...

Vanishing Topsoil Threatens Sustainability of Human Life on Earth

6/17/2008 - Earth's topsoil is vanishing at such a rapid rate that scientists worry about the future of human food production. "Globally, it's clear we are eroding soils at a rate much faster than they can form," said John Reganold, a soils scientist from Washington State University. "It's hard to get people...

Our Disappearing Minerals and Their Vital Health Role (Part 1)

5/14/2008 - Dating back to the beginning of the last century, mineral depletion in our soils, and thus in the food we eat, has been horrendous -- and it has gotten much worse in recent decades, as we strip the top eight feet of soil throughout the world of the vital major minerals and up to 80 trace minerals that...

The Importance of Staving Off a Magnesium Deficiency

5/9/2008 - The latest government study shows a staggering 68% of Americans do not consume the recommended daily intake of magnesium. Even more frightening are data from this study showing that 19% of Americans do not consume even half of the government's recommended daily intake of magnesium.(1) This article is...

Healing Illness - A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol

3/10/2008 - Western medicine treats the body as a collection of parts instead of as a synergistic organism. When it comes to treating broken bones and injured body parts, mainstream Western medicine is unequaled. When this same approach is used to treat illness and disease - fixing or repairing the parts where...

The Many Benefits and Uses of Sea Minerals

11/29/2007 - We humans are designed to take in trace elements. How does it work? Plants feed off of minerals in the soil. They will take up only those minerals they need for their growth and development. The plants digest these minerals by adding a carbon atom. When we consume these plants we eat whatever mineral...

Oceans, Plants, and Humans - Closer Than You Think

11/21/2007 - If you look at our "family tree" you will find that apes are our "parents", plants are our "grandparents", and the sun and sea our "great grandparents". The ocean as a plasma Let's start with our great grandmother, the sea. A French doctor by the name of René Quinton discovered as early as 1897...

Secrets of soil nutrition: Why the minerals in soil determine the success or failure of foods, health and civilization

8/22/2006 - In learning about nutrition, we often hear that certain foods contain a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. This is especially true in fruits, vegetables, and other produce, but very few people understand the truth about this information, which is that most of the published values about this nutritional...

The mineral selenium proves itself as powerful anti-cancer medicine

1/4/2006 - One of the most effective naturally occurring weapons against cancer is, like most healthy things, something many of us are not getting enough of. The mineral selenium has been shown in multiple studies to be an effective tool in warding off various types of cancer, including breast, esophageal, stomach,...

How to grow your own pharmaceuticals

7/11/2005 - It's very easy to grow powerful medicines that can lower your cholesterol, protect your heart, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, enhance nervous system function, and protect you from diabetes and many other chronic diseases. Every plant is a pharmaceutical factory provided by nature. It's...

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